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  1. My uncle went from a 141 IH combine to a new 815, he thought he was in hog heaven. DWF
  2. TD9-92 series had that type of gril, perhaps a 6-62 series too. DWF
  3. I think that 6cylinder engine TD-6 came out in 1958 as a 1959 model. I know it wouldn't be a 1955 for sure. DWF
  4. Probably 1/8 inch pipe thread, very common grease zerk thread. DWF
  5. I watched the video of the recovery from the swamp a few years ago. It's great that they got it working again, almost a miracle. DWF
  6. I had a 2007 Vue. It was a decent vehicle. Had a 4 cylinder which I was told was a Chevy engine. More of them had a V6 which I believe were Chevy too. DWF
  7. Of no help to you other than I have heard good reports abou Winnmill! DWF
  8. Make sure you get it properly timed before you take the pump off. DWF
  9. When I put Long Lake, Mo which is on the truck door, in Google Maps no city comes up, but several different townships come up. It would be a KB with that type of grill. DWF
  10. It doesn't look too bad. DWF
  11. Louie, Someone is on Heavy Equipment Forums, dozer section that has a TD7-C and wants to know volume and type oil for transmission. No one seems to be responding. I had an early TD8-E and you needed to fill and check in two places, then the newer ones in only one place. I didn't respond because I don't have the proper info for a 7C. Thanks. DWF
  12. I read this post yesterday and it was very interesting, never knew anything about this mist green on 880's. Today I was at a show in Almelund, Mn that was featuring Oliver machinery. Much to my surprise was an 880 "mist green" with a little history about it. I told the guys I was with about what I read on here yesterday. DWF
  13. I never saw one with that shifter missing, guess I can't say that anymore. I had two of them and that never gave me any trouble. I replaced the 15C with the blade that is on the 15C on my avatar with another newer and less wore out 15C. The picture on the avatar is the newer 15C with the older blade which I liked better because of the added bars on top of the blade for protection when pushing brush stumps etc. The same picture is on my Heavy Equip Forums avatar. Much to my surprise a guy from the state of Va who is also on Heavy Eqiuip Forums messaged me asking if I had owned the 15C with that unique blade, I said I did, and much to my surprise, he said he owns it now. In 2016 I was still in NE Minnesota and traded the 15C for a 624G JD loader to a Wi used equip dealer. He sold the 15C to an Ohio farmer and a few years later sold it to the guy in Va who runs a land clearing business and still uses it. The unique blade is the reason why I found out what happened to it, DWF
  14. The separate shifter is a big lever on the right side. Low is back, high is forward. As far as I know, all with power shift had these. DWF
  15. Newer Diamond T's, like in the 50's had IH cabs on them like from the R series or maybe even L series. Then they merged with Reo and became Diamond Reo. When I was a kid there were quite a few dump truck Diamond T's with the older style cabs like the one for sale. DWF
  16. I know Danny near Pine Island, Super guy! DWF
  17. When I was running the pull type MM combine years ago, I changed oil and cleaned the cup every day and it needed it too. DWF
  18. The owners of this site are the owners of Red Power Magazine. They want people to advertise in their magazine. DWF
  19. Quite a bit of assembly, plus a lot of fructration. DWF
  20. Hamm's was different when it was brewed in St. Paul, Mn and was a local beer. It got bought out by Heileman's I think, and the beer tasted different. I don't know who brews it now. They had a lot of beutifull signs for sure. DWF
  21. https://hagerauction.com/ Mostly older John Deere's, but a few Farmall's, a couple of nice looking Massey Harris's, a nice looking 770 Oliver and a Cockshutt too. Near Rice Lake, Wi, online ending Monday the 10th. DWF
  22. That's got to be a good feeling to get it running! Glad you're making some progress! DWF
  23. You need to know the width of the wheels. 10:00 will take a wider rim than a 9:00 although a 10:00 will fit on a rim for a 9:00 but not on a rim for an 8:25. DWF
  24. General Gear in Idaho has a lot of parts. 1-800-531-9021. DWF
  25. I started driving bus for a Northern Mn school district in 2007. I substituted for one guy a lot. The bus was a 1999 International 72 passenger bus with the T444. A couple of years later I became a regular route driver, so I never drove the 99 again until 2018. It had been a spare bus since 2011. In 2018 my regular bus went down and I drove the 99 for a month. The bus was badly rusted, but that engine ran like a top. It had never had anything done to it but regular maintenance. DWF
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