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  1. That's right, I bought one of them a few years ago for a front end loader, made by Bendix. DWF
  2. Friend bought a 510 a year ago and it had been repowered with a 4BT Cummins. Who ever had done it had done a nice job. A lot of those engine around. DWF
  3. I'm wondering too, why all the question marks here and on YT. More question marks being used than need to be. DWF
  4. A couple of years ago I needed a wheel seal and some other items for my Dresser 530 loader. I contacted a Dressta dealer in So. Illinois. They were very helpful and I had the parts in a few days. DWF
  5. I doubt it. A few years ago I got parts for my Dresser loader from Roland Equip, a Komatsu dealer. Called a few months ago and they said they have no parts for them. A good Dressta dealer or F.P. Smith in California will have some parts. You should have part numbers, a big help. Also used parts are available. DWF
  6. Looks as though they'll have to wait for "freeze up". Either that or just drain the swamp. That's what Trump said and he has done some draining. DWF
  7. Nice looking 250C with a 573 V8 I presume? The other is definitely a 175, planetary finals a dead give away. DWF
  8. Is it a 175, 175B, 175C? I thought I had some info on these SN's, but I only have for TD-15's. DWF
  9. Looks okay! As long as you bought it for the right price then you can afford some work on it. Looks like an 817 engine. It must have been the G series that had the Cummins. Good luck with it! DWF
  10. Good to here someone young won it, got to get the young people interested. And another good thing, it's not going far. DWF
  11. You'll make it now, you have the hard part done. Glad you got it out! DWF
  12. I think that happened to me on a TD-9. that was about 45 years ago and I can't remember what I did to get it out but I remember it being more difficult the time that the nut came off. At that time they called that a stake nut. You had to hammer and punch that nut so it would not spin off. Sorry I can't help. but I know it can be done. DWF
  13. That's the big 6 cylinder 817 like was in a TD-25 crawler. I don't think the 800 V-8 came out until in the 70's DWF
  14. I am not experienced on these engines, but it sound great to me. I don't think it's too much smoke when you Throttle it up as long as it doesn't keep smoking. DWF
  15. I don't think 500 parts will work. The trouble with something that looks close will not work. The pitch (distance between pins) is usually off and then won't fit the sprockets. Same thing with the pin bushing size although a larger size worn bushing has been known to (kind of) work. DWF
  16. I think Green Diamonds were in K & KB series up to KB5. Cut my truck driving teeth on a 49 KB5 with a 4 spd trany and 2 spd axle hauling grain. DWF
  17. Welcome to the Red Power forums! It looks as though you have a nice project to look forward to. Once you get going on your project don't forget to post on the construction equipment site here as that's where most of the dozer guys hang out. DWF
  18. I thought they used a 4 cyl in the 510, according to my 86 spec book a 510B has a D-268 4cyl, not a common engine at all. a 515B loader used the D-358 and the 520B used a DT-358 engine.I just sold the 520C loader I owned for 15 years and it was a 1990 and it had the Dresser engine which was a Cummins 359. A friend just bought a 510 loader and it has the 4BT (239) Cummins that somebody put in there as it's actually an older IH loader. Who ever did the install did a nice job. DWF
  19. KOO, Thanks for the update on your winter roads. You sure do have a lot of snow for so early in the winter. We had an early snow here in NE Minnesota (10-27) and most of it stayed. Have not had a lot of snow since but are forecast to get more this week then turning colder. The loggers need the cold for their winter roads. Good luck with your projects! DWF
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