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  1. When Cat started coming out with direct starting vs the starting engine, they used glow plugs, at least on the D4 cats. I had a 69 Cat 120 grader with a D333 6 cylinder direct start with glow plugs. DWF
  2. Looks really nice! DWF
  3. I am in NW Wisconsin which is usually pretty good snowmobiling country, but not this year. About a month ago we were supposed to get a dumping then turn cold. All it did was turn cold and maybe 2 inches of snow. I had started my old SabreCat 500 before it turned cold as it needs a little priming after the summer break. Never got to use the sled and doesn't look promising at all. I walked by the sled the other day and caught myself telling the sled it doesn't look like we will be going anywhere. Must be losing my mind. DWF
  4. I painted one of my Dresser Loaders about 9 or 10 years ago and got the paint from Magnet Paints which is in New York. They had the correct color, which is not IH Federal Yellow. DWF
  5. That looks like a slightly more modern TD-6 DWF
  6. After about 87 the TD15-C's had the Cummins 8.3 engine in to the 90's for sure even though the TD15-E was being made then. I would imagine in 89 that a 175C was still being made. The Dresser 530 loader went from a DT466C to a Cummins 8.3 in 87. DWF
  7. In the local paper a few weeks ago there was a story about one that was found dead not far from a farm house. People had seen it off and on for many years. It was an old buck which for many years would have usually a nice rack. People that found it reported it to the DNR who had at times seen the albino deer too. The DNR came and looked and said it just looked like it died of old age. It was skinny and had a small 6 point rack, DNR said it probably wouldn't have made it through the winter. I guess DNR is going to have it mounted. DWF
  8. Could be a 92 series, I think that would have been red. The cylinders are more like a series B though, I thought The 92 series dozer had the cylinders the old way. I had a 92 series, but it had a Drott loader, also had a TD9-B dozer. Someone before me had painted the Drott yellow, but there was red paint below the yellow. DWF
  9. 530 Dresser is a 4 wheel drive front end loader. They started out as IH loaders in the mid 70's and had a DT-414 engine and around 82 is when Dresser bought IH construction. Around 85 they went to a DT466 with an in line pump. In 87 they switched over to the Cummins 8.3 engine. I had a 79 IH with a DT414B and I now have an 85 with the DT466C engine. Pretty good loader in their day, usually around a 3 yd bucket, but they had smaller and larger one available. DWF
  10. DWF

    Still missing

    I get the Duluth, Mn newspaper online as I lived many years in NE Mn. A few weeks ago, in the paper, there was three seperate cases on men who went missing over a period of several months last fall, 2 in NE Mn and one in NW Wi, all three in the general Duluth area. No connections between them at all. No trace of any of the men. DWF
  11. I joined in June of 2007. I had bought my second TD15-C dozer and had other IH construction equipment. Had a few questions which were answered and never left. Enjoy reading about farm equipment too. DWF
  12. I think you can do that as long as you have no financial interest in it. DWF
  13. My extended forecast doesn't go out that far, but starting on the 11th or 12th to the 15th it is much colder than it has been, but really not bad for this time of year . Highs in the teens and lows in the single digits. That's for Rice Lake, Wi which is about 100 miles west of where you are going (Rib Lake) DWF
  14. About 2 hrs east of me, never been there, but have been close. DWF
  15. I checked Wikipedia and it said RD's came out in 1941 and were made until 1974. DWF
  16. RD truck engines were out in the 50's for sure, perhaps earlier. DWF
  17. I had a 2000 Navistar 9900 logging truck that I ordered new. I ordered cast spoke wheels for the rear and hub pilot wheels (some call them modern budds) for the front. They, the spoke hubs, were Gunite hubs as that's what Navistar used. Most people call them dayton hubs, but when Meritor bought dayton, they killed the brand and they didn't make hubs any more. Gunite may be the on;y brand for cast spoke available now. DWF,
  18. Fill that box with wheat and you will need help getting it to move, you'd need an auxillary with a deep underdrive. DWF
  19. I have a 21 Western Star 4700 dump truck with an 8LL transmission. They have made that 8LL for years, had a 90 LT9000 Ford with a Cat 3406 and 8LL but the 4 & 8 shift positions were right and up instead of right and down. Good transmissionsn they give a good low for starting out and a nice low reverese for backing in tight areas, 18 speed are good for that too. DWF
  20. My uncle went from a 141 IH combine to a new 815, he thought he was in hog heaven. DWF
  21. TD9-92 series had that type of gril, perhaps a 6-62 series too. DWF
  22. I think that 6cylinder engine TD-6 came out in 1958 as a 1959 model. I know it wouldn't be a 1955 for sure. DWF
  23. Probably 1/8 inch pipe thread, very common grease zerk thread. DWF
  24. I watched the video of the recovery from the swamp a few years ago. It's great that they got it working again, almost a miracle. DWF
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