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  1. Can anyone tell me if this is a stock IH 3 point plow? Kind of doubt it, more likely it is a C294 or C295 with a home made 3 point, but I haven't looked at it in person.
  2. Have what I think is a fuel problem in my 37 T20. Tore the carb apart to clean it and I happened to have some carb parts from my 38 parts machine nearby. For some reason I noticed the venturi's looked to have different sized openings. Sure enough, the carb venturi I was running has about a .010 bigger throat than the other. Makes me wonder which one is correct. Anybody know if there is a venturi dimension difference between a K5 on an F20, T20, and F30? If I do happen to somehow have an F30 venturi would there be any benefit to running it in my carb since I have the engine bored to 4"? A
  3. So the consensus is a D7? Thanks for the info, guys! I knew I'd get an answer here even if it isn't IH.
  4. Can anyone ID the crawler in this photo? Taken by my grandfather on the River Rd in Nisbet, PA in 1958.
  5. Well their not T35 decals but just replace the "20" with a "35" and you got them. Attached is a picture of an original and of the ones I had made for my grandfather's T20 I restored. The new ones you buy nowadays just have a white block letter "T". The originals, as you can see, have a gold "T".
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