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    X 2, nothing wrong with dreaming and having discussion!
  2. Nice pics! Never operated an 18 but a 6, several 9's and a 14 in the winter too, but not freighting. You must be about done for the season? DWF
  3. The last few days this window "Service Unavailable" comes up when I'm on page 2 of the coffee shop. I will be reading a thread and when I'm done reading I hit the back button and that window comes up usually, but not every time only on page 2 of the coffee shop. I can be on page 2 of General IH and no problem. Page 1 of Coffee shop Okay and never go to Page 3. Any ideas? DWF
  4. Put this on the General IH side too. Dirtboyz07 is knowledgeable on pumps along with a few others that will probably see your thread. I had a TD9B and for the life of me can't remember that pump, must have never had trouble with it. I had a TD9-92 series with the DT282 engine and it had a Roosa Master pump. I remember that because I had it off for repair. DWF
  5. I had a TD-9B which was a 66 model with the DT282 engine. I bought it in 73 and used it in Northern Minnesota in the forest winter and summer. Never had a starting problem even well below zero. Never had a way of heating it either. DWF
  6. Sometimes that's a good idea to take a break from something like this. Once in a while an idea pops up or some one will have another idea. DWF
  7. Binderbooks.com has one listed. They are very good quality reprints. DWF
  8. I had a DT 236 jn a Galion grader and had the pump rebuilt and could not get fuel thru the pump. Let set overnight and part of the next day. Did the trick. DWF
  9. There is a reprint of an operator manual for sale on EBAY. DWF
  10. The operator's manual is what it's missing and that's true that that info is in that manual. I know that most of the construction machines would so with 10W oil in the hydraulics and transmission. A 165 is a made in Europe I believe, so I am unsure of the fluids. The engine I'm sure would be fine with 15W-40. Maybe someone on the Construction board would know more. DWF
  11. I made something like that when I did TD9 clutches, but that was over 40 years ago. They had a pattern or something in the service manual. DWF
  12. The steering levers need a little play before they disengage the steering clutches. If one has play and and the right has no play, then adjustment is needed. Could be leaking oil too which would cause slipping. You need some manuals. an operators and parts for sure. Maybe check ebay or Binder Books. DWF
  13. I was at the Chiropractor today and we got on the TP subject. He said they had two rolls of TP disappear at the office. I don't know when they caught it, but you'd think they'd have a good idea who the culprit was. I'm glad I never use their bathroom. DWF
  14. I think you're on the right track (no pun intended). Hopefully someone who really knows will confirm it. DWF
  15. I think the OP was thinking of the older TD-9's with the Drott loader. A TD-9 92 series has the long track frame and I believe it's tracks would fit. The older 9's had a shorter track frame, even with the loader. Perhaps the buckets would interchange though. DWF
  16. DWF

    getting tested

    The hospitals will be full of pregnant women in 9 months. DWF
  17. Put your post on the Construction division of this site. Pede is on there a lot and he is knows a lot about that type of crawler. DWF
  18. I remember seeing one around about 73 at a dealer in NE Minnesota. It had the RD450 engine. I remember being very surprised as that old style engine in a new style truck. You should be able to buy new rims for those cast spoke hubs. They would not be true split rims as they would be a solid rim with a detachable ring.The split rims were the dangerous ones. If they are good shape they are safe. A cast spoke wheel is much stronger than a Budd wheel. They did not have hub pilot wheels then. You could possibly get Hub pilot hubs to fit but lots of $$. DWF
  19. Some of the Construction Equipment had serial numbers stamped in various spots as well as plates with the numbers. Plate gone, you still have the stamped number. TD-15C had that as well as 520 and 530 loaders. Still was that way when Dresser took over. DWF
  20. I can't help with the hydraulics, but it's a 1966. I had a 1965 with direct drive and an angle blade. Been gone for a long time, but was a good dozer. DWF
  21. I like that truck with the one log. There is a restored truck like that at the I80 truck stop museum in Ia. It has a big gas engine 6 cylinders, not an IH, Hall-Scott maybe. DWF
  22. I drive a school bus. The bus company still has a few left with those engines. The mechanic at the garage can't wait until they are gone. He said they never were a good engine, The company has had these since they were new. That;s all I know about them, at worst, I'm sure there is some truth. DWF
  23. Probably around 12 quarts. I had a TD8-E, but I can't remember how much it took. I have a TD9-H now and it takes 12 quarts, but that's a Cummins. DWF
  24. That's right, I bought one of them a few years ago for a front end loader, made by Bendix. DWF
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