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  1. As VT says no singles or vertical, no box store or home owner,

    dont even look at the specs < $4.5(unit alone)

    Beware the auto stuff,in that if you DONT need it ,bc not home there will still be a big fuel bill

    our elec just went .50 to over  $1 kwh ($5-8/DAY) thats still way under  $6-12/hr fuel and lp ng is not far behind.

    all of those will be faux rationed soon.

    Cousin just installed $40K solar system,building upgrade to carry + 4# load ,and $10K ,(50K /cf ng allotment), backup.

    net meter/ cut rate pay that will go to nothing.

    30 years + payback to my pencil, but he gets a lot of $ govt (pc green) kick back on rr pension.

  2. thats nothing here, once developer steals if for $2-10K ac,due to taxed to death.

    it is sold for $50k ac or $100K with 75% govt $ improvements and must build a $400K + RYAn "starter " shack.

    All while paying $0 to $100 ac tax,

    After There was a quashed blow up of new owners tax bill of 65-130% of mortgage.

    just think what it will be in two yrs when fed completely stops trickle down of the faux $$$

  3. 44 minutes ago, oldtanker said:

    If I lives down south I'd be buying 100,000 mile tires. You should see some of the high performance tire life stuff. Some are not even warrantied for mileage. 

    BC it is PURE BS !!! just as the light bulb consortium in 1921.

    mileage warranty is NEVER honored, replacement is $ 3x to use the  40% credit.

    use to get 90K on tires now it is lucky to be 15K and will NOT pass inspection due to date. for average use not mamas $ to burn them off.

    bus s use to rent the tires for $.02 ml and get 50-100K

  4.  we have the same need but $$$$

    hundreds of BTO have closed across the country in last 10 yrs ,,ask F 666 what fun it was.

    defiantly not the time. maybe in 18 months when all the pre orders are delivered.

    and it hits the fan


    everyone has a mill..."home" lumber is worthless...not your case

    they cant pay..even the low pre financing .

    the shine has worn off...this is REAL work....

    ALL brands, excepting several  top 3 models, are weekender toss it J U N K.

    ANYTHING with a '17 > engine is junk expect (25hp minimum )< 2K hr of life. < 4k hr for $25K diesel etc.

    < $20K units overall have a life of < 3K hrs ,service will be 75% > of new

    Wm 25-40 and TK 12-14  are the top of the low end, for what you want  baker is WAy over $$

    IIRC '19 $ it was   $.32> bf to own ,+ COG + $ .06-.12 to operate one.

    watch some vids etc do some leg work.

    this guy does ok for/on a $5K unit

    have not found any others consistently using ANY weekender model

    Josaljo Won

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  5. 41 minutes ago, ksfarmdude said:

    Piston protrusion is a mute point as long as its not higher than the sleeve I'd be more worried about sleeve stand out 

    not finding any different # s here either.

    ? machinist may have a point but could be overthinking for the PARTICULAR engine ?

    if block is decked then sleeve installed to spec is now x closer to the crank ,thus piston will be the same x closer to the head.

    critical today and on modified/high rpm engines,maybe some extra space on the d350   ?

    it will not make for hard starting on gas.

    indeed both /All parts would require 5x checking on a 188/282 etc.thats why, 6 here are in line $$$$.

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  6. cut the BS make the tires properly out of RUBBER make them last 100K and 3 yrs+ ,like they should.

    just like the gas/fuel make it correctly instead of $$$$$ then we all could get 30-85 mpg truck like a euro vw.

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  7. assuming the only purpose ,for antiquated /slow design is to pre dry grain for a cheap older/small combine.?

    for grass/silage  with enough HP   14' DB would have about 4x thru put.

    rough 18% ground is 4-5 mph  9-12th gear,  "real" fields (cidioteville now) ,1/4m flat have done 15th. 10 mph

  8. in the 60-70s, that was just family/cousins with in driving distance. (decoration/4th/labor)    with birthdays holiday always 25 + 8-10x that we attended.

    Now not enough to bother with a funeral.

  9. 13 minutes ago, ray54 said:

    Depends what mood the officer is in. 😉 Had it explained if I haul my horse to gather my cows farm plate is fine. I got to a play day at the county fair, that is recreation need the CDL, to haul the same load. This is his example at a farm meeting, getting onto 10 years by now. So even with CDL being a Federal thing, states interpret it how they see fit. 

    So to modify a bit hauling your tractor to tractor pull would need a CDL. 

    At least so far here  the "farm" plate and cdl do not co mingle as to use /weight.

    Ie: tractor cow horse etc to (your controlled) field / farm < 150m commodity to sale/purchase, is farm use.

    Not your bill of lading "item" or to any fair or event which "may" award a participation gift, for hire, is full freight plate.

    we deliver hay on full freight but ,last 3 yrs that is ONLY to known COD. so its "technically" ours until.

    CDL not applicable/addition to this equation  until 26K #

  10. 1 hour ago, searcyfarms said:

    i have two 6K and was always putting too much on the trailer im sure, i have been at the 25-30K several times now should have gotten 32K  plates 🙈

    Definite CDL >>>?

    1 hour ago, bitty said:

    My pickup weighs 6300 and the trailer is 4700 so 11k empty. 14k trailer gvw and 11,400 truck gvw makes 25,4 minus 11k is approximately 14,400 available payload. Supposed to have a CDL although it doesn't really make sense since it's supposed to be 26,001+ needing CDL ....

    Yes it doesnt add up except the $$$$$$

    Also how is it  $.... across all 4 axles....?  14K # trailer with 10k # load is overloaded.......no

  11. 16 minutes ago, Twolines said:

    These were fairly blunt to start with but it did seem to cut well.

    Bh is generally blunt ....1/4" as you will be hitting scalping digging etc at least the first 6x

    most late model factory/supplied shafts are phased with a fits only 1 way slot or 180

  12. We had those here,could buy a real ( <153 cid )IH for less.

    Both stealers were jews to them selves.When they couldnt justify the price of ANYTHING, response was " Its dippy what I have to pay"

    We did get the gutless '62 wagner/ih 800 there in '73.

  13. here 3ph AND non home SERVICE is $$$$$ and you pay 24/7 for it to be there and then a commercial multiplier for ANY actual use.

    Our home rate was $.90 KWH which went up 40%  6-1

    An engineer neighbor converted 1/3 of his barn to 3ph work shop and NG fueler (so it will not freeze)

    With some type of electronics he built < $2K,he can dial in sync and rpm for each item.

    another machinist ran his 3ph items with a baby starter motor into (possibly 2x /3ph on 220) wood tomato stake to add load then pop belt off.

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  14. 8 hours ago, Farmall Doctor said:

    There are 3 drain plugs: the rear drain, the one at the bottom front of the transmission, and one under the PTO driven gear under the front of the TA housing. But they all run common oil and fill from the large transmission plug on top of the shift cover. It takes a while to fill the front, so when I was flushing mine I also filled directly into the TA level plug.

    Ie: ta section needs drain flush repeat,as many winters/spring this is where the temp inversion ice/water would collect

  15. We always did somewhat collect save/from prior generation (1880)

    last I purchased was in '85 (battery) <87 was the last worn as the bands always broke they got caught,or scuffed in tractor baler etc. truck had a clock by then.

    I hate appointments/ schedules,as a rule , if 7 things dont turn up for that slot,then everyone else is an hour late. or you sit at the DR for an hour and he only has 15 min for you and 30 people after you, to support all the GOVT make work/no work $$$$.

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