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  1. I know I am a couple pages late, but the Palouse videos were amazing. The 4 or so that are on Youtube, along with the shots on his website are one of a kind. The cable shuttle system was quite a set up. He should verture over here and add a post once in a while. Keep up the good work guys!
  2. Gary, (or others) do you have any pics of the Holt 120 crawler? I think there were a few in the big hardcover Cat history, but I have not seen many others. Did any survive? I remember reading a story about them being used in WW1.
  3. Wow, that is one sharp shot of the 110 loaded on the lowboy. Someone was really thinking when they set that pic up. Thanks OBG! I was not up at Rantoul when they were plowing that year. I really dont remember what was going on, but it must have been important as I am only 40 miles away...
  4. Thanks to everyone who contributes. I dont post much of anything to this thread, but I do look at it regularly. Thanks to OBG for starting it and keep it up!
  5. Interesting pic of the 150 Case, OBG. That is the first one (pic) I have run across with a cab. Sure would like to know what happened to it. Any idea which one that is?? That Hart-Parr is quite a machine. What did it weigh? Bury that one to the axle and wait for a freeze, I guess!!
  6. Gary, thanks for the steam locomotive pics. They have always caught my attention, but I no virtually nothing about them. That R-2 looks like quite a set up. Wonder how much water and coal/fuel oil it would use in a day. Looks like the first Case is a later LA. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like a later one due to the more laid back angle of the steering column. Sure dont see hardly any LA's on steel around here. Second looks like a 15-27 x-motor. Wont bet the farm on it, though. I think John Davis in Ohio(?) has one of the most meticulously restored 15-27's in the country. Keep 'em coming, guys!
  7. Gary, did Pioneer also build a 40-80 or something larger than the 30-60? Seems like there was one featured in an Ageless Iron calender several years back. If so, do you have any pics/info, or did I dream that up?
  8. Chub, that was what I was referring to (or trying to anyway!) Sorry about the confusion. I dont understand it either. I guess they were thinking it was less likely to hook something. I still wouldnt want to be holding the steering wheel when it catches a fencepost.
  9. Gary, I think everyone likes Don Knotts. My dad is a huge fan of his. He has a bunch of Andy Griffith show dvd's that he watches. Is that MM on the belt an R?? I'd love an R or a Z. Need one to complete my AGCO grand slam haahahahaha. Wasn't that front axle/steering shaft on the Case row crop tractors a sweet looking set up?? Must have been some engineer's idea of a joke. Wasn't it called a chicken roost?? Most of the D's and S's around here were wheatlands. Here is an S from the Westlock area. The good 'ol chicken roost. Have also heard stories about guys "clearing" sections of fencerow out when turning right. Functional, but not pretty. Later (again, I'm not sure of the serial no break) Case put a curve towards the front end of the rod and shortened the arm on the spindle to try to gain some clearance.
  10. Ralph, chub- I think that is a DC3. At least the front axle is anyway. 53 or 54 due to both brake pedals being on the right. Would assume it has a foot clutch and eagle hitch. I have one like it, but with cast front wheels. That is the first one I have run across that has the pressed steel front rims. Not sure where they came from. The earlier ones had cast centers that clamped to the steel rims. Later ones had solid case wheel/rims. Tubacase could probably tell us when Case went to the solid rims. Those old front axles were great. All ball joints were adjustable and it steers like a cadillac. Makes for a MUCH wider turning radius compared to the narrow fronts. Thanks for the Case pics Gary. After another look, I would venture to guess that the rims are off a later S series Case.
  11. I must have missed that one, Ralph. That SC was either newer or just got a new coat of Flambeau Red. Did you give the year of the pic earlier? Sorry if I missed it.
  12. The mystery crossmotor looks like a 40-72. I know there are not many of these monsters still around. Anyone have an account? The flambeau red Case could be an "L," although I would not bet the farm on it. Possibly a "C?" I cant see enough of it to pick out any tell tale signs.
  13. Gary, as always, you produced a picture of a machine I have never heard of. The 150 hp Russel? I never knew there was a machine equivalent to the 150 hp Case. Do you have any other info on it? My knowledge of the steam era is very limited. I wish I had a pic on the computer of the boiler from Case 150 hp #14666 (I think) that George Hedtke has (or had?) Anyone else have one handy?? Thanks for the history!
  14. I had not heard any mention of Mr. Atteberry lately, hope no one thought I implied that he had passed. Sure would like to spend a day or two listening to some of his stories. Dad started taking Old Abe's News when it was first published. He has almost every issue up until Dave Erb gave it up. Lots of history in it. If I can remember tomorrow, I will bring that stack of magazines home and post a few pics from it. I can think of one story now that everyone will appreciate. Ralph, no power steering on the 730? I bet that was a treat with the blade raised. We had a 2470 Case a few years ago that had a 12 foot Leon blade. That blade seemed like it had as much iron in it as the rest of the tractor did.
  15. Charley, you brought up some pretty significant names in your last post. I have never met Ray Hoffman, but have heard a lot from him via Old Abe's News (the publication from the former JI Case collector's Assn.) and Antique Power. Chady Attebury... From what I remember in the Old Abe's News, he is one of (if not THE) Case steam expert(s). Is he still living? Not sure how old he is/was. Oscar's Dreamland... We could start a whole new discussion on that topic. I remember hearing about the sale, but did not see any results or pictures. I would have given the aforementioned arm/leg to have visited there before it was sold off. Anybody have some info or stats??
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