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  1. Hope and pray he continues to improve! wish you all the best in rough times! DWF
  2. My Uncle had a 49 KB5 grain truck. I cut my truck driving teeth on that truck. 4spd and a vacuum shifted 2 spd axle. Before that he had a 41 K5 that had a 2speed axle that shifted with a lever on the floor. I remember it, but was too young to drive it on the road, did drive it around the farm yard though. DWF
  3. That's good to hear that was all that was wrong! DWF
  4. I sold a 44Special Diesel and a 444 gas last year, both were wide front row crops, both ran good. Also sold a 770 gas wide front row crop Oliver and a n H John Deere. Was downsizing some. I did keep a 44 Diesel standard in it's work clothes. It runs good. DWF
  5. I don't buy much farm tractor parts, but do buy construction machinery parts. I have been in business for 50 years and was encouraged to get parts books and give the parts person the numbers. Now things are going crazy. Parts person says (We no longer want parts numbers). I have a 1985 Cat loader and my dealer says give me the number from your parts book, if it's been updated, the computer will tell him the new number. DWF
  6. The guy in Red Power magazine is in east central Wi, I don't know exactly, but he talked one time about his home area. DWF
  7. Check out Hampton Shoe, on line. They have American made work boots. I have bought several pair from them, mostly Carolina boots. They have quite a few brands for sale. DWF
  8. I thought they had limits on how far off the gtound the front end can be at tractor pulls. DWF
  9. I had a Bantam Excavator that was made in 1974. The control bank was leaking oil and making a mess. This was probably in the late 90's. I had part numbers for a seal kit. Had to order through a Terex dealer as that's who bought Bantam out. Dealer said no go on a set, parts guy said to give him individual part numbers for what I needed. Had everything in a few days. DWF
  10. Rainman, What county are you in? Our county, Barron, had their dairy breakfast last Saturday, the 1st. They had a rainy morning and had a struggle parking as the planned field was a no go for parking after the rain. Still had around 3500 people there. DWF
  11. I have bought parts from FP Smith, some IH crawler parts and quite a few items for IH and Dresser 530 loaders. I never had any problems with FP Smith. DWF
  12. Travelette, I hope you reconsider and stay. I have never needed your services, but others have surely been helped by your knowledge and genorosity! Original poster asked questions like you may be a fraud. Had he done a little homework on the site without asking stupid questions about your honesty, this never would have happened. DWF
  13. I think that would be a K-5 truck. It does not look too bad for maybe 80 years old. DWF
  14. It says the poster is Norman Heikkanen. The guy that started the Prentice loader company was Leo Heikkanen of Prentice Wi. Prentice was bought out by Caterpillar. DWF
  15. I have an account at Fabick Cat, the dealer in Wi and a few other states. I can order by 3:30 pm and overnight they are delivered to a locked small shed on County property about 6 miles from me. Parts are there by midnight,but I always go the next morning. I buy a lot of Cat Hardeware, great product. No shipping charge either, unless it's a special order part. DWF
  16. Nice to hear you are having good luck with it! DWF
  17. I had a TD9-B Dozer with a direct drive transmission which had a DT282 and it ran at 1700 rpm. Engine had a lot of torque. IH also had a TD9-B with a power shift transmission with a D282 that ran at 2300 rpm. I have an old piece of literature and it says The DT282 developed it's peak torque at 1350rpm vs 1600 rpm for the D282. Interesting old stuff. DWF
  18. I used it a little like that, but you still need to curl the bucket to push the gravel to the opposite side. Good to hear from someone who knows how to properly load gravel etc. DWF
  19. DWF


    Unsecure load, needs 2 chains. DWF
  20. I had a TD9-92 series with a Drott loader. I loaded a lot of gravel with it. It had the 4 in 1 bucket, but really never used it much for that type of work. A little loading stumps or logs once in a while. DWF
  21. I had an 80 Chev pickup bought new. At around 20000 miles on it the fuel pump went out, bad, yes, but it gets worse. I was out in the woods looking at a logging site to bid on. This was before cell phones of course. I walked 7 miles in fairly hot weather before I got a ride. This was a start of ongoing fuel pump problems until I traded it at around 60000 miles. You had to have a new pump and tools at all times, I traded for a Ford and have never walked from one or needed a tow since. Still drive a Ford. DWF
  22. Later TD8E's were Dresser's still with the IH engine. 82 was the last year for IH. G series came out in late 80's with the Cummins engine, don't remember exact year. I do know that the 530 loader with the IH 466 last year was 86, 87 the 530 had a 8.3 Cummins. DWF
  23. Maybe the ROPS is the same for a C and E, but the tag for a C would not say E as the E was not out when the C was made. DWF
  24. DWF

    GM V8

    Bluebird is still on their own, I believe Ward was taken over by Navistar and Thomas by Daimaler or Freightliner, DWF
  25. You need a Serial Number as that will make a difference in wiring diagram and parts in general. DWF
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