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  1. As an exhibitor, I had the easy job, haul some equipment in and out. The hard work was putting it together and X2! The equipment on display was excellent and attendance on Saturday was pretty good. Less people on last two days, but I didn't have any trouble finding someone to talk to at any time, barely made it through some of the buildings. It was awesome to see a somewhat normal gathering, my 81 yo dad was very pleased. He has been disappointed with the cancellation of nearly every farm show for this season, but during the roundup he was grinning from ear to ear! Hats off to the organizers for a job well done!
  2. Yes, wonderful to talk to you all! Anyone stopping by tomorrow, or will everyone be heading out by then?
  3. That's me on the right, nice to meet a couple forum members, hope to meet a few more by the end of the show.
  4. Son and I will be there, only 12 miles from home. Bringing 806 grandpa bought new in 64, a 656 hydro, TD9 with Drott loader and my sons 51 L110 with a 236TD in it out of a 460 tractor. Maybe my 560D with F25 loader and jrs 1456, we'll see. Would sure like to put a few faces to those on this forum!
  5. Dad taught me to run a log chain thru the center casting spokes and around a cab mount, then spin tire by hand to slide in on axle. I use the handyman to pull wheel back out. Run chain thru spokes, set handyman foot against axle with handle up. Hook chain on jack saddle, advance jack one click which usually tips jack down. Then use jack as a lever and pull up to slide wheel out. Repeat until wheel is where you want it. Lubrication on the jack mechanism and the axle makes huge difference! Those Jack's not for everything but very handy for many things!
  6. Didnt know if the 100 pumps would plug return line or not. I agree that it has to be a flow to pump issue. I'll take a look in the next day or 2. Rained this morning, finishing some shop and honey do projects, lol. Thanks a bunch!
  7. My neighbor plants some watermelons and sweet corn, maybe uses his 1466 for 50 to 100 hours a year. He says it runs great pulling a load for maybe 1/4 mile then dies, but restarts. He replaced fuel filters and he thought it ran better but last night died 3 times then needed ether to restart. Can a plugged return cause this? Also the rubber fuel hose from Injection pump to filter he replaced with a hyd hose last year, could that be related? I know I've been told to never use a hyd hose in that application. Pump was overhauled when engine was rebuilt a few thousand hours ago. I may have time to look at it today, just had a few questions before I get there, thanks
  8. Theres a caseih MDX 81 disc mower on an auction close by, but I cant find much info about them. Anyone know much about them, good, bad, price? Disc mower would be nice after last years wet down hay that you couldn't hardly poke a sickle mower thru
  9. My magnum"s seat has seen better days, anyone know of a replacement cushion and backrest in an aftermarket? I got a caseih cloth seat that I can make fit, but it is a little narrower. It was a special for open house last month, guess theres a reason for the special, haha
  10. Pretty easy to do, jacked up both ends and crab steered the rear to one side. Both rear corners were bad. Son helped and they were both swapped out in an hour. Waiting for a third joint for left front corner now, thanks everyone!
  11. I got a frame from common sense for 50 bucks, just need a few more parts to finish it, haha
  12. That's what I was hoping, are they same joint as the driveline? I have a fleetrite # for a driveline joint, much more reasonable that case part
  13. Thanks, I'll check it out. Really hope to not get too deep on this ol girl
  14. Any Case guys out there? Dad's 4890 has an axle u joint or 2 that are worn out. It looks like they could possibly be replaced without tearing hub/planetary/etc apart. Just wondering if anyone has done it that way, thanks
  15. That's the 69 f250 that had the built 7.3 in it until he spun a rod bearing. Currently has a studded and turbocharged 6.9 in it. It's my sons truck, he learned to slow down more on ice after he laid it on its side last November. He was in a hurry on his way to exhaust shop to get 6.9 piped after he just put it in the pickup. He got a mile from home and called to say he slid in ditch, never mentioned that it was on its side. A neighbor saw him do it and was there to flip it over with a small payloader. Just got him pulled home and the mrs. called, she slid in ditch with her car a mile further from home.
  16. Happy Easter to all! Looks more like February than April here
  17. A few years ago I replaced clutch in my 560 loader tractor. Made it just over a year and out of hy caps warranty and broke a pp finger. It was on the weekend so I looked in the parts pile and found a used pp from a parts motor. Scraped the dirt and debris off and buffed friction surface. It's going on 4 years since then and loads feed every day for 2-500 head of cattle. I'd say fix leaking seals and go for it, only out your time! Good luck!
  18. My brother has a 1086 that had symptoms just like yours, also a pph system switched to a gear pump. Take third link cover off and look to left front of rear end housing when running. His had a broken steel line that sprayed fluid when hitch was attempting to raise. I pulled pto and hitch pump and used a crows foot and extension to remove top of line. Dont remember off hand what lower part attached to. Also replaced suction tube oring at same time. He still has trouble priming mcv pump especially during cold temperatures. Hope this helps, Robert
  19. 460D pulling an H&S 18 wheel v rake. Narrow front gives away embedded rocks or dirt mounds. Just back up and move windrow over a couple feet to help save baler pickup. Pretty cheap running too
  20. He built a idit that pulled 300hp, 600 ft/lbs torque at the wheels at 35 lbs boost with water/methanol injection. Cam was ground 8 degrees retarded, tq was way up high, 50 rpm down from peak hp. After that was corrected he never dynoed it again but said it ran much better on low end, he says the set up should be 300/700 with cam corrected. It spun a rod bearing with a little over 20k miles he thinks from being out of balance, he has it on the stand for rebuild. But he is always looking for parts, I believe he is looking for a set of idi turbo rods and pistons now.
  21. Jr is working on his, just put new tires on it. 460 auto 4x4, but has rust above drip rail on pass side. Hes got another cab that he wants to swap onto a late 80s crew cab frame and put a 7.3L IDI in it
  22. we feed cows in the spring with it using about half hay and half silage by weight with a little wetcake. It works ok for that but we overfill the wagon and if hay is too wet it can wedge between reel and side and smoke the drive belt. When its overfilled it doesn't mix as well and too much hay makes it unload slower even with door wide open, it just doesn't flow out. Drier the hay works better. An Roorda wagon would work good for lots of hay or maybe a Meyers box, but both of those are just beater wagons so tmr would be hard to achieve.
  23. The 560D with a Farmhand F25 loader lives in the bunker silo loading feed and anything else as long as ground is firm. 1586 pretty well stays on the farm aid wagon year round. Upgraded to a 430 this fall, still have 340 but it needs a floor. Yesterday was barn cleaning day so we got out the 7120 and loader along with L228 skid steer. Had to move some open ewes to another pen so used the 7120 to pull stock trailer, starting to get muddy in afternoons here. My son's 1456 on the Jiffy bale processor feeds cows for a few months till calving in April. Had to grind hay this evening with the 5288 on the haybuster h1100.
  24. I dont have a problem splitting tractor, but too much I dont know about hydros stops me from tearing into it. From what I gather, lots of internals with exacting tolerances, just decided to pick my battles
  25. Yes, I do. I just wanted to know if anyone had experience elsewhere. They are further away and a little more expensive. I did after all buy their test kit, which was enough in itself, for a half dozen fittings and 2 gauges with 1 hose. They could have at least included a second hose so 2 pressures could be checked simultaneously. Do you suppose they sell a hydro to everyone who calls with a question? If I went elsewhere, I planned on sending something for their trouble, because it is appreciated when someone offers help
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