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  1. feed back I am getting is get the BIG set to start with,otherwise you will hunt for mis matched parts every time . I need 1 - 5/8 od press for this application. the otc has shown to be too "cheap" for '15 > vehicles. and going forward none of them work great ON the vehicle, it may prove to be simpler to spend $400 more on china $^%* parts and remove the springs ,and burn/cut out where you can work and/or also $800 for the whole deal installed but then $1200 tool that can be used 10-15x for other items. china otc https://www.matcotools.com/catalog/product/BJP18100/BALL-JOINT-PRESS/ https://www.matcotools.com/catalog/product/OTC7918/MASTER-BALL-JOINT-ADAPTER-SET/
  2. c-mon you whipped up near everything else... steam flyball gov ,at 120% whacks the rod holder out....suppose that wouldnt fit under the tank though
  3. mmi

    Fuel prices

  4. #.....? here that advertised kit is $2400
  5. what do you all use/? looking for a $150-550 "REAL" leaf spring bushing remover/installer with various sleeves that will also work for ball joints etc.
  6. so you will make that one "Auto" a wild 671 is bad enough. here they use 8 of the 12v on frac pumps,with 24/7 man and autos. can hear them screaming !! 3 miles out for days, claim they need to cut the juice prior to break thru. have some military continentals with RM pump ,that have a max and spring/lever throttled baffle in intake.
  7. was this ever explored to be automatic...? say 4000 rpm while exiting the area. and /or like hit/miss engine...?
  8. Someone today in conversation,had similar multiple occurrences at the scales,when out of state,kilroy was generally shot gun.
  9. And using money we don't have to do it. You can bet some millionaires will come out of it, though. Oink oink. ITS ALL PC ,BC they used 10x the fossil fuel being green $$$$ and used NONE of the green item . THERE IS no way to spin it other than rinse/repeat the lies 50 x an engine using 8 gph from 20 gph of crude input ,will NEVER be greener than one consuming 2-10 GPH from 8-19 gph of crude input.
  10. How do your precaution for the lightning ,while out there slinging big hunks of iron? Who watchs a tornado doesnt drop down? Esp the cold rain pushing into that fried heat?
  11. going BTTW per agreements. ONLY applies to USA peasants. not speaking of the boarder and 0 rules /laws,FREE everyting, USA citizens subject to ALL,and Ukrain refgees subject to fast track,and 90% laws for 2 years there not going to be here long.
  12. have you ever paid the bill for this,ANY CO that does NOT use it 24/7 ,charges $30 per use OR makes it in house. BILL =corporate rate x 24/7 x demand x use x multiplier. morton thiocal munitions plant,duel fuel, has gone back off the grid to NG just the std 220 line, our freezer was $400 every mo
  13. Hughe's tool and die was working on the steam car into the 20's, and then went with airplanes. wouldnt expect it to come back for the peasants anytime soon,nor Nick teslas free/clean electric
  14. mmi

    high shipping

    got another taking the country tour. guaranteed by today,dont think it will make 3:15 as he drove past at 1pm Scheduled delivery: Thursday, 4/21/2022 by end of day Estimated between: 10:55 am - 3:15 pm Travel History Date or Time City & State Status Thursday, April 21, 2022 3:26 PM PLAIN CITY, OH Arrived at FedEx location 12:08 PM PLAIN CITY, OH In transit Wednesday, April 20, 2022 7:18 PM MARSHALL, IL In transit 7:17 AM GEARY, OK In transit Tuesday, April 19, 2022 6:13 PM GALLUP, NM In transit 6:07 AM GOODYEAR, AZ Departed FedEx location Monday, April 18, 2022 8:34 PM GOODYEAR, AZ Shipment arriving On-Time 8:25 PM GOODYEAR, AZ Arrived at FedEx location 3:17 PM Shipment information sent to FedEx Sunday, April 17, 2022 8:00 PM PHOENIX, AZ Picked up
  15. caveat emptor ouch, another JS victim, likely 3x the $ also dont see any oil lines.... pto vs hyd should be simple F/ R and free and then brake or lock check the oils ,freewheel some cable out. in neutral disengage main,engage winch ,engage main ,see which way it rolls, repeat repeat with main on,at idle to see it you can pay out/in while driving. repeat with something heavy
  16. that s a start......looks like a '51 will fit/where used engine page
  17. mfg have been ,carrot forced to that end
  18. Does any have the list they could share? Of the different manuals, '40-75 ,would like to mark off what we have. 30' + - have pieces,from ck list that was done by IH in '67 dont really want to write it out then convert that to lists in computer,that always seem to let kilroy in.
  19. seems familiar ,but hasnt posted lately
  20. Was thinking that, mama got 2 of the GC $1200 +- x cameras have yet to see ANY photos from them,(use phone every 10 sec) and they will not give one to me . so stuck with my f-800 full auto if film was available would stick with '75 cannon 35mm,but its not suited to farm use. also have a nice cannon UW 20M but it must have leaked sometime.we did have a lot of fun dropping it the pool also.
  21. mmi

    Fuel prices

    Gd has a decent job,and they insist (cad) she does it from the office. Told here to take a few years off, With needing a < 5yr vehicle (never done with payments) and the babysitter, Whom is making $60K + with 3 students. it would be $30K + they dont need to spend. for the short time they are together,she helicopters the kid (2) whom has NO qualms about exploiting it.
  22. suppose heat humidity sand and salt are not good for clockworks etc.
  23. mmi

    Fuel prices

    if you believe Nostradamus interpretations ,not soon enough somewhere between '33-65 . They have not reconciled the calendars as to yr/dates marked by many hands/methods and the star dates
  24. acquaintance in the area has a bunch of items like that, .... been about 28 yrs since his paper work, had to build a vault, per atf spec ,sign some waivers and basically give them the keys and combo. If atf were in the area and needed more,power they mandated permission to break in and remove xyz,with no retribution. and certainly never return, as such goes home with any govt agent ,but recorded as destroyed. Since, the fed has super militarized the drunks.
  25. ?.....just a modified 340 system..? material and glue was cheap provide you found those with access
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