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  1. our dairy consumption is down to < 4g a month cheese items are > $8 lb ,come from far off or foreign where the bag has more content. The milk hit $5g this week and is worse than ever with BPA and peroxide . ice cream...... 1-1/2 qt with 2 lb of air is $6 for cheap 20 + byproducts . no other product is worth the bother
  2. $400 a month is a down payment on the taxs.land that can be used for nothing is $7-10K ac,foreign gas investors snap it up. $11-20K for develop and $18- 80K for the cidiotes 60 ac we farmed ( 30) rest, cliff, swamp or cidiote park was in limbo for 3 yrs at $1.4,m waiting for fed to put out mine fire.Which hasnt happened in 4x /40 yrs. Otherwise local $$$$$ govt would have approved 90 + units right over the top. While the peasants pay 5x to redo the substandard infrastructure and flood BS involved . Kid had daddys company buy it for $960 K ,so they can have no neighbors.just govt rules. Started to see last month in the title records report , the funds and foreign bto are paying ridiculous $160-210K shack and < 10K sq ft lot for ,$230-450K as other side of the tracks .rentals cbs had a 2 minute peace on all the mom pop farms being forced out by china and funds for mega farms $49,900 Farm-Acreage-Lot Bell 0 bd • 0 ba • 2.22 acres MLS #15
  3. mmi

    vhs to >

    What are you using where to buy, proper acid free markers for dvd and pens for photos/negatives? the kids/stores and online hindians keep referring to std $2 sharpie and pen for $10-35, which if labeled cd / or acid free (never together) they are NLA >>>>!!! did not order "printable" dvds as china said that requires special PRINTER
  4. will organize by how you/others like under proper heading,9-10-60 +- 3 Maybe Jeff can offer what the 17 + badges SHOULD look like then we need 6+ dash including the short grey
  5. Trying to share /collaborate/confirm/add on the info, we have before it gets lost. Beyond a stack of notes and box s of files, books, photos etc.....A place to list it all out,curate ,and not have to also donate $$$$, to then still have it locked away in some vault ,on $$$ pay per view. GC are not/no longer,interested past their phones ,and the daily PC mandated stress of life. I may wait 6 months to get 5 ( very intense forced ,but NEVER devoid of PLAYING !!! on the ^&*(^&* PHONE), minutes for a yes/no do you have any interest in x ? Can you make a decision.... Toss/ keep/ take to YOUR home.....? Again today after 3 minutes ,90% went un handle ed. The 340 linage is the most diverse varied/optioned and advertised. Will/would take time,but can place at least 1 photo with each entry above. others may have a better/different example/photos, or the missing bits and not know it. Melrose records leave a BIG hole. A. without thumb nails this is going to be very long. B. if every one posts as add ons it will be 10x longer and cumbersome to fact check and search/view. C. RPM/SALLY has a lot of serial # data that can be re applied in different ways. D. 15% of differences occur within after x serial # /date. ie: 4 different dash s ,but need photos/ books a or d etc
  6. dont know about organized..?
  7. Slowly making it thru some of the literature and started to list What we have. Going to be a long list ,esp with photos ..... is there a thumb nail option on here? Send me what you have and/or Corrections and I will add,(here) so this isnt 50 pages to go thru ,with 40 + models to cover. The 340 was not fully approved out ,so IH used a lot of excess 350 parts/tooling to save $$$,again to save R & D,it became the 404 thru 504 CREATION PIC-316 9-10-58 RE:CEC -30 RELEASE OF I T-340 PIC-316-1 4-6-60 RE-FES ,RE CEC 156-1 T/TD-340 COLOR CHANGE TO 483 FEDERAL YELLOW ,201/901 BY REQUEST CEC 156-2/163-9 NAMING AND IND HARD NOSE APPROVED (MELROSE)(WHOM HAS THE SERIAL/PRODUCT RPTS ?) PIC-446 2-10-60 RE:TC-25 RELEASE OF IND 340/460 (HARD NOSE ONLY W/NAME) PIC-465 4-8-60 RELEASE OF TD-340 MELROSE PIC-478 5-31-60 RE: TC-30 COLOR/NAMES 240/340/460 12-13-60 TC-62 ANNALISE OF OFFERING 340/460 GROVE PIC-557 4-10-61 RE:TC-62 RELEASE OF I 340/460 "GROVE" PIC-580 10-16-61 IH RED 201 RETIRED WITH "IMPROVED" 2150 STARTING WITH PROD. NOV.1 201 RETAINED FOR PARTS. PIC-657 7-23-62 RE-T/TD-340 DELAY IN RE BADGING TO PAYLINE ,THIS WAS MODIFIED FOR LATE MODELS SERVICE GSS-1015-O GSS-1015-V SPECS GSS-1032 TAD GSS-1039 4CYL ENG GSS-1051 BRAKES GSS-1052 GSS-1060 TA GSS-1065 FT AXLE/PS GSS-1110 330 SPECS GSS-1114 WAGNER BACKHOES GSS-1132 D-166 FUEL ? GSS-1231 C-135 SPECS GSS-1256 T-340 CLUTCH GSS-1257 T-340 TRANS GSS-1258 T-340 HYD GSS-1259 T-340 TA GSS-1260 T-340 DIFF FL GSS-1261 T-340 CHS TRACK GSS-1262 T-340 IPTO P GSS-1263 T-340 COOLING GSS-1264 T-340 F & R GSS-1270 D-166 GSS-1271 A/B/C D-166 FUEL GSS-1272 SPEC GSS-1282 A/B/C/D IPTO C GSS-1283 WAGNER BH LDRS GSS-1295 C-135 GSS-1295-C C-135 GSS-1295/J C-135 GSS-1298 SPEC 340-460 GROVE GSS-1304 HARLO GSS-1309 CARB SPECS GSS-1318 DRAFT 404 GSS-1319 SPECS 404- 504 GSS-1322 D-188 GSS-1322-F D-188 GSS-1327 404 PTO GSS-1330 340/404/504 TRANS GSS-1331-B TRANS 240-404 GSS-1337-C PS 404/504 GSS-1339 2000 LDR GSS-1357 TEST HYD GSS-1360 404 STEER/AXLE GSS-1371-K TEST HYD 3121/31/41 GSS-1403 TB SENSOR 404/504 ISS-1039-1 4CYL GAS ISS-1044 ISS-1550 3121/31/41 BH OWNERS OM-1011531 58 460 RUNNER PLANTER FOR 3/4 SERIES OPM-1011966R3 IH/DROTT 3040 LDR OM-1014015 57 330 OM-1014185 F/I 340 OM- 101 340 GROVE OM-1014203 340 (IND?) OM-1014261-R1 HARLO FL REAR OM-1014265-R1 61 HARLO FL 340-460 OM-1014284 2404 IND OM-1014285 2504 IND OM-1014655 UC-135 OM-1014727 59 340 G6 GRADER OM-1014796 61 T-340 OM-1014950 62 T-340A OM-1014951 62 TD-340A OM-1019291 T-340A OM-1019757 3120/30/40 BH OM-1019837 2000 LDR OM-1082594 404 OPM-1083443 9-71 3121/31/41 BH OM-1085057 UD-135-B/UC-153 OM-1085813 TD-340 OM/PM ? CUB -340 OM/PM ? 340D-460D PARTS BH 3120/30/40 WAG 65T IND-2 HARLO LDR DROTT -340-K3 LDR IH 3040 LDR WAG 465 LDR-1 2000 LDR PC-ENG-1 4cyl gas PC-ENG-4 D-188 PC-IND-2 HARLO PC-TE 21 0/A/B/C/ 340G6 PC-PT -H 3XXX IH BACKHOES PU-56 UC-135 PU-66B UD-135B/ UC-153 TC-71 0/A 330/340 TC-77 O/A/B/C/D/ T-340/TD340/A TC-86 404 TC-88 504/2504 SALES........ A-950 T-340/DROTT 4-1 ACC CC-IL-13 I/F 340 LUBE CHART (62) CR-1-M 62 PARTS ACCS CR-1-N1 63 PARTS ACCS CR-3-P2 64 PARTS ACCS CR-1001-L 61 IND CR-1001-M1 62 IND CR-1184-I 59 340U SPECS CR-1196-G 340 LDR CR-1196-K 60 T-340 WAGNER 465 CR-1197-L 61 IND CUB-660 CR-1207-I 340 CR-1216-L 61 240 IND CR-1221-L 340 -460 IND CF-1273- 59 T-340 SPECS CR-1283-I 59 IND CUB -460 CR-1303-L 61 340 IND CR-1307-I 59 340U SPECS CR-1320-L 58 F-340 CR-1330-I 59 T-340 DROTT 4-1 CR-1336-H 58 F-340 CR-1337-H 58 340U CR-1350-L 61 340 FL CR-1356-I 59 T-340 DROTT CR-1369-K LOADERS BACKHOES CR-1370-P 64 IND CR-1392-M 62 NEW 404 CR-1393-M 62 NEW F 504 CF-1394-M 62 NEW 504 CR-1420-M 62 NEW 2404 CR-1447-M 62 F I 504 CR-1447-N1 63 F I 504 CR-1454-K 60 T-340 HYD GRADER CR-1458-P3 64 FULL LINE CR-1478K (9-1) T-340 CR-1578-I 59 T-340 HYD GRADER CR-1711-M 62 T-340 BLADES G6 600 700 ETC CR-1716-M 59 T-340 CR-1718-M 62 T-TD340 A CR-1761-M 62 T-340 HARLO CR-1784-M 62 2404 IND CR-1786-M 62 2504 SPEC CR-1862-M 62 T-340 CR-1863-M 62 T-340 DROTT 4-1 CR-2140-N 63 504 FH CR-2373-N1 T-340 RBR SHOES CR-5081-M TRACKS CR-5265-P 64 IND PARTS K-900 59 T-340 DROTT T-RIFFIC SK-45 61 T-340 700 ANGLE DOZER STATS I-330-GU 58 4262 LAST (4763) F-340-G 58-63 58 (2104) #501-7711 (7211)-586 + - 59 1ST (2501) 60 (5075) F-340-G CR/H '61 (55) F-340-D 59-63 586 F-340-D CR/H '61 (5) I-340-GU 58-63 58 (2145) #501-12,338 (11837)- 590 + - ,59 1ST (2428) 60 1ST (5281) 61 T(2368) I-340-DU 59-63 547 61 (509) I-340-G-HC I-340-D-HC I-340-G IND 310 + - Must include "FACTORY" installed , F & R,HD axle,complete hard nose pkg....MORE ? I-340-G IND PARSONS I-340-D IND 7 +- I-340-D IND PARSONS I-340-G GROVE 61 (10) I-340-D GROVE 36 61 (76) I-340-LP ? I-340-G HARLO I-340-G AUBURN HT-340 2 T/TD-340 59-62 (4094) (775) T/TD-340-A 62-65 (2220)(1666) (8755) +- T-340 R/W-FARM DB/A-O/PTO 3PT , <1500 T-340 R/W FARM/WAGNER 465 T-340 R/W/Y TOOLBAR/BLADE T-340 R/W/Y PLAIN OR WITH DEALER OPTIONS 500 BLADE ETC T-340-LOGGER DROTT CLAW + WINCH T-340 USDA T-340 HIGH NE T-340 WIDE NE T-340A 62-65 (2220)(6314) T-340 IH 6WY T-340A RAILROAD/WAREHOUSE TD-340 60-62 (775) TD-340A 62-65 (1666)(2441) TD-340-A 6WY MANUAL TOOL BAR T/TD-340A G6 6 W BLADE T-340A HARLO TD-340-A HARLO TD-340 PIPELAYER T/TD-340-A DROTT + WEIGHTS T/TD-340 DROTT/IH + SCARRIFIER T/TD-340A -IH 3040 TD-340A-IH + 3XXX TD-340 WAGNER 465 I-404 F-404 I-2404 I-504 I-504-HC F-504 SHORT F-504 LONG F-504 CR/H I-2504 TOYS SUB NOTES F-135D FRENCH BUILT 2 CYL DSL= USA 130 BTD640 DONCASTER = CHEAP 40HP BTD6
  8. maybe RDD can comment on this model, catastrophic failures had become common and I thought they had extensive real time monitoring installed for shutdowns. But of late 3yrs+ that seems to be shut off...? Where computers knew every sound and what may happen.
  9. if engine was not factory mag it may not have an "M" go thru reggs info, from here suspect you or time have disturbed grounding,connections /un connections at the proper times . check coil that is rare but common and for $85 most hack in a $20 12v . then the slim chance of lost magnetism. KISS, this is where I swap in running 5 min ago parts,
  10. Cmon man kencove is the best purveyor of china &^&*^)*( fence supplies. They were a big importer of the NZ stuff , 20 yrs ago. Much better quality but,still couldnt stand USA calves.
  11. ? common oil leak and run away....? too far back .? not familiar with configuration.. or short/overheat in transformer
  12. obviously a few have very deep pockets.... https://www.mecum.com/tractors/results/
  13. guesstimate on how to search what has not been vacuumed off the net yet https://www.google.com/search?q=tonyinca+ih+200+blade&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1
  14. is it a mag? did you touch or change anything about it? disconnect and or reconnect wire to flipper?
  15. thats how we prepped 40 yrs ago, do all the body work on everything not cast, stripper wire BRUSH,blast(carefully on tin) etc, dupont acid etch,rinse ,paint within 1 hr, high build primer ,wet sand smooth repeat ,2-3 coats of top,BUT then paint was still real.
  16. WIsh you were closer ....sounds like ground or dirt issue now
  17. so what all was it and what was kodak into, then,, once the mass market film went away? Were you under 100% contract on their $ and simply get the recognition (if only on the papers) IIRC its near impossible for a non BTO corp (person ,llc etc ) to actually receive (purchase $$$$$$) and then get the benefits of a patent?
  18. you have to dig deeper, its about whom gets the govt handouts, hiding them and whom has the classified contracts,for ghi not the peonies holding the bag when it fails
  19. Last week the woookies drank more coool aid and in lock step,to the "agenda" at some college where protesting ,"free speech" discussion of the truth. this week its "all colleges"/establishment , should IMMEDIATELY wean from fossil fuels...(wink wink) the rabid dogs turn on the abuser. They lay in the street ,blocking traffic, mocking death in their warm china produced (petro) outfits,along with ALL the petro possible cidiote chachkies /paraphernalia. How can they continue the indoctrination's without heat ,light, and food?
  20. WAs it boiled ls oil ? not PC water may take cotton rag and some other oils toward grease fuel + oxidizer.....open air but yet confined Havent had pure BLSO since 80s for the plows,always outside, along with stain rags on the concrete wall
  21. obviously only the small guy or O/OP would use one, why I purchased every local none trailer available after the 25v went away. Now Short of fences EVERYthing else can be near finished before it is bolted on $300-600 was the norm < '95 now whom wants when you do. the 3xx NH and rowse were/ are more usable
  22. that is usually a 115 ish ,to valuable to let out ,one sets, in bay 30 way back in shed.
  23. Great you are able to keep it together. Our oldest was pre records 1754-2018 , been stalled as $400k + cidioteville since
  24. heres a decent little evening farm, mower looking for a warm home out in pa. even has the crimper shaft https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/grd/d/zelienople-sickle-bar-mower/7462635371.html
  25. K3 ? if it had the full knox box ...........maybe $4k at rare select auction. When "their" buying its only worth $200 needs a lot $$$
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