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  1. On 8/19/2021 at 7:17 PM, bobbyhuron said:

    Dad's 560 raking my 4010 raking and my 5288baling his 1896 bailing. We cut with 560 and 666 both with double rowse mowers.




    Looks good! How was the hay crop there? We got by pretty good here but was less than last year. Sure could use some moisture!

  2. 39 minutes ago, stronger800 said:

    806/1066/1466…..any full size tractor, all the same starter aren’t they?

    I have a 86 series starter on my 560, it can be clocked in many positions,  I didnt think 806 starter was. Dad had one on his 560, believe the steering shaft bracket fits around the solenoid bump. This is a picture of my 560 w a 10/1486 starter. The hydraulic pressure line needs a slight bend to clear starter


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  3. I pull an 06 summers 90' with my 7120, had this one since 13, before this pulled an older dragging boom 90' summers for about 8 years. Like tractorholic said, one of the best investments I've ever made. Around 1500 acres per year sprayed twice. Local ag dealers get 7 plus per acre. The sprayer pays for itself pretty quick. Would be nice to upgrade to a self propelled 

  4. On 8/2/2021 at 9:07 AM, snoshoe said:

    That set screw in the top of the throwout fork wasn't worn or sheared off was it?

    Isnt there still 2 small half moon keys to lock release bearing carrier onto shaft? I was thinking the set score just kept carrier from moving side to side?

  5. Got the 4408 locked down. Was my cousin's, she added and bought new in 15. One year had green snap bad and another had hail and last year he hired harvest done. Only had maybe 2k acres on it. Should keep the mrs happy if we dont break down, shes the combine operator

  6. On 8/1/2021 at 1:43 PM, IHC5488 said:

    What's wrong with the 2208?

    We got by ok, but 2208 seemed bad on butt shelling and had a few stalk roll bolts break or spin out. Also broke a couple stalk roll shafts. Otherwise it worked fine, but it is time to upgrade.

  7. Upgraded the 2388 to a 7088 and need a corn head. Just wondering what you guys know/think about either of these. My cousin has a 4408 that has maybe a couple thousand acres on it that I could deal with him on. His comparison was like a 1066 to an 8950, lol. Had a 2208 and got by ok with it, but time to get something better, thanks

  8. The inside of filter touches a round plate in the housing that can be removed, should be a square cut oring there. Round one is for thumbscrew cover on an 86 series. Should also be an egg shaped gasket for the 806 cover. Same filter for IH 06, 56, 66, 86 series. I use napa filters and the box has all that in it

  9. 6 hours ago, Jim J said:

    There are 2 different bull gears for the 560 . The teeth are different degrees. When IH rebuilt the early 560's the kits and later tractors were different angles 

    The parts rear is 2000 serial #s apart, both 62,xxx and above, hope to get it apart this weekend 

  10. 45 minutes ago, bitty said:

    I don't completely understand what causes what in these but want to learn. I have to work on my brother's 400 and it won't move . I suspect that it's a TA issue unless it's got a snapped axle near the bull gear. He bought it this way

    There is a coupler between TA and clutch shaft that can strip out, or splines in TA clutch disc can let go. If TA is good it should still move in TA just not direct. Have to start pulling covers and look for movement

  11. We have a 42 ft rowse dump rake, used it for 20 plus years until we finally upgraded to an 18 wheel v rake. Still have rake and still use the rowse double 9 mowers. Rake teeth and dump linkages were getting pretty worn out.

  12. 3 hours ago, hagan said:

    a few guys around  here tried the F25 but said they were too slow on the dump and the hay basket would not fall like with the cable. I do not know as i quit staking hay with the F10 in 74 and went to a Hesston Stakhand.  One more question it looks to be a 560 diesel. How do you get it started in the winter? do you plug it in or lots of good batteries, glow plugs and a engine in good shape? I put a 1466 starter on my 560 diesel and it has about as much power as the engine it seems but does start a lot better

    This 560 has a 1486 starter on it, I had to bend hyd pressure line just a bit to get it to fit. Then I put a glow plug relay on off of a ford powerstroke diesel to power up the rethreaded powerstroke glow plugs. I used 6.0 ford glow plug harnesses. It has a block heater set to come on about 2 hrs before I need it in the morning and I fashioned plywood engine covers to also hold heat in. At night it sits in an open lean to so it's out of the wind. Seldom run #1 fuel in it, only when -20° lows for an extended period. I add power service to the fuel. Cab has a heater and radio, so it's almost like a new tractor, just much more affordable!

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  13. 10 hours ago, hobbyfarm said:

    Sorry for the situation.  Neat loader.  Farm hand?  Never seen one in use just in pics.

    Yes, F25. Had an F10 for years on it, looks similar but uses cables for tilt function operated by a cylinder within the square tube arm. This tractor and loader stays on concrete in a bunker silo, used daily. Cheap and handy

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  14. The chore 560 stopped moving yesterday. Applying the right brake got it back to shop. Pulled the pto to find that the bull gear turns but not axle, shavings in bottom of housing. Never heard of splines stripping like that. Top has to come off to get gear out, has cab and loader on it too. Oh well, supposed to be 100 next few days and shop ac is working 


  15. Latest addition here. Neighbor got this from a jockey for 1k. He wanted the one nearly new 15.5 rear. Other was rotten along with rim. Been setting for 5 years. Hooked on and pulled it about 500 feet and it was running. Changed fuel filters and threw on this $75 set of auction 20.8s to test drive. Seems to run good, PS works but nothing happens when pull TA, just stays in direct. Son offered him 600 and we will dismount tire for him. Looks like a monster with the 20.8s


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  16. 10 hours ago, lorenzo said:

    The company I buy seed from dosent have round up ready sweet corn so I have to buy it from another source. No one gives it away anymore anyway . 

    We tried roundup ready sweet corn a few years back but it tasted more like field than sweet corn. Been conventional ever since. I usually have a little chemical left from conventional field corn and spray it with my 4 wheeler sprayer. Seed dealer gives me 3 to 4 lbs per year. 

  17. 30 minutes ago, CIHTECH said:

    Take em out one at a time they are tight but will come out........Maybe loosen radiator mounting bolt on bottom and wedge it up a tad. DO NOT try prying up on bottom of radiator. The foam sealing pad that goes under rad is not the best idea as it traps moisture and rusts out bottom tank. A sealing strip is ok, but not a pad that covers entire bottom of rad tank. Don't ask how I know this last tid bit of info.......

    Are you meaning the radiator mounting stud? Can I get to that without pulling radiator mounting plate? I replaced radiator a few years back and remember it wasn't fun

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