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  1. Anyboy out there have the details on Mo's T20 thermostat conversion for a T20? I havent been able to turn it up by searching this forum. His posts on this and his electric start really should be placed in the archive. He was alway a great help to us T20 guys. RIP
  2. Can anyone tell me if this is a stock IH 3 point plow? Kind of doubt it, more likely it is a C294 or C295 with a home made 3 point, but I haven't looked at it in person.
  3. Well their not T35 decals but just replace the "20" with a "35" and you got them. Attached is a picture of an original and of the ones I had made for my grandfather's T20 I restored. The new ones you buy nowadays just have a white block letter "T". The originals, as you can see, have a gold "T".
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