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  1. Pertaining to finding the axle ratio. On a lot of the older trucks on the end of the pinion shaft where the yoke is held on with a nut there were numbers stamped in there. One number was the teeth on the pinion which would be the lower number and the other number would be the teeth on the ring gear. Divide the ring gear teeth by the pinion teeth and this gives the ratio. DWF
  2. If it has a V8, it's not an R190 it would be a V190. Probably a 461 or 549. DWF
  3. I wonder where he is, never heard of banning air brakes. DWF
  4. Prayers for you and your family! DWF
  5. That adjustment bolt above the rear sprocket is for brake adjustment. I would think that the right steering clutch needs attention. I would think that if anything in the final drive being bad, it would be noisy. You could drain the final drive and hope for no metal. DWF
  6. I worked at a mine in NE Minnesota about 25 years ago and drove Komatsu 200 ton trucks. They were able to haul 200 tons of ore. They use bigger trucks now. It was an electric drive truck pwered by a big Cummins engine, I believe around 2000 horsepower. The truck was made in Peoria Il. Komatsu bought out Wabco trucks and used their factory. DWF
  7. I have had a TD9H for about 20 years. Don't put a lot of hous any more, it has about 3200 hours and is a 1998 model and has had no major issues. Mostly just normal maintenance, undercarriage condition is very important and costly if parts are needed. I really like it! DWF
  8. Up is off. Can't help with oil specs. DWF
  9. DWF

    Time Mark Date

    My mother died from Cancer at age 42 in 1965. She suffered for about 7 years. I was 15 years old, a mildly retarded sister was 13 and another sister was 11, I made it through everything okay, was tough on the girls though. DWF
  10. I hope you don't need parts for a V800 engine, parts for that might be kind of tough to find. Check with Collins Tractor in Tn for other parts. DWF
  11. 1870's or 1970's? My grandfather settled near Ada, Mn, in the Red River Valley with his parents who were immigrants from England. They were supposedly on their way to settle in Saskatchewan, but Great Grandfather got sick in Minnesota and stayed there. This was somewhere around 1910. It's interesting to hear these stories. DWF
  12. With S cam brakes the air chamber will have a clevis threaded on the rod coming out of the chamber. The clevis will be attached to a slack adjuster and the slack adjuster will be attached to a rod which is the cam shaft and that will work the brakes. The camshaft will go into the brake drum area. Just hope it's S cam brakes and not wedge as they are bad news. DWF
  13. Rebuilders Enterprises in Bridgeview, Illinois rebuilds or sells new parts for industrial and truck brakes. I just had an air compressor for a 530 Dresser loader rebuilt by them. Their # 1-708-430-0030. Nice people to work with. DWF
  14. I drive school bus and have in Mn and now in Wi. When taking your drivers test for school bus you need to go through a railroad crossing. You put your hazard lights or some call them 4 way flashers on about 75 ft from the tracks, stop at the tracks and make sure you are clear, once you clear the tracks, turn the hazard lights off. If you put the top warning lights on for this while taking the test, automatic failure. DWF
  15. DWF

    V8 Super H

    I like the dual straight pipes. Dual's rule! DWF
  16. I have a 1985 Dresser Loader. Engine is a 466C. SN starts 468TH2. According to the list TH2 says a Hough product. IH must have kept using the H2 long after the Hough name was used. Interesting thread, just thought I'd add a little. I also had an older 530 with a 414 engine. It started out 415TH2. DWF
  17. DWF

    Roof Rake

    It looks like you have teeth on the bucket. It would be too easy to say ouch, that was close or worse. I have a 36" tooth bucket for my ZX-160, but also a 42" with no teeth, just a cutting edge. I still would be concerned for a mishap DWF
  18. I had a TD8E and one time the starter locked up and I remember taking the belly pan off. No fun, but you have to do what you got to do, DWF
  19. DWF

    distributor cap

    Really a good looking truck! DWF
  20. I had a 95 ZR580 EFI with a battery, a buddy bought a 95 ZR580 carbureator, I always got better mileage with the EFI. Both of us rode just as hard or just as easy, whatever. Another buddy bought a 96 ZR580 carb and he always got the best mileage when all 3 of us were riding. In 97 I bought a EXT 600 triple and I always got the best mileage and they couldn't keep up with me. Had lots of fun. I still have an 05 Sabrecat 500, but don't ride much anymore. Had it out a couple of weeks ago though. DWF
  21. I got some manuals for my Oliver 770 from Peaceful Creek. Not very good at all. I got a couple of manuals for an older Galion grader from Binder Books, they were good. A lot of people say JenSales are poor quality. I have some for my Massey Harris 44SP and 444 from JenSales, but they are over 20 years old. Slightly better than the Oliver manuals though. DWF
  22. I lived in NE Mn for most of my life, A lot of people were decendents of people that came from Slovenia in Europe. They made what they called Canibal Meat which was raw hamburger. They served it on crackers with pepper and salt. Mostly at Christmas time. I had some, it was good, but would not want a steady diet of it. DWF
  23. long way from a 1970 like it says in the ad. DWF
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