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  1. Slant four would be half of a V-8, so 304 would be 152, 392 half would be 196. DWF
  2. There is a quite large Northwest Dragline being used dredging up sand for a concrete plant just north of Eau Claire, Wi on the east side of Hwy 53. It is in plain view. DWF
  3. Thanks, always nice when someone replies back after the problem is cured. DWF
  4. Go over on the construction site, someone is also working on getting an engine out. DWF
  5. Has not been on here for over 3 years. DWF
  6. I have never been around a H60, but have had some newer IH and Dresser loaders. Almost always, at least the ones I've been around, you check the oil while running. That vintage probably used Dexron ATF or 10W engine oil, The ones I have had said either or. DWF
  7. 6.50/8.87 was a common ratio on some of the old Ford F-800's I drove years ago. I drove a couple different 1955's used as 5 yard dump trucks and a 63 F-850 used as a tractor for pulling lowboy or a 36' flatbed. They weren't fast, but did a good job in their day. DWF
  8. I live in Barron County, I don't know how many, but the guys at coffee said quite a few shot around here. DWF
  9. Most of them have an oil pressure sender with power to one side and once the engine is running then power to the hourmeter. DWF
  10. I have not had a blow out on my tandem dump for several years until last summer, first was on a Saturday not too far from home, it was an outside tire, believe it or not. Second one was several weeks later. I was on about 24 mile haul, about five miles into the last load of the day when it blew, slowed way down and made it and dumped the load and came home and changed the inside blow out. DWF
  11. I still have this TD9-H. Had several other TD-9's and a 14A and my favorite was a TD15-C, sold it as I didn't need one that size. DWF
  12. Yes, thanks much for your work! DWF
  13. I had one just like that back in the 70's. Direct drive with a turbo, was a good dozer. DWF
  14. I had prostate removed June 5, 2020. Surgery went fine, catheter 10 days. Laid low for about 4 weeks then started driving dump truck a little. After six weeks started operating the bulldozer, then the excavator and chainsaw some. All along had incontinence and still having some, but is much better now. I had PSA test at 3 months said it was 0.1, Doc said that was okay. Had PSA again at 6 months, Doc said 0.1, not good, wants it 0.0. Going again next month for the 9 month test, will see what that shows. I have had PSA tests done since 2004 and they always showed that I had some PSA. DWF
  15. I'd say a little South and East of Rice Lake. I live 6 miles west of Rice Lake. DWF
  16. I was a contract logger for Potlatch in NE Minnesota in the 80's thru about 2006. They sold the Paper mill in Cloquet to Sappi and then the three OSB plants around 2004. The OSB plants were sold to a Canadian Company called Ainsworth that everyone was told had big plans for the plants. They closed all of them by the end of 2007 and took out all the machinery in the plants and sent them to Canada. Potlatch has a stud mill left in Minnesota that's still running. They were the largest private land owner in Minnesota and have since sold most of the land. Back in the 90's they were great to contract for, but everything went down hill from there. DWF
  17. Thanks for posting, very interesting. They must sell around the world, not a lot of them in the U.S. at least not in my part of the country. I do have a Dresser TD-9H that I like, DWF
  18. Nice to hear you are making headway on your project! DWF
  19. You cause trouble on most all of your postings DWF
  20. I had a 66 1100 and if my memory serves me right, I remember 7:00X15 tires. I didn't have it new, but it was like a year or two old when I got it. DWF
  21. Have a friend that bought a 510 a couple of years ago. It had a retro fit 4BT in it and really works well and looks like it belongs in the loader. DWF
  22. When I lived in NE Mn about to the Canadian border I bought a Ford LTL9000 dump truck in New Hampshire. I looked at the picture and looked ok for the $$$$ so I had it hauled here. I'll never do that again. They only took pics of the good parts. I had a lot of work and $$$$ to get that thing road worthy. The people at the place that sold it said to fly out and they would pick me up and I could drive it home. It never would have made it. DWF
  23. I don't have a picture, but this is about an aerial photo. I sold a logging truck to a guy in the U.P. of Michigan about 15 years ago. While chatting he said he was recently divorced. I said what was the problem, and he said wife was cheating. I said how did you find out? He said one day he was home and someone came to the door selling a picture of his rural home. He said he wasn't interested but the guy persisted and the owner said let me see the picture. There was a strange looking car parked in the driveway in the picture so he bought the picture. After some detective work he found out it was their ministers car and he was having an affair with this guy's wife. What are the chances of finding out? DWF
  24. I needed a bushing for the thumb and bucket pin on a Hitachi Excavator. The pin was 2" but the bushing OD had to be a metric, the size I don't remember. I went on line and found a place I believe in Ma. I called and talked to a guy there and he asked questions about what it was for and everything so he made sure as to what type of metal was needed. It was not long and it came and worked. It was not cheap, but I didn't think it was over priced. It is still in there today.it was about 2007 or so when I did that. DWF
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