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  1. 8 hours ago, Cdfarabaugh said:

    I'm gonna be the "bad guy" here and call BS on the dealers side to a point.  If so many dealers are hurting why has there been massive consolidation the past few years with these mega dealers buying large swaths of territory? If business were so bad I sure wouldnt be pumping money into more locations. 

    It is and isnt at the same time,didnt really go deep with neighbor,

    been 5-6 yrs ,he quit 4 store ,many short lines 120+ mile territory.100s of govt contracts, $40 mil yr

    to 6 store (fiat)4 yrs ago they were told BUY UP or SELL OUT. so there are at least 15 over 3 states. he is vp of sales now and spends most days transferring NA parts and putting out fires.  They have over $100 mil on BO.which is not paying the bills. His cut back all the leased vehicles are on modified purchase,as his had 36K about every 5 months.

  2. tax write off and bonus $$ for dept heads.

    rock has $7 min ship now and most everything comes from "different" bins.

    5 items 3 different states, last item ordered 5-3,    for 5-6 delivery ,never went in the mail until 5-12 while they took the lowest bid.

    A zcam us off does the same,after order placed/goes out for low bid,can take 45 days when using points,and they will send 3 (Jamaican/Colombian) trucks + usps on the SAME day.

  3. 2 hours ago, FarmallFan said:

    As has always been the case, if you don't pay for First Class postage for your Red Power Magazine subscription, it will be delayed. Nowadays its just even more delayed. 

    Understand,and also asking others what the NEW norm is?

    FC doesnt mean much any more,but within 10 days .

    We have taken RD for over 80 years, when it was $<4yr you could by a life sub for $90

    they have always, 10% inflation raised the rate and now being fund/woke owned, slashed and filter content, but never once asked for FC NOR,been delayed more than 5 days (1 this month)

    They have doubled the in house rate $ and ALL  CS is gone and dont give ....

    If we dont find a discounter like defunct PCH they will be dropped

  4. 2 minutes ago, Dirt_Floor_Poor said:

    I believe the middle class is being destroyed by incompetence. People that have a lot of power never seem to be able to answer “Then what?”. They want to ban internal combustion, but they have no answer for “Then what?” They are attempting to mandate things that don’t yet exist on the promise that they will eventually if we spend enough money. 

    All about power and control, just had father to the hospital,the kool aide guzzling NAZI S !!!!!!! start at the door.

    apply ^%^&%&(*&*(&(_*_&+()*)(&%$# useless mask, set in waiting for 6 hrs, ,drs had to keep checking why the alarms were going.........DAH !!!!! not enough o2,    but the ^&%$^^^^#** nazi rn kept SCREAMING  !!!!   &%$*^&%(^&%( !!!!!! submission on.for peasants!!!!

    Went around the corner and off for the ELITES   HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! every 10 minutes.

    I would fire those 10% ers with EXTREME dishonor ,and get the good ones back !!!!!

    except for more rif raf cops than staff would have told them to ko,   15 ppl in er when we entered,40 when we left 90% PO

  5. I know usps enacted "new" super snail the mail along with seasonal price increases and maximize the waste $$$.

    Has this hit RPM..?  still have not received May and there was not, the usual 15/20 posts on 1st receipt

    in last month

    $5 of bolts ,mandated $16 in mail costs (3 day) ordered on the 3rd ,never mailed until 12th, hit 10 stops,redirects

    radiator promised today,says "maybe 5-20"   ordered 5-11 /sent 5-14 already 10 stops which will poof once delivered.

    just about everything has gone to > $16 item mail/etc


  6. 2 hours ago, KWRB said:

    I love how they say "but we can order it". If I have to wait a few days, I'm not going to wait a few days, then drive to the dealer, then pay your dealer markup for it. I'm going to pay an internet price, and have it on my doorstep, and that's the ONLY price I'm going to pay for having to wait a few days. It's like they don't get that.

    with kool aid addicted chugging mega dealers "mother" is carrot/sticking them into all forms of ridiculous fees /markups.

    ordered an internet hinge $50 vs $200 , well it was only 1/2 of a $28 hinge  .

    the $28 retail is NOT sold to the public,cant get refund/exchange

    1 you ordered it

    2 CC are NOT accepted out of the home dealer area !!! , MUST use in store , "KID" was not authorized to place the order ,by phone as you skirted a miraid of fees doing it that way.

    3 that STD pricing is for ESTABLISHED customers in the SYSTEM in the "SALES AREA"

    4 at this point ,too deep and waiting another 2 weeks for APPROVED stealer to get FOB would save $10 

    5 cost $500 to get correct part,only sold to public  in $175 markup extra parts not wanted pac.


  7. 32 minutes ago, Cdfarabaugh said:

    I'm all for markup on inventory parts because inventory costs you money and upkeep, but when you get mega markup just doing keyboard work and ordering in for guaranteed resale, that's getting greedy.  

    A i glass we ordered has $700 mark up at some  TOP NAME stealers. Prior to the latest scams we  could have, the identical glass from china/mexico  shipped to USA WH  sent to EURO wh  to dealer for $175 sent back to USA for $75 <but they knew if customs didnt intentionally break it, it would be ransomed for $300 +

    A i refused to sell any to the atlanta dealer  < $500 BC there are 72 in iowa wh, And stocked dealers are identical price. But + travel and tolls to pick up. We had to pay $150 for the special crate and 3 day handling.

    it was shipped from ATLANTA !!! ,physically handled over 50x sent to IOWA !!! then NY then on, over 10 DAYS

    Arrived in a torn single wall oversize CARDBOARD with 4 twist socks for protection lying in the bottom.



    Very few places here are pay then pump

    it is hard to use cash here even with ID/tracking and 50% have no means to take it at ALL> ,they actually discount more with each stage to  fully crypto. (IF ?)You have to take the $200 inside then its another >>>>^(&*^ to have an adult inspect those for FAUX.

    if they test for fentenal they are real.

    getting YOUR $ out of the bank is just shy of an SS interrogation, then they peddle govt approved $$$ CC or wire fees. "over YOUR cash,     It s MINE not the govts and YOU ONLY pay $.01 /1K to USE it for the month !!!:

    Had to deposit irs refund with 30 day hold, "THEY" are terrified it can be auto re-deducted by IRS for ANY reason.

    IS NJ and .. 1 other still pump for you?


  9. 35 minutes ago, N9438D said:

    The excessive wear is the issue in my opinion. What is the best solution?

    as said ,unfortunately $500 + in nos parts and $500 in unspecified machine work ,as dont know the spec.

    60 yr old tractor,, 30 yr old truck = $500-1000 off the china shelf > 5yr ...>> $2-5 K nla already.


  10. 1 hour ago, brahamfireman said:
    2 hours ago, ComancheStarFarms said:

    I was inquiring about just a disk mower.  Not a diskbine or conditioner.  Thanks anyway - - interesting exchange of ideas!

    Educate this poor row cropper on what's different from a disc mower vs a discbine.

    this may be answered by disc s only in place of IH 100 110 1100,1300 nh ? 456 etc

    the DB would have various drying aids built in.usually only semi -mount or trailing.

    of late the kuhn has been holding the best in repairs,not old enough to be failing in mass.

    they ALL have various weak cutter drive systems.

    Nh/ others has cheap steel in the drive shafts and gears, not having a better system available, you can mitigate some obsticals   and   simply stock the as yet still available parts,

    there are 3 forces working all the time to tear them up, after 20hrs of new, uneven mass rotating 75hp+ against each counter rotating part,varying crop load countering that mass against each other, mass's being hit again throwing of the balance and resonance (over time (physics)works like the wind on the narrows bridge) 

    then the nature of acid in the crop adds to the galling /wear of the parts and eventual loss of the flail apron from rust on the non SS parts

  11. 2 hours ago, Lazy WP said:

    Not sure how they would give me a ticket when there is 20 cars behind me, but I agree that the new round of laws have helped some with left lane driver. Of course there’s always been statues against impeding traffic. Just not enforced of late. 

    probably electronically eventually.

    it all ready is ,for the most part,and inflated 3x as govt dont pay bank or cc .nor the outside collection co fees , skimming 50%

    computer/camera ,drone satellite ,says :here is your bill" I need a new Chalet in france

    one of out little towns got millions for traffic lights /, ,10 in 4m, 100 + cameras ,after 30 years of talk from state to make 2.5 lane, 5.5 thru town.

    speed 45 on a down/ up,light 1/2 way up,trucks need to power up for the rise.

    so govt conned the strip into turning out the lights 1 hr after dark to save $$$.

    cops hide in the shadows, and triggered the lights so that $$$$ trucks got on camera,of the 3rd party collections,and it always went up $$$ from there.

    FD ( refused to patrol and power the signals in bad weather) and a lot of the locals got it curbed, except out of town.

  12. 5 hours ago, bitty said:

    They do .... We have replaced quite a few parts because the "operator" got too close to an unmovable and more rugged item 

    simple as the correct ground angle/rain and now needing a brake turn/correction ,only 2/3  110* ,of what a nh 258 would do.

    actually the 258d and 4610 would do 340* + change....different crop......

  13. unfortunately seems like you need NEW centers (no body service was ever successful and (new ones)china steel will not make it 60 yrs)

    then drums and BPC seal/cup ,cut/fixed (confirm/check oem bolts lengths to any cut area)

    + not china discs or parts of ANY type..

    the Co that did that for $500 is NLA

    (   I T should only be read in the O H

    consult (original ) IH material   < $30 , not 12 th gen 1/2 copies for $100-400    )

    anchor is a feel good fix for other issue ,as 90% are broke in months

    (very few people have this classified info )

    there is a # by model for minimum,/max + loose      of stock parts      ,so they work and when the total oem wear of 1/8 is used they will not lock up.but require Armstrong application.giving notice to replace

    1/2 d+ 1/2 d+ center (? say 1-1/2) as new + air space ? 1/8 . + - 2 -5/8 inside cavity

    4/16 (1/2) gone across the 8 wear points will over center and lock up,so adding back the grand total of 1/8 for new china disc doent help

    1/16-3/16 can be cut from the drum height easy ,but the center divot is usually 1/8 +, scored/not square  and or hard faced now from dragging.

    IIRC  x0x had shims to remove in the first 10 yrs


  14. 13 hours ago, hobbyfarm said:

    Class 470t showed up locally.  Seems super heavy duty compared to every other brand I have looked at.  Larger tires wider stance on the tandems more steel etc.  Full 12ft rotor working width to 15ft.  A few $1000 less then the cheapest 11ft new one.  Hopefully I made the right decision.

    So far better in wear, but neighbor found out the crush/fragility, factor is less than others and parts $$$.

    careful how you turn or pass standing items.

  15. 2 hours ago, hobbyfarm said:

    Maybe I'll get rediculed but seems cheap enough to me.

    cheaper than the freight !!!

    cant do much with it,but it could live here

  16. 1 hour ago, hobbyfarm said:

    Resale would be important to me if I didn't intend to run it to the end.  Maybe the large corporations that will buy these things don't care.

    too much $$$$$ at the govt trough....... did you EVER see a ups, fed x, late usps non govt mtrs for sale?

  17. spic spl wu etc, all   either too new or too old   ,discontinued along with 8854x

    there has to be more details as they would have had replacements into the '70s

    repair or modified M ,before shipping     Ih was cheap   std part modified for specific reason

    cant see if

    7  = 5 bg sm  st218a/227b

    2 = 6   cage  357032-r1 + 1 357036-r11

    9 =  12   brg lg st283

      8    =11  shaft 357031-r11 and this would have the long drive end



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