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  1. That's another reason to take the head off. DWF
  2. Sounds as though the fun is just beginning! Hope all turns out well! DWF
  3. I bought a Galion Grader with a UD236 engine which was very hard starting. Went to take the glow plugs out and two of them had to have the injector lines removed to get the plugs out. I then figured that wasn't right so I posted my problem on this site. Turns out the injectors were all installed wrong, the glow plugs were on the bottom and should have been on top, 180 degrees off. It was like that for a long time as it had been painted by the P.O. and the injectors were painted too. It was an old repaint. It started much better after we got done with it. DWF
  4. DWF


    Quite a few DVT-573's ended up in construction equipment like TD20-C and 250-C crawlers. Some in Hough loaders too. I don't know much about S-series trucks. On a side note, don't let JMech get to you, he's a real pain. A few weeks ago he said he would no longer read your posts, but look what happened. Good luck with the TD9, things will get done in time. If you run in to what seems like a dead end, stop working on it for a while, then usually it will work out better. DWF
  5. Nice looking truck! I can see why you want to keep it going. DWF
  6. I grew up in Northern Minnesota. A neighbor was a mail carrier in the 60's and had a right hand drive Scout 800. DWF
  7. I had a 68 F1800 Loadstar years ago. It had a 345 with a 4 barrel carb. The guy I bought it from had bought a new or rebuilt 345 short block. Since the truck originally had a 392 with a 4 barrel, the guy installed the old manifold and 4 bbl carb on the 345. At least that;s the story he told. DWF
  8. Bought a 59 TD9-92 in about 1974. It was yellow then, but where the paint was missing in spots, it showed red. DWF
  9. DWF


    X 2, nothing wrong with dreaming and having discussion!
  10. Sometimes that's a good idea to take a break from something like this. Once in a while an idea pops up or some one will have another idea. DWF
  11. Looks as though they'll have to wait for "freeze up". Either that or just drain the swamp. That's what Trump said and he has done some draining. DWF
  12. Nice looking 250C with a 573 V8 I presume? The other is definitely a 175, planetary finals a dead give away. DWF
  13. Is it a 175, 175B, 175C? I thought I had some info on these SN's, but I only have for TD-15's. DWF
  14. Good to here someone young won it, got to get the young people interested. And another good thing, it's not going far. DWF
  15. You'll make it now, you have the hard part done. Glad you got it out! DWF
  16. I think that happened to me on a TD-9. that was about 45 years ago and I can't remember what I did to get it out but I remember it being more difficult the time that the nut came off. At that time they called that a stake nut. You had to hammer and punch that nut so it would not spin off. Sorry I can't help. but I know it can be done. DWF
  17. That's the big 6 cylinder 817 like was in a TD-25 crawler. I don't think the 800 V-8 came out until in the 70's DWF
  18. I am not experienced on these engines, but it sound great to me. I don't think it's too much smoke when you Throttle it up as long as it doesn't keep smoking. DWF
  19. I think Green Diamonds were in K & KB series up to KB5. Cut my truck driving teeth on a 49 KB5 with a 4 spd trany and 2 spd axle hauling grain. DWF
  20. Welcome to the Red Power forums! It looks as though you have a nice project to look forward to. Once you get going on your project don't forget to post on the construction equipment site here as that's where most of the dozer guys hang out. DWF
  21. KOO, Thanks for the update on your winter roads. You sure do have a lot of snow for so early in the winter. We had an early snow here in NE Minnesota (10-27) and most of it stayed. Have not had a lot of snow since but are forecast to get more this week then turning colder. The loggers need the cold for their winter roads. Good luck with your projects! DWF
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    Have a Happy Birthday!


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