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  1. 5 hours ago, TeachersPet1066 said:

    Yes - Boak Family Farms 

    crowd is also lite must have been another jrh sale close - Saturday AM was great weather and reached 90s here.  Probably a lot of seed going in.  I wasn’t there so not too sure of size of crowd.

    jrh and or mud they would have been SRO ,worse than flies......

  2. 4 hours ago, Ihfan4life said:

    When my special needs sister passed the “free services” were billed to the estate, exceeding the value of the estate. We siblings got the honor of calling her a sibling and the expense of burying her… 

    Good Luck, and my sincere condolences to you 

    been involved with 7 so FAR

    unfortunately unless it is a lot more detailed written out this sounds .like the STD where lawyers and govt will get 40-65%

    then the bills/beggars just appear, then extras,   for the most part we had to DO ALL   !!!! THE WORK 110% ,PAY EVERYTHING UP FRONT,or penalties and interest   then sell everything and divide up < 10% to NAMED heirs.

    everyone that" helps " will bill at least $100 hr per 6 minutes. never less than $50

    we had one where it was $500 /mo to "authorize" bills then the hourly for 4 hands to "approve" the checks.

    No bill was EVER refused or questioned.

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  3. easy when you have BIG toys.

    cousin has ALL sizes 2-8+ the dog rides when not protecting the tools.

    Here you will not get permits  $$$$$ for more than a d4  skeleton rd,bridged mats etc.

    use to do a lot with the 340 last we did was horses and forwardr simply drive over or around the low stumps

  4. 2 hours ago, Lazy WP said:

    Her dream is small animal vet to start with and maybe add large animals once she gets established. I have never met a more determined person!!

    small s are EXTREEEEEMLY profitable with the right set up in location.location,location

    for large ,here the state will pay $$$$ towards many costs,to start out.but its not sustainable alone.

    ours, now has 6-7 on staff,just built $1m house  ,near impossible to get the 3 large to come out and we know 80% of what to do.  $300 min./ call and still  < 50/50 success.

  5. we put locks (only the poor thief) on anything with access today.

    and more than open/close gate ,it gets shut off.

    I had voted to fill everything in jan,but lost.

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  6. one today (actually 2 day 8hr on fri) live + online etc 9 am -5;15 pm, caught a few min 3-4x.

    (doesnt make sense, all ,that functions fine,but cant get email,75% of PC sites or the sale catalog on this computer....?)

    new std 15 % BP $

    all over from ia,ind.tn.ct etc  14 day removal ,plenty of notice but $$$$ to do the 10 state inspections.

    only 2 -3 tractors plenty of warehouse and 3 COMPLETE sawmills/factories + 12-15 portable mills

    $35-85K ...... !!!!!     15-2 yrs old  400/9k hrs      90% -135 %  of new, but get it today.

    Seem to be 130% auctions available,now near every day and 200% of the buyers have DEEP pockets.

    all the professional loggers and mills have been closing for 8yrs +  and just like hay no one wants to pay > $1bf for good lumber.

    ???????? stores out of everyday xyz dont know when, but will be $3-4x. Staples now up 40% ( not PC 5%)

    30yr 300K PU < $30K are gone before the ad hits,and resold within a week for $50K

    everyone I talk to has cut back on driving and buying,of late many are talking of stock loss greater than 1932

    Our ira was ultra low risk and has lost 40% since jan.22,  agent was miffed, I asked about why there was no stop loss ,and its insulting to ask, it all go to cash and hold..........the correct answer is to take the major loss,cash out now so JD doesnt get the rest.

    You know the btos are shorting off our backs,as we got the notice last month dont "depression" panic and ask to be cashed out.

  7. must have missed the notice on these few...?

    keep getting shut out of lenovo

    would be happy to EXACTLY bring this computer current (63% FREE space) and add 1 extra dvd rw copy/writer

    hp has not come back with more than $1600 home stuff that needs $1500 add ons

    dell is $1500 for so so home and $2500 for semi ala carte as below

    how to weed out what we do/dont want?

    set on desk

    20-27" NO camera/touch no $200 stand

    wired mouse/key

     256-1t  HDD

    12 gb

    2  dvd rw  ACTUAL write/copy not the $18 read only

    current windows as basically stuck

    No office - $600 options out there

    PDF complete.....? as is rented with office


    dell ala carte starter $2500+



    it took 1.5 hr to get here

  8. 1 hour ago, Jesse in WI said:

    Radio and chargers are on two separate breakers and on opposite sides of the shop.

    VT may answer, as mentioned has some thing to do with common neutral or poor grounds

    I will have to look for that box of vcr/cable weights  ...but dont have house AM ,nor use radio since our regional AM in the tractor ALL NEWS weather.

    went off the air due to woooooki buyers,

  9. 2 hours ago, AKwelder said:

    second, try looking at ferrite beads or chokes.  They can really help eliminate the radio picking up static.  

    ? ...got a box some where ....? they came with tvs vcr etc

  10. 9 hours ago, KWRB said:

    As for the longer hours solution. If it's safe for truckers to run longer hours, it's safe to run longer hours. If it's not safe, it's not safe. Monkeying with the definition to suit the crisis d'jour is a logical fallacy. Luckily, people have better bullshit filters than "they" think; most know.

    this can/should be applied to MANY mandates....but hi iq generally means world/life STUPID. $$$ smart.


    ditto 10x  for FREE with $$$$$$other handouts

    Meanwhile we are sending gobs and gobs of the stuff to Ukraine and the Mexican border to aid illegals. 
    I want to further clarify that i don’t think ANY mother should have to be afraid of how she is going to feed her child. I do however feel that out government has a responsibility to its citizens first, allies second and it’s illegal immigrants somewhere much further down the list. 


  11. 21 hours ago, 1256pickett said:

    I’ve heard unsubstantiated rumors of more than just high prices coming soon. Again I say unsubstantiated but you don’t want to be caught off guard. I’ve heard shortages of diesel in a few weeks.  This could get bad. 

    exploit a made faux crisis for $$$$$$$$

    couldnt sleep heard this 5-6x on the 0300 news and ? washington st is close to ration now....

    along with ordered new pumps.

    makes a lot of $$$$$$$ exporting ,so cheap for euro and then ^%$*&^%*& USA

    shut down china,  soon USA will not be able to buy the ^%&^% then.....default on payments what ALL will china own next...?

  12. Am is tough thats why it is little used except govt and semi "low profit"

    different circuit and ....maybe suppressor from a 50-60s car  radio shack could have helped

    search it for a car and then track it to 2022....some little diode now....

  13. well today as I was torching out more head less bolts to replace,evaporated parts, the govt salter stopped and asked for a chain to un stuck a bus.

    upon return  I asked what all was in the latest BREW, ? look at these 2 month old bolts ....claims,sold to them as only mined salt ,and only additions are occasional river sand

  14. So is there a map?

    and part of what states have as little of these as possible?

    salt was salt but this new %^$&^%  have actually had conversations with people that,put new parts back in the box after inspection.and use the old or"used" once shipped. Wipers dont pass after 1000 wipes,.etc

    did new spring bolts in feb and literally 10 miles 1x on wet road,look like they are 10 yrs. Many other bolts ($6-30 ea if you can get them NLA) suddenly the exposed heads look like rasins.

  15. our US roads esp thru the 2500' mountains use to be like roller coaster, 2 lane 55/45/25 and NOT safe for night travel.

    even in winter day light if you suddenly run into dark fog,immediately off the climbing go and hit the WHOA !!.....318 greyhound directly ahead.

    13 spd RR had a smell,with higher clouds and you had about 1500' to the 15MPH ,obstruction now in 16th low.

    didnt ever pass either,as just out of the cloud ,another and 30 cars would be barreling back at you.

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