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  1. 9 hours ago, DT Fan said:

    mmi, the mowers are yours if you come and get 'em. The engines are B&S and are not stuck, beyond that, don't know a thing about them.

    here every kid that took engine shop needed 2-3

    my days of walking ,acre for $2 (1-2x /mo to save $)are gone.  handle, deck steel/bearing wheels are actually worth more.

    we use to ride scrap day and trade x- for y and or supplies. Now migs can fix that $5

    look like 65-72 series ,real 3 hp and torque ,strap anything on for a blade, rpm at 2k up to 6" wouldn't need but 2 fills/hr.

    bought out the last parts warehouse in '93,have all tools and 3' of manuals.     most parts now used 3x


    2 hours ago, Rawleigh99 said:

    If I were closer I would come for the Lawnboy!  I just resurrected a model 3750 last weekend.  Cleaned the carb and gas tank and it runs like a clock!  Great lawnmowers.

    have 4-5 on back shelf......too good for scrap .BUT....no good for anything else. MUSEUM...

    maybe zozia or bermuda grass 10x/yr  or union golf course FLAT green, EVERY morning, they are perfect pulsed cut next to a reel.

    otherwise real grass under 2" every 3 days once 100% dry.  NEVER fertilize.

    WA .A...WA. A.. WA..A. WA.A.. I have low and lower hp/speed and need more gas than a 560.

    cant imagine what 0 oil and meth would do to one

    I only cut a 4" pass over 3"high and plug every 50'  need shut down and raked out every 100' when wet.And thats ONLY possible with the full OPEN baffle . flood while doing this and vapor lock on hot days..scissors are faster. Yard MUST be power raked after dry.

    My DA 3.5 wheel design is SUUUPER safe.

    My bagger is a joke, if I dont roll over ,it holds 1 round of the yard, only 60 rounds to go, falls off, tears ,zipper clogged or worn out, AND !!! destroys every flower or shrub yard art ,on that side.

    If I am equipped with $$$ power drive ,stock NEW slicks and seed for the yard divots, arent 3.5 wheels and a counterweight GREAT.

    The "commercial" rear bag super fuel tankers 2.5 g where ALL gone here before '85/88

    NOW when W put that same engine with actual throttle and governor, on the first commercial weed eaters in '76 you had something,until the bent drive shaft and govt  did them in like the 5.7

  2. I  want the mowers,did 1000s of acres with those +- 3/4 throttle and 6" +,        +- tank /hr when gas was gas

    clock or wind rope start,but toss the mid series wa wa in the front

  3. do I need to say............. for $4.5 K it was gone this morning !!!

    I do the think the 06 duomix with 38K   has covered up issues for $20K

    and seeing whom is selling, it was < $10K and will be tossed for parts at $35K if the $20k is not met


  4. most you would find is 404,this should have the shuttle and hd axle ,rode rough on govt work....?

    high # c-135 so parts are + - tough nla  vs nLA for low 135

    kind of a cheap 340 and Sc/200 marriage

  5. 19 minutes ago, vtfireman85 said:

    It is amazing the difference a transmission can make. Our dump truck is a TopKick7000, 250hp 3208 with an Allison 643. A friend has a ford  L9000 with a 230hp cat (inline) no idea on the specific model, and an eaton 10 spd with a dump body. The ford does just fine, our topckick is a massive struggle all the time. 

    short of a blueprint (detroit) 5.7/ 350, or 6.9 (28-34 mpg),a v8 diesel , by oil/govt mandate was NEVER any good .

  6. 2 minutes ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Lots of rain heading your way or did you get censored? 

    We only got 3.8 " this week,only 1/2 the calves born in the water

    No, govt PC BS  They cant (easy)auto spy/MS back door on this computer so not, PC mandates that "you" must be kept safe.

    All the isp/and sites have to comply with new "safe" handshakes when you open a site.

    Had issues here,where clock was never correct, BJ fixed some but said I needed new system, WHich there have been none to be had.

    Isp changed last week from 30 day country roll out,if I had not dumped history it would have stayed.

    HAve a call in next week to  "  "build" " order from china   a business system.

     otherwise ALL china out of the box  if you want v8 then 3 spd and 12" wheels.

    caudy art deco monitor, touch and camera etc $300 +

    dvdrw ONLY reads

    pentium (ex) 8 is out, but they are pushing 2-3. so obsolete before it arrives.

      if you want p 5-7 cant have a 1 t HDD  only CHEAP sstd etc.

    $800+ in software just to do what this one did before MS attack.

  7. 2 minutes ago, ray54 said:

    Similar to the pictured with the biggest sleeper you can get you can find to put on a over the road tractor is what the horse show girls haul with out here. Then of course a 100,000 2 horse GN.

    in horse hitch/show era we rented the tractors and owned the vans


  8. 7 minutes ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Its a nice looking truck, but my fire truck is that setup with an Allison. It is beyond a pig. Imo you would be happier passing on that 

    not 4x 4 and I dont have email to ask    for at least 40 days

    in the era of $110K+ trucks  what should it go for?

  9. 23 minutes ago, sandhiller said:

    So, that would basically replace a pickup as the tow vehicle?

    In theory would save $80 K and the ins too, but still need 4 x 4

    dont own a trailer less than 'permanent " plate

    technically in time it would be usable to go back and get a new cdl,since all we have are now 'illegal"depending which Capone' you get.

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  10. Some of you were retaking tests etc.

    What is the latest illegal changes made?

    4700 for sale here cheap/cheap for today. What should they be?

    International diesel toter truck 4700 , size below CDL (no special license to drive). Auto transmission . Bumper pull and also set up for 5th wheel in bed.

    Have seen ,normal in flat states #25K loads with just  p/u.

    trailer is #14/18k gw so 2 tractors are ok....but... + trailer is #15/20K and all together is # 23+/27K

    I am thinking with the new "rules" they just want it gone?

    And now to graft $$$$ for bridges ,axles have to be 4' or more apart to count as 2........kinda makes 90% of the trailers obsolete ..?


  11. 3 hours ago, Jacka said:

    So what did we do cash checks and hide cash in the ground.Do we buy equipment so there is a real value there.its scary for sure.I got quite a bit in financial institutions.

    just think   why are the alternatives "ILLEGAL" for peasants

    hunter and the elites/pacs have no trouble with pallets of it.

    we are in very low risk  the "institutions" cost us $30K + so far this year,(that was taxed handsomely last year )so there will be very little income.

    a can in the south 40 would have made more sense

  12. need 2   9/16 bolts $7  everyone wanted + $7-14 for the 2-3 week mail

    could have been in the #45 $14 /3 day order but didnt see them

    fasternal said they would do the 500 mile /week transfer FOB store price, ONLY bc I called and asked.Still 15 m to pick up.

    kind of hard to fix anything with $200 shipping from 20 locations if at ALL.

    may as well settle in, as Putin will have better parts and logistics soon.

  13. Should there be a  (one) box to limit or turn off auto notification,linked to a comment/post I make?

    currently have to drive to a neighbors to get/send email and there are 100+ RPM

    trying to update otherwise working computer,with previous options/functions at minimum and obviously now, that is not OFF the shelf

    < $1600

    Thank you

  14. grubs/voles/moles etc forced up by the water table.

    here they are in the barn yard at 3pm or 50' behind mower looking for anything kicked up.

    in the hot months it is rt hawks on the various farms,every 4-5 yrs may be an eagle to.

    3 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    He’s going to get ventilated if he makes it here. 

    not likely,unless bird shot here.     no profile unless near something wanted

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  15. 3 hours ago, Art From Coleman said:

    A great idea, BUT, you know as well as I do, that someone, in some state agency, has found a way of lining their pocket off of the deal.  (And, IF "Cameron" is in Illinois, and since Illinois state government has a reputation for graft, well,)

    generally it is the  !!!!!! CORRUPT !!!!! judge sentencing (or family) and CORRUPT politicians that OWN/OPERATE said "prison"

  16. 3 hours ago, iowaboy1965 said:

    And I keep way too much stuff too and even tho I'm 4 or 5 miles from any store in town I have been trying to keep the trips down as well. 

    Soooo Whom is doing ALL the driving,,?   as in latest excuse for price GOUGE

  17. 11 minutes ago, jass1660 said:

    Looming recession? We’re in one now and going to get a lot worse.

    wait until that is a faux run on the banks,and "they" force faux money. totally in your phone then chip, where it is taxed 50% to earn 60% to spend,when and where "they" say

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