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  1. free site = poor search,get an idea here and search outside and then read/search koo s posts https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=koo+red+power+td9+clutch https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/search/?&q=king of obsolete&type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[4]=1&group[5]=1&group[3]=1
  2. good time to use the KOO method and change seal/bearing
  3. just turn off after started (If it even works)it only holds 15 min of CRAP gas,and will be on the ground 99% ,with ANY procedure. for shut off, if all else is good,you just need to leave the little valves in diesel to cool slowly. CRAP gas is not going to give/leave you anything next go.regardless of manuals or gossip,short of $50 G real gas and EVERYTHING else 100%
  4. obscured by drawbar or other ad ons. its 60 + yrs of neglected service expect EVERY cavity to be/need inspected and serviced before any heavy work or 2+hrs at a go ASSUME ROLLERS EMPTY AND FINALS DRY!!
  5. they are going to fab it also only difference jigs/tools,weld experience and the $$$$ spend another $$$ and have them make it HD beyond the 2350 we had a 5hr bran new quikie with all the accs. on 75 hp tractor ,OE union kid helped pack silage for an hour, like it was a d9
  6. Good luck,1 and done, Whom would be the actual adult at McD?
  7. oil rises.....water evaporates or exits faster outside. can be plenty of reasons for the seal to leak and or need replaced.... crack the plugs drain off the water add 3-4 g of cheap oil, run lightly and re-address
  8. mmi

    GM Strike

    That is the adjenda masters nanny the sheelple into misery for $$$$$
  9. Welll..... before we spent $2K on parts it may not need?..... have to spend $2K on tires to try it. for a $1k at best value. thats why so much ,on short trips to china..... BP trick will likely be baswakrds at least on 1 side
  10. I would leave as is or semi dig deeper......soaking cleaning and get it running first then see where to go next
  11. and if old style valve it could have the S/D pin , 1/2" wrench to change
  12. for the most part all of the sale outlets here,3-5 "groups" control from behind the curtain. if dfg is selling ONLY qr are allowed to win the bid. Full details/tracking and computers only purpose is to penalize the little operator. Once we could no longer ship 200 head at a time,it was more profitable to simply semi-contract them to a middleman/lot,whom makes 50% profit
  13. will have to look at my 20 some day.... certainly an off weekend toy ,other than the dread unit engine,dont see why the RM pump can be sealed. save 3-4 models like anything <'00 they are NLA for parts,but like cat, 2x -4x more is findable than any IH
  14. 23% > premium, 2hr pmt, 5hr removal, stealer "reserve", and A LOT more BS had to be standing there with $ and immediate load out. surprised they just didnt have #7 buy all for the faux effect.ooh wait #7 AI for the stealers did bid.,but couldnt faux enough suckers. most auto auctions today approach 50% NS as the stealers and banks/repos are too far upside down.at the same time banks will not lend $40K on a '22 truck purchased at 120%msrp $75-110K as $65-95K i.s still owed
  15. worth keeping until 2 days after you toss it,when the need will show up someone can us it and or may have the mounts"they" need patience,the old timers kept stuff until it turned to dust.
  16. mmi

    Dodge 4x4

    if its auto ,follow the book and it still could need several x as suggested above along with lubed. if 6sp in other than winter conditions,it needs the nLA 2wl low
  17. distant neighbor was color blind, could tell by the hue. planted 4 rows, day over 3-6 weeks hand picked and sold +- 200dz a day in season $.75-2.25 dz over his life
  18. todays project 2 hrs of grinding and brushing to get the cancer out which was 99.995% in side. Interestingly the exterior was confined the the hoops and factory sq bolts down by 1/2 next in line......... only 14 more to buy
  19. Cali is going to limit anything thats good,and nature is going to wreck it weeks and $$$$ in the cleaning prep is more important. your almost good with 5-6 good wash's and clear sealer ,as what is left is likely better
  20. there was discussion on the set 6cly frame length years back. 504 was a fill in,and several different tin lengths /covers and fan extension, try outs that would cause water loss on both ends
  21. That rim is good yet,need 15 for this very reason. Those that like CaCl can buy it from their OWN deep pockets$$ Every one we ever purchased was Unloaded upon arrival,damage was done and the gene is ALWAYS there,mutating . Got 4 this spring,2 cleanable 2 maybe patch...? factory correct sq loop,. knock off may fits are $250>600 If they weren't USa IH ,would nt put the 5 hrs in to saving them......too crusty and not getting the camera near CaCl Cords in tire were gone also.... how do you find/read date codes?
  22. Unobtainium ,last set we had made in the 90's was $200. We need 10 pr.
  23. TD9 cat 4....? need the serial tag,they fit alot with correct mounts Paccar did have limited info available a while back When you find an outlet let us know??// The others are DOA and scam book has a 1% return A no interest B selling..... alot of stupid questions without ANY intent to buy C ,buying wont answer my valid q or photo when they now its 2hrs or states away, 24" rim ads say 28" D Anything I offer is nos 25% off ask ,used 50% off D1 they want it 10% wholesale NOS AND delivered E anything I want, is new 130%> retail used 200% retail . trucks '01 400km frame rotted thru $35K runs good needs work. F If I offer market $ that is stealing G offer used wholesale after 10 weeks that is insulting robbery
  24. I Try to avoid A & I,and other holly rollers. Definitely AI S runaround. and this mandated drinking of the coolaid is a big factor in the NLA market Piece of Ih glass we needed, from the eu mfg/distributor delivered to USA as a 1 off (caution glass) was $150.DELIVERED, AS quoted from experience,odd size ,so USA customs was 100% ,to seize and ransom, + 90% likely broken then, or on next leg.with NO recourse. A & I dealers dont/cant stock,but 30 day high profit. but A & I imports containers of them for < $30-50.ea found Dealer that sells many, was out. They were in the depot 6 blocks from him, They refused to let him pick up,restock,or drop ship. another that buys full pallets from AI retail $169...BUT must be picked up. I had to pick an instate online 2x $ dealer as the front,then order direct from A & I site,. The pick ticket went out ,to that depot,while A& I advertised for the lowest bid delivery. glass Was tossed in a single wall pasteboard box /too big/loose,and physically handled on/off trailers trucks docks etc( 50x)!!! for 2000 miles over 2 weeks,passing me, to the iowa depot then back. $239 + $150 shipping, IH was $410 identical AI/SO, fiat boxed $440 on BO/SO/6wks
  25. Re: tribco didnt know the 8 E still used the old system...? and I'll stick with bi-metalic.....BC according to the govt site ,Kevlar only has a life of 7 yrs before bio-regrading
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