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  1. I had a 9900i from 2000 to 2007,. Even though I don't have it now, what is a Johnny stick? Thanks. DWF
  2. I wonder what that sound like with that complex exhaust system? DWF
  3. For that kind of $$$, get the Case and hurry. DWF
  4. I bought a Galion Grader with a UD236 engine which was very hard starting. Went to take the glow plugs out and two of them had to have the injector lines removed to get the plugs out. I then figured that wasn't right so I posted my problem on this site. Turns out the injectors were all installed wrong, the glow plugs were on the bottom and should have been on top, 180 degrees off. It was like that for a long time as it had been painted by the P.O. and the injectors were painted too. It was an old repaint. It started much better after we got done with it. DWF
  5. DWF


    Quite a few DVT-573's ended up in construction equipment like TD20-C and 250-C crawlers. Some in Hough loaders too. I don't know much about S-series trucks. On a side note, don't let JMech get to you, he's a real pain. A few weeks ago he said he would no longer read your posts, but look what happened. Good luck with the TD9, things will get done in time. If you run in to what seems like a dead end, stop working on it for a while, then usually it will work out better. DWF
  6. TD-7E an TD-8E had the German Diesel, the 8 being turbocharged. The next series, the TD-7G and TD-8G had the Cummins engines. I don't know if the 7G was non turbo or just turboed with less horsepower. I know that a few of the E 's were changed to the Cummins and I think there was some type of kit available. Perhaps you could get info from a dealer that was in business then and still is now. I have heard that Winmill equipment in New Hampshire is good. Might be worth a call. Pede, a member of this forum would know the name of a dealer in Benton, Il. I have done parts business with them and they were helpful. DWF
  7. If you mean a TD7C, it would be around 14,000 lbs or so. I don't know exactly, but that would be close. DWF
  8. Nice looking truck! I can see why you want to keep it going. DWF
  9. Your suction hose could have a pin hole and you could be sucking air. I don't think the range selector would have any thing to do with it. DWF
  10. High bid was $5600. I don't know if it sold for that or there was a reserve. I was going to go look at it, but I am recovering from surgery and did not go. DWF
  11. I grew up in Northern Minnesota. A neighbor was a mail carrier in the 60's and had a right hand drive Scout 800. DWF
  12. If he's wasting your time, why do you keep looking and answering? I think it's great that a young person is even interested in equipment. I had lot's of dreams when I was young and still have a few nightmares. IH Oak keep posting! DWF
  13. Grandson turned one in March. Only got red tractors, I said no green tractors. Hopefully start on red and stay on red. DWF
  14. Yes it's a TD-15B. It's not too far from me, maybe should go look. Just had surgery last week, still have catheter installed in me so the only problem is I'm not much good for anything yet. DWF
  15. Years ago I had a 67 RF190 and I am sure that's the style steering column it had. It had push button door handle too, never saw that before. DWF
  16. I went to Wix and Baldwin sites and found wix 51176 for transmission, nothing for hydraulics. Baldwin only had engine filters. If you have the old filters perhaps you can take measurements. Wix gives all the measurements for there filters. A few years ago for the 44 Massey Harris tractors there was no oil filter available. I used some thing that was close for a while. Now wix again makes the proper filter. DWF
  17. Looks to me like it has air lines going to the trailer, then the tractor should have air brakes. DWF
  18. Check the oil in both final drive planetary. I tried a 15C once and it ran and worked nice so I bought it. Got it home and was checking everything. One of the finals was full of metal. Lucky I had another planetary. Still lots of work. DWF
  19. You don't have to take the belly pan off on a 15C. Fuel filters are in the way, but that's easy. Make sure batteries are disconnected. I can see a loader's arms in the way though. DWF
  20. I had a 68 F1800 Loadstar years ago. It had a 345 with a 4 barrel carb. The guy I bought it from had bought a new or rebuilt 345 short block. Since the truck originally had a 392 with a 4 barrel, the guy installed the old manifold and 4 bbl carb on the 345. At least that;s the story he told. DWF
  21. I changed one on my TD-15C with the 466 engine. It was years ago sitting outside in Minnesota winter cold and snow. I think it had three bolts. As usual two fairly easy and one a SOB, long extension. DWF
  22. Bought a 59 TD9-92 in about 1974. It was yellow then, but where the paint was missing in spots, it showed red. DWF
  23. They said this happened in the pit, would not have been dumping there. Could be leaking fuel on the ground too. DWF
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