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  1. I have a Hitachi ZX-160 and it has the pattern changer, iso or sae, no special Hitachi pattern on it. DWF
  2. DWF

    P&H excavator

    Yes, the C451 was a 73 model and had hydraulic drive motors and a regular crawler tractor type track too. DWF
  3. DWF

    P&H excavator

    I was wrong, the H418 has a 6V53 engine. So your's would be a H312 with the 471. I searched and there is info on both models online. DWF
  4. DWF

    P&H excavator

    I think there was an H 418 P&H. I would think that a 471 would have more than a 5/8 yard bucket. I had a Bantam C451 with a 453 and it had at least a 5/8 yard bucket. DWF
  5. I contract logged for Potlatch until they sold their OSB mills in Minnesota to Ainsworth, a Canadian company, I believe it was 2004. Ainsworth closed all the OSB plants by 2008. The Cloquet Mill was sold previously to Sappi and Potlatch had already closed the Brainerd mill. The only thing Potlatch has left in Minnesota is the stud mill near Bemidji. Potlatch at one time was the largest land owner in Minnesota. Most of that land has been sold and not to forestry interests. DWF
  6. That looks like a logger from the North west states. I logged for Potlatch in NE Minnesota. I think the Potlatch headquarters were in Idaho. The guy who was in charge of Potlatch Woodlands in Minnesota was transferred to Spokane Washington I believe. The saw has some blue paint it looks like. Many years ago Homelite was a popular saw for loggers and they had some blue ones. DWF
  7. I was at the Almelund, Mn antique show last weekend. There was one of these there with a cab, Interesting! DWF
  8. Just curious, what kind of loader is it. I used to haul mainly pulp, some saw logs in Minnesota. DWF
  9. DWF

    786 engine

    Yesterday while trucking gravel, I saw a very nice 786 cutting a hay field along the highway. It looked to be in very good condition. I was curious as to what engine it would have. A lot of dairy farms have went out of the dairy business however there are quite a few left in this area, NW Wisconsin. A lot of 66 and 86 series tractors still in use. This was one of the better examples I've seen. DWF
  10. Air pressure gauges should be mechanical that vintage. All you would need to do is have an air line between the tank and the gauge. DWF
  11. I don't know about those two parts, but the wrench looks like it would be for the track adjustment, you could slip a pipe on it for more leverage. The problem with that type of adjustment is from non use, then everything gets rust. Nice to find all of those goodies. DWF
  12. Louie is right, tighten the clutch is clockwise. DWF
  13. Looks like a 92 series TD-9. I had one of them, still remember the Serial number, 706, so it was an early one. DWF
  14. A lot of people say re hook at the idler, but I have had good luck at the rear of the sprocket, so whatever works. usually need to loosen the tension too. DWF
  15. They were a good grader, a lot of them still in use. A DD came with an Allis Chalmers 6cyl diesel lik used in a D17. Probably engine failed, thus the JD transplant. Probably the 4cyl AC gas engine was more common. DWF
  16. Sounds good. It's amazing that there is still something a person needs. Dirtboyz has a TD-20 with that engine too.Good Luck with it! DWF
  17. Pede is right. You just have to take off one of those plates for oil change. Like I said, starter will come out not too hard. DWF
  18. I changed a starter on a 15C in the cold Minnesota winter out in the woods. Didn't have to take any covers on the bottom off. 15C's don't have a removable belly pan like other models. DWF
  19. Hydreco pump was common back in the day. I had one in an HD-6 Allis and I think one in an early TD-9 Drott. The Allis was a loader too. DWF
  20. McMaster-Carr has a good selection of Bridge Reamers. I had to make some 1/2 inch holes into 3/4 inch holes on a truck frame in a tight area. Worked good with a 1/2 inch drill. They aren't cheap, but are worth it for that type of work. DWF
  21. That should work. I had a 15C and can't remember putting oil in thru the dipsick. I still have a 530 loader with a 466. You fill it thru the dipstick hole, but it is maybe 1.25" diameter with the spin on T handle that tightens a rubber plug and the dipstick is attached to it. DWF
  22. It's a 1977. DWF
  23. At least it has the cat style tracks, a lot of them, that vintage still had the old shovel style flat pad type tracks. I had 1973 Bantam that had the new style tracks and looked at buying a 690A John Deere same vintage that still had the old style undercarriage. DWF
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