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  1. always wanted one since first ad in 82, cost basis NEVER did work.

    did bid on this toy in '19


    and do still follow some tube ies,

    never a good market ,for more than a toy,now NOT store lumber here is less than $2 hay.

    pop always made stuff ,but last 5 years has used,10/4 walnut to make tooth picks and then PAINT IT,so he got cut off.

    last month to keep busy,was making hobby horses from a cabinet door buy out.


    and mills are going for 160% of new on 2nd/3rd rebuild (9K hrs)

    in 16 mo they are going to be near free,just about the time all the orders are filled.

    seeing alot of ads (now) for new (lost contract to mill) $ 120%> of new on the manual crap.

    along with 7 complete operations, which the BTOS have been folding for 7 yrs +

  2. 31 minutes ago, U-C said:

    So last time I was in town and went to look at the local aution there was at first glaze a nice restored W-4 on the lot still smells freshly painted and with new decals, however the gages are all in so la la condition and the wooden belt pulley is in kinda in a rotten condition, and the red is to light as well anyways next time I'm in town will be taking some pics of it for ya to see.  

    Depending  37-'45 > many of those pulleys were heavy card/paper stock,not good for over winter outside.

  3. 1 hour ago, brian falcone said:

    Ok. Took the rocker arm assembly off this morning. Removed the 4 caps and sprayed the valves heavily with wd40. Went back after work tapped each one with a brass rod and hammer. The 3 stuck ones popped right up. Poured some oil in there,reassembled and it started right up on gas. Waiting a few minutes and it switched right over to diesel.  Minimal grey smoke . Let it run for 5 minutes or so . No knocking  no pinging.  And it idled very well. So. Now onto the hydraulic pump cover. I have not removed it yet but does anyone know if the inside is recessed for the gears or is it flat.  Either way I'll take it to a machine shop and see if they can make a new cover.  Thanks for the tips

    being in cali rust /carbon was the likely cause for sticking,and being a 6, may have not been abused too much.

    if the uc is tolerable ,try it out for a while....some work to remove pump ...? oh DSS so not practical for short use without attachments...

    Angry sailor could punch out a cover between burn outs.

    fp smith may have or know of used.... browns etc...oldsters without internet...

    did we miss the REQUIRED photos?

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  4. 1 hour ago, searcyfarms said:

    More side hustle mowing n drilling job for crp warm n cool season grasses - its getting roundup tomoro with drones 

    so you have the Sikorsky drones/ how many gal.

    suppose you can eliminate skips and make perfect contours from gps

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  5. from first info, carbon and rust,the whole mechanism needs removed then it is soaking 2-3x day/weeks.Std baby valve under there.

    brass tools tapping and turning and special (low pressure) lever up thru plug hole.heat gun to...., < 250*

    consult NLA Mb Cat.

    lots of patience and waiting,as NLA valves for 50 yrs,then on to the std everyday issue of warped from rode hard.if it moves free but still is not closed.

    on to creating other issues,remove inj,install plugs ,fill to top with acetone/atf etc let set 2 weeks, add kats block heater and cook 2-3 days,begin as above.

    simply spend $500 remove head and go up $500 for each step from there.

    O you just wanted to see if it runs first

  6. We are already on alert for strait line 1-7 pm tomorrow,depending how fast the cold low drops in,to your advancing front.

    But as they flip a coin, (COA) dont rule out the 15% of EVERY storm just right for tornado .

    last one (3-5 weeks back) they locked out 80% of the tv/radio with rotation (indicated)but not verified) for 3 hours.rabbit ear broadcast.

    anything on "new type" cable also locks out the entire system with BS nws alert useless BS beeps.

  7. Remembered to get photos today,

    Here is our luber/start ,out of storage.

    + 20lb of various fittings for tapping.

    Over 75 different engines,it needs to suck 4 ft (new filter)and accommodate various inlet/outlet.,options

    20-60 psi depending on engine condition and tapping point.

    Air pump would have done more liquids but 12v is always available when starting.

    Biggest issue is $$$ suck filter.

    need less micron option on the suck and to find a NLA pre AntiFreeze  ,as IH seem to always drip when setting.







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  8. 2 hours ago, 766 Man said:

    A couple other agribusinesses I passed all I could think of of what they did to make me mad so I was mad for 15 minutes after passing each one. 

    How they want 20 minutes of vivid details to simply give a quote on a stock order item,and still have 4 different quotes,based on last months bill and major purchase. DA lost a $30K sale.

    Un reliable has 7 different prices based on whom answers and NEVER in stock,has to be ordered thru 3 other up charges and astronomical shipping kickback.

    Dont really want your busines ,because you dont spend $2K + EVERY single month,and have driven too many thru the shop and failed.....off the lot.,for $$

  9. 3 hours ago, CIHTECH said:

    Disconnect wire at fuel solenoid on pump, turn key switch "on" hook wire back up does solenoid "click"? Also make sure wire for solenoid isn't rubbing an injection line, have seen them rub line and not blow fuse but rob voltage enough that solenoid will not energize. 

    from the info provided 2x....5.9 basically runs or has been beat to death and still limps

  10. Elites and BTO   ,MO how do you think they got it.

    IRa lost $50 K since january,  (morgan ) always was good at filching and skimming $$$

    Think Gorman lost any $ using or funds for pet projects?

    Agent was miffed for asking why stop loss didnt kick in,and going to cash out (thats not for peasants with out 24/7 accounts)

    They now REFUSE to assignee,beneficiaries how I want, tax penalty was way less than $50K

  11. 2 hours ago, Dirt_Floor_Poor said:

    You want some bait that says it’s not for sale in California. That’s how you know it works. 

    just installed a bunch of truck parts,not legal for sale shipping  to fruit and nuts central,as eating them will cause cancer.

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  12. try the ring on an ih back blade   busted 2 pr of snap OFFS,they dont have ANYTHING bigger.

    in a crate now if GC keep it,dont know how they will get it together.

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