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    Fuel prices

    shuttered is not in the vocabulary the euro pc word is obliterate . Check the facts anything going non operational is to be permanently obliterated. here the mines have been collapsed into the rivers and our "local" power plant is sold and under contract for cidioteville dioxins and all. high cost will be followed shortly by,obliteration of the little producers and simply no power to be had off the grid so you peasants cant travel to the elite utopia .oasis.
  2. Sad thing is typical of today, GS has the attention span of a squirrel and cant leave the ^%^&%(&* phone alone. However ,Most jobs, he is in the top 5 for being the "ADULT" reading the print and tape,being there and WORKING,where the "seniors and journeymen,cant find 1/4"on an actual tape.after drawing a check 2x as long. he can work hard and well ,but I wouldnt let him build a dog house alone,needs a lot of adult supervision to stay on point and time ,budget. they work on mega million projects,and the waste ,wrong cut/order of marble etc he tells of, could buy 5-6 tractors or the WHOLE farm. Union recruited (have done nothing else and left him jobless several x) from H school training,
  3. As in no LATER than '25, when the ink runs out, and the books need to be reconciled,the peasants will get the bills. A Wheelbarrow of cash for a loaf of bread makes, soros kerry gore smile while they fly over,with all the lights on. WHat peasants purchase will continue,to go higher $$,what we sell only lower, as the horsies can still only afford $2 hay. Only expect to make < 1.5- 2K bl this year $6 off the wagon to 3 long term customers.(elated for the 30% discount) ..... The post on the UP making power for cali off of diesel,vs doing rr things,certainly NOT green. Coal Electricity has doubled here,and is still cheaper than NG. yet the plants need razed,converted to NG or green. We get $.0011 for the NG stolen from the farm so it can be shipped/sold cheaper in euro than USA.Certainly makes green $$$. ....... Housing is only going higher as the funds, are the bidders and high rent wins. 1/2 wish we had 50 rentals now (enough to pay someone for the headaches. ) BUT unless you have 500 + to manage the cash flow . fixed costs $2K + mo/unit when 1/3 cant pay and 1/3 will not pay,and govt says they dont have to pay the peasants.
  4. Are not 75% + of ALL RR controlled by Buffet and ILK ? If its soros ILK , it is so food $$$$ increases
  5. just watched JW movie with maritime war/murder, he logged it as happened,politicians said he was "not trained" to report the facts ,to the public.
  6. MSM They had the elites on late at night,admitted "new" math is used 1+1 =1 " They" have admitted to 8% which is 16%, now add in ALL they dont admit They have admitted $P - $P families had increased costs for the PTI of $150 PER WEEK They have admitted documenting the average wage is $31 PER HR So far THIS year our food costs have gone up 28%....+ - 6% PER MONTH ,not the 5% "THEY" claim for the entire year. Going to be a lot more NLA Thing is GC are on the $^*^*(() phone 24/7 Get very little news and know even less of the world. Made them watch the actual child content (their children see)on the cheap subscriptions from the "evil empire". And think about content that it had nothing to do with the CUTE unicorn every child wants. IIRC there was something spun off from barney like stick xx, 25 yrs ago,parents got it pulled.
  7. This has been an issue for 30 years , almost have to DL order a matched as just removed set and dont worry about the count. Note the register on the shaft also had issue with 504 in '83 ,$80 ,seller paid the ($15) machining costs to fix
  8. so what caused that in a week? No main power but some solar feed aluminum wire and corroded neutral?
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKOxKRXK3V0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3srJhSmFtxM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh_2bYJR8Ko
  10. ? 9-92 swap in tractor 282 or 236 ? 310 with out much hassle
  11. I said you could keep the 350s here,and someone should save the 200
  12. we were warm inside and the bill was reasonable, but ours were from 1" on the glass -3" at the frames. mother used a fan all winter,to see the road,if 1 car passed,per hr, bus would be on time.
  13. mmi

    high shipping

    no need to win . just pointing out the total incompetence and make a paycheck idiocy . And we are suppose to accept like it is royal treatment. that is why most tracking is cleaned and then poofed. Been waiting 6 months, could have the mirror right side or L 6 hole , at ANY time for $100-700 less. Shipping kept going from $50-250 and there was no idea/confirmation of ANYTHING until JD has the pulled from the sky $ in hand then its the lowest bidder. Item had to be shipped direct from iowa, dealers,with in stock were - $100, + $400 but none trusted "their" crating staff. Shipped to europe dealer, and then back was $300 all in ,but no import license The day of ordering GA dealer was told NONE available ,and had to cancel several orders. Took 10 days of ACTUAL handling from GA to iowa to east coast Was 35# not the billed 55#, In a 160% too big, simple box with no protection,Certainly ups could have done it in 3 days for 1/3 $$
  14. mmi

    high shipping

    Par for A & I No phone call just finally showed up,luckily we were at the barn. box was handled additional 8x and sat 15 miles away for 3 days. 12 days to travel 800m ,but was routed thru 1300 m+ This was a piece of glass 1/4" , 35" , 45" The EXPENSIVE !! crate single wall cardboard 6" , 48" , 60" with 6 newsprint socks inside,at the top since it had been tossed so many x. Box full of holes and glass flopping all around. No follow up or confirmation,tracking has also poofed.
  15. If you buy any parts use the ads in RPM and still ask alot of questions vs will fit and run a week china parts. Many of the " complete" kits out there are SO bad "you" are responsible for sourcing the " not included " bearings
  16. ok Made it to the $10K required,and turned it off, So as long as the sun is out, the batteries , and panels /electronics are less then 5 yrs old, its 180% $ of using house power. When theres no "green" power there will be no ships full of foreign parts.
  17. still sounds like no oil trans issues but could be input, clutch hub etc.....no lining left....
  18. mmi

    In the field

    Not kidding are you ! May as well be pink purple blue,remove all the correct parts and say you identify as a tr oa or
  19. Thats not how it looked in the folder,thus a returned sale.
  20. not at all COST /parts effective 2x...... Bubble POp ....... tell him to ad $15K and its still a bad deal for you. Sure its cheaper than $35K for china %^$%^& , AND it could run out of the gate, or $3K later....go right on thru $20K A $1.5 k ,M or $7K 90s small 4wd will do more every day work. as a novelty/toy and < $500 in, the over $ B go for it. Park in back of the shed until $$$$. And then tomorrow buy something to use
  21. while it is vintage uc and power alot of newer parts and design ,after even oliver was dead. IE: small cys and pump maybe finney can comment on the welding and "lacK" of repairs
  22. That opening town (1 /sm) has more business and FArms than our tax area (27 /s/m)since govt has made them ILLEGAL. Crop = 1100 cidiotes /s/m SO FAR.
  23. sounds like road hard and put away wet every time,with no oil in trans. in a safe area warm the engine, shut off ,get every one/thing out of the way, place gear in 1 , main clutch forward,(not winch). restart, fuel to 1/3, pull clutch and hold hard, touching nothing else .....release or shut down as required. report back as to bent shifter or missing teeth and bearings etc
  24. maybe in the mountains,best offer we had was $2500 thats why is way back in barn
  25. Different from the member here?
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