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  1. Big black bear was strolling through the neighbor's corn field a week ago. The bear went through my back yard and into the woods. It was big, neighbor saw it too, said at least 500 lbs. DWF
  2. That's a great story with a happy ending! DWF
  3. I'm happy that you got it out! I'll bet you are happier than me.Good luck to you. DWF
  4. IH Oak go to the construction equipment board on this forum, there is a guy working on a TD-9 doing the same thing as you, at least read it and there are pictures. DWF
  5. There is a quite large Northwest Dragline being used dredging up sand for a concrete plant just north of Eau Claire, Wi on the east side of Hwy 53. It is in plain view. DWF
  6. Go over on the construction site, someone is also working on getting an engine out. DWF
  7. I have never been around a H60, but have had some newer IH and Dresser loaders. Almost always, at least the ones I've been around, you check the oil while running. That vintage probably used Dexron ATF or 10W engine oil, The ones I have had said either or. DWF
  8. Glad you got it apart, now you have to figure out what to do. Good luck! DWF
  9. You said a month or so ago that you were done responding to his posts. Now you're still causing trouble. DWF
  10. That's another reason to take the head off. DWF
  11. Sounds as though the fun is just beginning! Hope all turns out well! DWF
  12. Nice looking truck! I can see why you want to keep it going. DWF
  13. I had a 68 F1800 Loadstar years ago. It had a 345 with a 4 barrel carb. The guy I bought it from had bought a new or rebuilt 345 short block. Since the truck originally had a 392 with a 4 barrel, the guy installed the old manifold and 4 bbl carb on the 345. At least that;s the story he told. DWF
  14. Bought a 59 TD9-92 in about 1974. It was yellow then, but where the paint was missing in spots, it showed red. DWF
  15. Nice looking 250C with a 573 V8 I presume? The other is definitely a 175, planetary finals a dead give away. DWF
  16. Is it a 175, 175B, 175C? I thought I had some info on these SN's, but I only have for TD-15's. DWF
  17. Good to here someone young won it, got to get the young people interested. And another good thing, it's not going far. DWF
  18. You'll make it now, you have the hard part done. Glad you got it out! DWF
  19. I think that happened to me on a TD-9. that was about 45 years ago and I can't remember what I did to get it out but I remember it being more difficult the time that the nut came off. At that time they called that a stake nut. You had to hammer and punch that nut so it would not spin off. Sorry I can't help. but I know it can be done. DWF
  20. That's the big 6 cylinder 817 like was in a TD-25 crawler. I don't think the 800 V-8 came out until in the 70's DWF
  21. Welcome to the Red Power forums! It looks as though you have a nice project to look forward to. Once you get going on your project don't forget to post on the construction equipment site here as that's where most of the dozer guys hang out. DWF
  22. KOO, Thanks for the update on your winter roads. You sure do have a lot of snow for so early in the winter. We had an early snow here in NE Minnesota (10-27) and most of it stayed. Have not had a lot of snow since but are forecast to get more this week then turning colder. The loggers need the cold for their winter roads. Good luck with your projects! DWF
  23. IHSuperH

    Have a Happy Birthday!


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