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    Td-9 help

    Happy to see you got it saved! Good deal! DWF
  2. DWF

    Td-9 help

    The only brake is the two pedals on the floor and make sure it is in neutral and clutch lever ahead. I suppose the brakes could be rusted to the steering clutches, but you would not think so being it's been inside. DWF
  3. Maybe a 91 series has a push button start? Just a thought. DWF
  4. Thanks for the update! There are a lot of us that just like when things are repaired properly. DWF
  5. Hector said he found the filter and to email him. He has his email on his last post. I have a friend who got some Allis parts from Hector. He had good luck, but Hector wanted to do business by email because of the language barrier. DWF
  6. I had a TD-15C for quite a few years. Always used regular green anti-freeze. I had a tilt on the blade too, can't remember for sure, but probably used AW-32 hydraulic oil. I can't see why you would need anything special for the tilt, 10W would work too. DWF
  7. DWF

    First Showing

    Very nice pair of IH manufactured trucks and tractors! DWF
  8. Yellow bucket hydraulic transmission oil is usually associated with cheap and or inferior oil. The only oils that are together on that machine are the steering clutches and gears are together. Transmission is alone on that model, newer ones are with steering etc. DWF
  9. Transmission would take HyTran or a good generic brand (no yellow can) same with the steering clutches, Hydraulics 10W emgine oil, or AW32 hydraulic oil, finals 80-90 gear oil. engine oil I would use 15W-40 or a straight weight, green anti freeze. I had a 74 TD-8Efor years, a great machine. Late 70's they changed transmissions. DWF
  10. Glad you found something that should work for you! Good luck with it and thanks for posting back. DWF
  11. 1959 for the 92 series, I had Serial number 706, probably the 205th one made. DWF
  12. They look to be similar to a TD-15E, but probably smaller parts. Not like a 15C at all. DWF
  13. Big black bear was strolling through the neighbor's corn field a week ago. The bear went through my back yard and into the woods. It was big, neighbor saw it too, said at least 500 lbs. DWF
  14. That's a great story with a happy ending! DWF
  15. I'm happy that you got it out! I'll bet you are happier than me.Good luck to you. DWF
  16. Really a great looking car! When I was a kid in the late 50's, neighbors had a 1920's Buick a four door I think. Never saw it go any where, don't know what ever happened to it. My math says 92 years old for your Buick. DWF
  17. IH Oak go to the construction equipment board on this forum, there is a guy working on a TD-9 doing the same thing as you, at least read it and there are pictures. DWF
  18. Slant four would be half of a V-8, so 304 would be 152, 392 half would be 196. DWF
  19. There is a quite large Northwest Dragline being used dredging up sand for a concrete plant just north of Eau Claire, Wi on the east side of Hwy 53. It is in plain view. DWF
  20. Thanks, always nice when someone replies back after the problem is cured. DWF
  21. Go over on the construction site, someone is also working on getting an engine out. DWF
  22. Has not been on here for over 3 years. DWF
  23. I have never been around a H60, but have had some newer IH and Dresser loaders. Almost always, at least the ones I've been around, you check the oil while running. That vintage probably used Dexron ATF or 10W engine oil, The ones I have had said either or. DWF
  24. 6.50/8.87 was a common ratio on some of the old Ford F-800's I drove years ago. I drove a couple different 1955's used as 5 yard dump trucks and a 63 F-850 used as a tractor for pulling lowboy or a 36' flatbed. They weren't fast, but did a good job in their day. DWF
  25. I live in Barron County, I don't know how many, but the guys at coffee said quite a few shot around here. DWF
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