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  1. Good luck with the baby and your pond! It's good to hear that some one will get some use out of the 20E. It was too good to scrap. DWF
  2. I just got a parts manual for my 770 Oliver tractor from Peacefullcreek. Very disappointed, poor quality. I have several JenSales manuals for a 44, 44Special, and 444 Massey Harris and they are better than what I got for the Oliver. DWF
  3. That's a big shovel dumping into that Fleetstar. Must have been a big shock to the suspension when the shovel operator tripped the bucket door. Does not open slowly like hydraulics. Nice pictures! DWF
  4. I don't know much, but I think they were made in Europe. Some one was on this site quite awhile ago that had one of these, perhaps you could search for the thread. DWF
  5. It must have went in the scrap pile sometime after the 15C left. Sorry I couldn't help. DWF
  6. I had one around for a TD-C. I will look if it's still here. DWF
  7. I had the same thing as Owen, probably in 1969 too. I went in the Army in 1970 and got out in 1972 and when I went to renew I had my choice too. In the 1980's I had to take a written test for air brakes. In 2007 got a part time job school bus driving, but I had to take a written and driving test for that. I moved from Mn to Wi in 2018 and when I went to Wisconsin DMV they said no problem to get Class A CDL, just pay. Lady saw that I had School bus endorsement, She said that I would have to start from scratch for that. Still driving bus today. DWF
  8. In the latest Red Power magazine there is an article by Bermuda Ken about this subject. DWF
  9. I had a 1966 TD-9B with a DT282. It was about 6 years old when I got it. Used it in the winter in NE Minnesota for logging. It started in well below zero weather with no problem. I don't remember using glow plugs with warm starts either. DWF
  10. Never had one but know a guy that did have one. He didn't have it long, he did not like it. DWF
  11. I've had good luck with CL over the years and of late too. DWF
  12. DWF

    Hub studs

    Do you mean the threads going in to the hub or what is sticking out. You can buy studs. Those look like maybe 5/8" studs. DWF
  13. Looks like a 1020 Unit Crane, probably a 371 Detroit power. 10 stands for either 10 thousand pounds capacity or 10 tons, I can't remember. The 20 is for 20 cubic feet or .75 yards capacity for digging or for a shovel front. Years ago when I started driving I was loaded many times by a 514 Unit with a .5 yard shovel front. I learned how to back under it, you had to be spot on. It had a very smooth running straight 8 Chrysler engine. The Ford probably had a 332 V8 which was a common engine in that vintage truck. I don't know what the difference between it and the 330 other than the 330 is newer. DWF
  14. I had a 73 TD15-C crawler with a DT 466 engine that I bought in 1994. It did not have the coolant filter that has additives for anti-cavitation. I never at that time knew anything about additives, so it was just ran and probably changed anti freeze once due to a leak. Ran it until 2007 when I junked the 15C, not because of the engine but the rest was shot. So I ran it 13 years without doing any more than normal oil changes. DWF
  15. Go to Cusson, Mn on Hwy 53 just north of Orr, Mn. There is a sawmill there. He used to sell Tamarack probably still does. Cusson Camp Co. if I remember correct is the name. DWF
  16. Good to hear you had success! I had a 74 TD-8E for over 20 years, had good luck with it. DWF
  17. DWF

    65 v190

    I suppose it could have hydraulic brakes, but most heavy trucks like that came with air brakes which would be much better. DWF
  18. DWF

    Loadstar Wheels

    22.5 will mount right on. You will need 11.5X22.5 to match the diameter of 10:00X20 and 10.5X22.5 to match 9:00X20. You should not run the 22.5 on the same hub with a 20 wheel. DWF"
  19. Red Power, Antique Power, Legacy Quarterly (Massey Farris and Ferguson). I like them all. DWF
  20. If the oil he has been using meets the HyTran specs, it should be okay. DWF
  21. 777 has not been on the forum for almost 2 years. Too bad they don't post back the results. DWF
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