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  1. Louie is right, tighten the clutch is clockwise. DWF
  2. A lot of people say re hook at the idler, but I have had good luck at the rear of the sprocket, so whatever works. usually need to loosen the tension too. DWF
  3. They were a good grader, a lot of them still in use. A DD came with an Allis Chalmers 6cyl diesel lik used in a D17. Probably engine failed, thus the JD transplant. Probably the 4cyl AC gas engine was more common. DWF
  4. Sounds good. It's amazing that there is still something a person needs. Dirtboyz has a TD-20 with that engine too.Good Luck with it! DWF
  5. Hydreco pump was common back in the day. I had one in an HD-6 Allis and I think one in an early TD-9 Drott. The Allis was a loader too. DWF
  6. I don't believe there is any way to get that info, a lot of that type of info no longer exists. DWF
  7. I had several older TD-9's, This was in about 1973 or so and was, if I remember right a 1950 TD-9. Sleeves needed to come out and we were using ready rod which kept breaking. Went to a shop and had a rod made and threaded out of much stronger steel. Sleeves still did not want to come out. I got some dry ice and put in the inside sleeve area and hot water in the block and they all came out fairly easy. Don't ask me any more info as it's beem too long for my memory. DWF
  8. That's a big shovel dumping into that Fleetstar. Must have been a big shock to the suspension when the shovel operator tripped the bucket door. Does not open slowly like hydraulics. Nice pictures! DWF
  9. Thanks for the update! There are a lot of us that just like when things are repaired properly. DWF
  10. I'm happy that you got it out! I'll bet you are happier than me.Good luck to you. DWF
  11. IH Oak go to the construction equipment board on this forum, there is a guy working on a TD-9 doing the same thing as you, at least read it and there are pictures. DWF
  12. Go over on the construction site, someone is also working on getting an engine out. DWF
  13. You said a month or so ago that you were done responding to his posts. Now you're still causing trouble. DWF
  14. That's another reason to take the head off. DWF
  15. Sounds as though the fun is just beginning! Hope all turns out well! DWF
  16. Nice looking 250C with a 573 V8 I presume? The other is definitely a 175, planetary finals a dead give away. DWF
  17. Is it a 175, 175B, 175C? I thought I had some info on these SN's, but I only have for TD-15's. DWF
  18. Good to here someone young won it, got to get the young people interested. And another good thing, it's not going far. DWF
  19. That's the big 6 cylinder 817 like was in a TD-25 crawler. I don't think the 800 V-8 came out until in the 70's DWF
  20. Welcome to the Red Power forums! It looks as though you have a nice project to look forward to. Once you get going on your project don't forget to post on the construction equipment site here as that's where most of the dozer guys hang out. DWF
  21. IHSuperH

    Have a Happy Birthday!


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