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  1. Most of the ads I watch < $90 were pulled a few months ago Unless > $120 Ea they are NLA or likely foreign arrives.
  2. Ok so I have to decide on how to tactfully be the VERY squeaky wheel. This is a retailer infamous ,for multiple pricing, item # /piecing structures ,for bait and switch if not pilfer pieces back once order goes up stairs. I am satisfied with parts (sent) or what I (received) would have gone back. I agreed to national advertised $ ,assembly/item price /reorder so if item/s (had been sent)/ duplicated that would (have) been ok. Sellers remorse, as they quote # = $ 5x this week. There is no way to get "upstairs" (bounce it back, in order takers lap/- $ bonus)No way to document what occurs on the mandate (call ) only. Per (call) (hold/confab with back office used car manger /upset over $)Not order takes fault nor (mine) for the sawdust used car system/bonus. SAP: I am mistaken,mis ordered,mis interpreted , X # assembly doesnt = anything to do with that #, yes IH # but Didnt quote that EXACT way/verbiage on quote. I want a freebee, and cant prove it. I can prove items were not sent ,just not on demand,the phone /free I should not be blocked from future ordering as I know they are a spade (cant change spots). Nor penalized for calling them on it. As many here,also will be ordering again .We need a way to bleach the spots.....get track-able transparency.Without killing the beast. $10K order ,but with the above in mind , I said quote would be spread over the (year) IF .........
  3. I always figured,owning medium equipment I couldnt do any > 50Mile hauling myself for < $2.50 /m,(+time) $3-6/m when the "new" cdl interpretation is applied to all but 1 trailer we have. neighbor does cl 6-12 above that or 100./M everyone hires . For vehicles <400/m have borrowed and rented dolly.......uhaul entrerprize .. For tractors <4k# have used uship and fe8star with no issues trucking is hurting bad now,if there was no issue insurance,broker should have many takers for a back haul IF>>>>>>>>>>> they are near A and going close to B.
  4. Ih owned drott by +- "62 and beefed the k3 into 3040 and more streamlined IH 3xxx hoe combos. +- '65 dumping it all into (not) payline with no R & D or $$ to compete with AC and the emerging metallurgy at cat...all case had and ran with 30 years was d188 and 30 hoe with updates I caught the "hopped on trailer" at 10-12K# they put up 3x the fight. With just tight UC had to stake truck/trailer, 3 sheave winch line and 50 hp push
  5. Hmmm an IH/drott 3040a slightly modified ,15% updated into a 500x
  6. mmi

    Cell Phones

    not at all, been happening for years. its all cataloged and stored in australia, israel for instant USA access and thats just an ngo, not the for profits. I do wish it would turn up more IH vs 99% intentional incorrect and vacuumed info delete. Have to clear cache every 2-3 days to not default to pc answer.
  7. How is this for yesterdays quote.......? If you have a target price, we will be happy to work with you......How about real world retail????? Line Part Requested Part Quoted Qty Unit Price Line Total 1. 366182R92 366182R92 Qty: 4.00 DISC ASSEMBLY | CD: NS 3.00 EA $2,800.00 $8,400.00 Certs: Company COC Lead Time: 7-10 Days By accepting this quote, buyer and/or organization agree to the terms and conditions specified below.
  8. my 2 hr away "local" xxx/industrial stealer would disagree ,but they only call on govt and BTOS. Had nearly 700 machines on BO for no parts. And they know its going to hurt for 5-7 yrs.
  9. Reminds me of verizon- att in sams /costco ,grabbing everyone as they come in the door. And before you can get out the other side is NRG electricity flippers ,hard selling seniors and moms..... sure you save 15% $ for 3 months ,and then over pay 180% for the next 6 mo trying to get unconnected, The PUC just laughs it off and takes the kickback. Last I was in, they tried cornering me ,So I offered everyone my bill until they went in back.
  10. I watched those.... Its nice to know deep pockets are still interested in those and steam, green are usually $$$$$. I also in conjunction thought how many ,,,cat holt best model t ,reo,trains, stage etc,etc etc Marion Morrison helped/destroy in his career? When things were about 30% $ I went to several sales where the items were being frank lloyd write /d into buildings and other tax gifts. McCormick medium thresher was restored and put in the foyer of a chicago arts center...etc
  11. replaced the 340 with a sleeveless gutless wonder, 135/=153 use under 2200 rpm,like the 35 hp it is. like the 330, price point .competition,place holder/seller ,until elites approved next model. ta work?
  12. Likely as most do your TA needs more adjustment. you should coast backward on 2-4% grade clutch depressed + in gear and easy shift,otherwise it needs adjusted, more pulled back.
  13. Only as a small source of income,for $$$ they will squeak,for $$$$ they go thru the motions. The fine is $$$$ +1. Even on a slam dunk 100% win they are going to charge $$$$$+the tax. Judge imposes for bucking the for profit clicke . Exact quote from lawyer along with script of how it goes (verbatim) .For truck governor-ed at max 57,radar-ed 65 in 35. "pay the $145 today+ 2pts,tomorrow its 75 and 6pts."
  14. like I said about more life/time . 20 wks/yr there were 25 drive ins within 20 minutes,. If no family or other functions, you called around the neighbors for the 5 brands / 50 pg newspapers with movie section pull ,to locate what was new. Off season GP's took us to at least 2 indoor per month.
  15. It sneaks up quietly then all at once, Just yesterday....children were here, pre 00s , now GC dont fit those toys or know what a video/vcr is, phone on wall with barn bell. you can here 3/4 mile out.!.......'73 we had car lot PA,outdoor radio,CB, 8 track ,25" #400 color tv /LP stereo, 25' cars w/ 383/440 Certainly more labor,but also more life/time vs the 100% stressed screen life>
  16. 2x low hour then..... I would not have commented ,as I have several of those "unit" sleeve engines
  17. Due diligence...Photos required ....Not many here know much beyond their specific 500/x. I would assume even if dealer/3rd party LP. That it wasnt maintained ,and no one could cross the seals needed to make vapor. (which is semi easy now) If not outright broken As hamilton production I would also suspect you could source either setup for the brit 146-154 series, ? As it had limited travel/resistance UC are generally worth $5x machine....
  18. osted 1 hour ago Right they have to pull you over first. They don't need proof of anything they ticket you and say fight it in court 3 states away. Ai....old fashion stake out. plate reader 5 blocks over...viola instant EVERYTHING. Stopping everyone 1 block from fair,dipping every tank and realize ,gas with no dip valve.....OOOH lookoos great what did you win.? Thing is interpretation is the profit center,anywhere they can set it up, and have lawyers beg off by taxing for not imbibing the kool aide. They keep changing the rules/goal post adding more $$$$ so only the illegals" will be able to operate as minority/oppressed/with elite constitutional rights. Its posted in the Dr office ALL dot /dr related items will be "cash UP front" NO ins coverage for any of it and no 3rd party. $150 fiat, due at time of booking appt.,additional forward!! I am for being safe,a $$$$ piece of paper, makes nothing safe ,the watchers/teachers ,dont know and make up their own rules, AND are generally the worst offenders...."rules for thee"
  19. Do your civic duty.....to a limit...no blood involved. Wreckers will just smash it more. you would just have time/materials invested, and get $150t scrap....of which = 3-4 if it came to that. I would, but cant ,buy the right 30 minute recovery vehicle without $$$$ cdl built in. Here the BTOs would steal it or get paid to 'remove" then 10x on parts esp green.
  20. So this model has 2 seal sections...? The std RM 10452/2x and the 372762r91 oddly same as 560 steering...? 1806929C91
  21. This whole deal is intentionally lawyer convoluted,its also the work around reason for grocery get er less than 8' boxs . Haul people/cargo or tow cant have all 3 unless RV. Now that PU engine trans and braking has caught some technology.and 1t with "qualified" operator can safely tow +- #33K ,its illegal ,except with some expensive and worthless papiere bitte". Every commercial "they" present is illegal load. If the tax collecting body or lawyers want it,towing more than a 12' aluminum fishing boat, or a cub on 12' garden trailer its all illegal. 3/4t is legal maybe 25% of towing, 1T 15%, C5-7b 15%. C8 > be in business or hire done. Been trying to replace 3/4t and C5-26K for 4 yrs, cant get anything LTW that actually has go and whoooa. Gave up on a trailer,as how I wanted it built was $32K and #33K to pass lawyers.
  22. Govt' "freeloading illegals!"......Peasants need pdq permit, but govt is killing 500K owls out west to save a few that are too timid
  23. We use to red strip the light colored ones,and worry it wasnt an intentional "abduction". Had one get spooked at the town fair. "lost" for 3 months in season. media and cidiotes chased it as much as the bear that wanted back to the mountains.
  24. Sounds like neither should be near your pump.... Do you have the install tool? Seals are in master kit <$55 but thats another project ,where <$150 would save $1000-1900 later IF.
  25. Naturally ,SOP, Stole it $$ and will not go for less than $$$$/5x profit
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