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  1. 22 minutes ago, Devon W. said:

    I do not know who you are mmi, and you Obviously do not know me, I have a disease that is all but killing me, I want to enjoy life before I cant enjoy life

    IIRC l had most correspondence /items  ( handled by your wife )

    No detriment toward you we all seem to be getting that age or issues too fast.

    Supplier above,  4th owner is struggling.... could be economy

    no one wants to put the work into, what it takes to be in business in this century

    local pump shop 95 yrs,cashed out with grandchildren

    just learned engine machine/parts/supplies sold out with GGC

    I will be on the ground ,working under a car, all week replacing a 14' never rust metric brake line.

    local trusted shop with a lift, passed 3 weeks ago, GC already sold it out.

    Stealer wanted $2000 as an "estimate" as you just about disassemble the car to get to it.

    "happy trails"



  2. 9 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    If you care about them you will get rid of the chit before they have to deal with it. I have generations of junk that nobody could bring themselves to deal with that my wife and I will have to contend with. I could do what everyone before me did, and leave it for my daughter, or get rid of it. If I live long enough, 90%will be gone, the remaining 10 will be set up so she can manage disposing of it as she sees fit. 
    I don’t consider myself lazy, but its hard to live life buried under the “stuff” of people who are already gone. 

    Most times the grandchildren ask me to store "stuff" as they ,arent in the city, but what I consider city or dumpy small abode.

    I dont keep garbage .and <.05% would be junk, .5% dead peoples history  antiques 75-200-350 years old ( 130 yr old, arbor rose bush, been moved 5x)

    Daily used equipment tools parts ,to NLA/NOS  and my own 50 Y + antiques.

    If they dont want it ( but tell me dont dispossess right now) The 1 stipulation is,like govt and ups .....If you cant sell if for 80% of retail,(it WAS NOT given to me)

    shred/ destroy it, then YOU sell scrap or trash.    Let the druggies, BTO and scrappers starve!!!

    Theres only a handful of photos in this  computer.missing at least 5000 (printed matter) manuals,sales etc, farm /machinery equip etc,warehouse.

    Nightmare time......













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  3. I consider that in a dream (nightmare) 3-4 x month....Have nothing compared to many others but ...iron alone 75 pcs+ > #1500  x 2 trip @ $3+ /mile> self done. Over years many trips/visits is the best outcome.

    5% is crated/ tagged/shelved ,10000 pc  ,20% inventoried ....grandchildren likely toss or walk away, as now if you cant click/app, it into xyz that tooooo stressful

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  4. 23 hours ago, bertubassa said:

    The US had a strongpresence here towards the end of WW2 mainly in preparation for operation Husky, the allied invasion of Sicily.

    Winnie had a fondness for that patch of land ,which he stressed  to any that would listen.

    As that is the pre war US licensed version of the german pump +- chance in europe mfg applications,remember the brit/ausie is different in engine makeup.

    pump info..  51526dbx14=A  <3211/    60022dx14=K  <20222/ 20223>  267490r91=T

    bosch A..IH 51-526-DB13  (54-376d=gva225/700a10)

     R, K ,Q 256-977r92/258-796-r92=gva250/700pk202

    R K Q  258-715-r92/260-517-r92=gva250/725pk202

    No injector help

    but your book eludes both bosch/Ih could be swapped to the "service" kit NLA which is nozzle proper with shims for the respective thread cap/base.

    As we covered that here



  5. 52 minutes ago, Ian Beale said:

    So long as they weren't involved with breaking the case

    In the spirit of some of those "I fixed it" videos the case might be repairable if the internals are OK

    How much is the machine worth>>>>>>?

    Kid down under could patch that like new and or find possible parts,but at what $$$$$$

    Did similar screw ups for cat right off the dock.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Shell1066 said:

    The trusted vendor on the 4610 ford was Forrester's out of Penn. Couldn't even tell me what parts they stuck in it!! No build sheet or nothing.

    and they are about the best of circling the drain.

  7. 70/30 mix, we would wait some. (total avg bloom 1/3 heavy)  BUT>>>> can get tough, down and tangled,harder to dry (but it should only be dried for specific aps) then every 30 day IF you spent for inputs and it rains/avg.

    Horses etc as you loose 5-30% for EVERY day and + function/handling

    3-8hrs and in the bag>>>>>

    then the weevils, then xyz, then weeds then govt muchers etc.

    above 20% of crop, it no where near covers COST/issues,  we only run 50 acres mixed as the goats and reverse horseys like 2nd

    At the fancy shows 90% of horses will scipe it but parents would NEVER pay $3 > for that crap."They will die it has not enough x and too high in y"

    this year orchard .timothy.clover

    1st $6 off wagon

    2nd $6.50

    add alfalfa   $6.75-7.25

    3rd doesnt cover costs ,weather, its generally bagged and full of grabgrass/foxtail from birds/goats will set that aside.

    most of it came early, with no winter and no rain so its moderately heavy and  +- 1.5 days /week to get it off.........15-25 days behind

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  8. Scambay is gone in minutes unless a loss leader ,hard sell bait.

    Price varies by the day and whom answers on the commission rate.

    great for those If you strait out bendover 2x and buy 3-4 pieces on the spot.

    Years ago they were ok and STILL have 100s to thousands of x part and paid by the $ pound. for it  But elude to be being "RARE"

    I have had, to teach them what is in an assembly ,and reversed ,get POd if you ask for the parts ala cart, for their list of $ 1/3 -1/2 off.

    With the 20# x 2-8x it was a $4K order ,but they cant take the time to verify the subs/ quantities or cost fees prior to "confirm invoice". Even given days by email so its all CCed and reviewable.

    I   today  sourced 1/3  NLA at <$ 75% so far....rock was 40% but as they are incommunicado like  S%$^    FB  ,no one to verify 1/2 are IH?

  9. 15 hours ago, acem said:

    Maybe but they told him none of the parts were available. They didn't even try to look. Too much trouble.

    Sad part is they had everything in stock that he needed but I insisted we go to the other dealership. I've had nothing but bad experience there.

    I needed some bushings for the pickup reel in an 810 header. I was driving by and stopped in. Asked for the bushings and explained they would be used on a 6600 combine header. 'we can't get parts for anything that old'. I said a few choice words, questioned his IQ and walked out shaking my head. I don't bother going there anymore. This is not typical of JD dealers.

    It is typical jd and infecting the others.And most things in general. fiat,snap off is right in line.treat any customer like dirt unless on massive CC. tired to the specific store

    You need your passport/gov PC fancy ID to prove you are in their "selling" area.Limiting where you can travel and purchase. Had 2 refuse to ship out of state, and 3rd I paid and requested immediate ship over lunch before giving address,MGR tried to cancel.


    Just today contacted a 50 yr vendor in the city,was taken over by BTO in LA,all the original #s took me right to "their" KC back room.

    Yes we are the successor and sell x mfg parts, Account # ?, you want AG?  we dont have that in LA. no 2024 purchase...?Fill out the 5 page credit/reference form, provide dunns # etc etc ,guarantee to buy $2K EVERY month. we'll get you to a QC shop approval agent. Once approved your rep will be around to authorize your lines .

    Next call was to mfg ,direct market line ,CNC, 3 operation simple plumb ,inside, outside, lip, round part. buyer cuts to length and  clearance/relief notch . $300 ea . china $90  nos IH $95-110....Ask 1000% for a $25 part so it goes NLA to enforce   new every two.


    Got a pre order call from hay customer today,lost 9 young and 3 ewes over winter, Vets underling (9 miles) away is not allowed to service the account. Just those with 1 call guaranteed $250 every month/$2K + yr.

    Meds as a humane resort are NLA ,Herds are being cut or retired to suit the agenda ,so brazil can export to bezos.

    Vet is in a new $1M house and the 3 new cat/dog clinics are booked solid.

    Just the facts coming to you soon.

  10. be careful what you get as replacement,as you have to consider the head and the pump.

    Re inj type and thread ,clocked at 6-7.30-9pm bosch/IH

    England USa and austrailia are going to be some what different .

    But that # Says USA '42    ,  different looking pre war Am bosch pump .

    note and post your casting and tag # /photos

    Was it shipped in with the CBs to prepare the staging areas?

    Copy this to construction page for more views

  11. On 5/16/2024 at 1:30 PM, Nebraska1206 said:

    N Part number 3059757R93 is for a standard sized crankshaft, and turns up several hits on Google, including FP Smith in California.

    Any one know of discount codes ,or best person to phone order as commission rates /prices are different?


    If email they only do 3-4 items  and refuse to tell quantities,  Then will not add items until you buy the first.

    Just adjust quantities to invoice and place the order,"we'll charge by what fills"

    I dont need 12 of x if there is only 3 of y   and like to know ALL the back end fees /costs gross  $$ upfront

  12. On 6/3/2024 at 4:23 AM, oldiron29 said:

    Got my Head gasket from FP Smith in CA. they have alot of old IH parts.

    Any one know of discount codes ,or best person to phone order as commission rates /prices are different?


    If email they only do 3-4 items  and refuse to tell quantities,  Then will not add items until you buy the first.

    Just adjust quantities to invoice and place the order,"we'll charge by what fills"

    I dont need 12 of x if there is only 3 of y   and like to know ALL the back end fees /costs gross  upfront

  13. 1 hour ago, acem said:

    He went to another dealer and got everything he needed.  Had to drive an extra hour...

    Thats tabo and may have worked by walking in, . For phone shipped/ mail they want your passport and piss report .Otherwise it MUST be marked up yet again and cross ordered by your "local" (70 mile ) stealer. Which then is $40+ shipping 3x. Usually strait to online/allowed of of area. 400 mile trip makes shipping cheap.


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