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  1. necessary evil, PC requirement of GO BIG or get out our CE is somewhere between 12-16 units now, with over $50m in non delivered solds NOT paying the nut. soybean electric issues and ultra scarce parts. VPS travels about 9K a month now and fiat NA had no offerings on the lease
  2. they are all the identical CHINA #$%^$*%&*()^&*( depends on amount of QC root importer paid for that pallet ,and the $$$$$ markup of USA based scammer,(like a certain 1 with 10 different prices )$99-499) I picked up several for < $75 when second container arrived from a "reputable" dealer no problems yet. dont see them in this round. scambay adds(incl) 30% + inflated shipping to that $30 so they leave china for $1-5 $30-75 in QC dont know...,I would pay a little more from real dealer with 90-180 day warranty and then write off the $30-90 Ih did have a fix that lasts 4-5 yrs and for 3x
  3. mmi

    Small Sawmills

    So to show how stupid ridiculous it is here... If you wait 18 mo for $21K you can get a new warrantied mill,just how you want. Ad was on cl and I was first to see at 16 hrs. always kept inside 400 original hrs new tires and $1k in WM service! 35 yrs old figured it was photos/ worth + - $8K,from 50' already down to $6K 2' $4500 at BEST,not a lick of original paint ,parts missing/rotted off engine from setting outdoors 90% of life,fragile early design... hard pass. 2nd looker purchased + - $16K !!!!! New starter model is just as good for $14K
  4. assume this is for boxed/200/ct wooden matchs as grand ma had hanging near stove to light the pilots? and could have been embellished by ads from Ih any retailer
  5. sears roebuck catalog did that +- 1915-25 6 on 1 road here
  6. which ALL of this doesnt make sense.......some how it works with our $$$$$/ IRAS. "major" media has documented 10x hedge funds BTOS, eliete etc etc 2K x foreigners . Are the ACTUAL reason for the run up $$$$ and scarcity of housing. Here we are plastered with tv/print ads ,cash today ,close today, NO INSPECTIONS etc. and bidding wars 120-250% of ask. they have purchased blocks and WHOLE communities and then tell the govt the "new" rules. rent is 1.5-3x $ what buying would have cost. PC plan to make peasants live in script/company owned housing ,along with phase 5 of no cash/ script money so they can 150% tax both sides. 50% of govt venues and 75% > fees are NO CASH /CHECK
  7. several mFG had similar offerings like the short life covair
  8. well/used were $100-200 at rpru
  9. yes maybe cared for but well used scrap + - $1500 to save it weekend hobby toy
  10. Now the difference? some pulls add more weight in various forms, is that one ,say 8-10K # gvw ,fixed and it multiplies the drag/ resistance 1-20 K #
  11. IIRC they are finicky about grease and TOO much of the wrong type consult rowse if you find little IH info
  12. That is why I called it a "wives tale" as never met the cripple with the claims,of items penetrating the case, maybe early model/over mod?
  13. photos...? may be a western item? change the pump oil out and your engine is diluted to
  14. if it bolts in a tractor then it is similar to the 504 version there are 5-7 different blocks(mounting) and 2-3 heads simply a 135 ( 7+ options) sleeveless. otherwise follow the spec related to the part/s # in front of you
  15. if dead a jack and 2 short ties work in the shop,or 2, 8' ties and some leaders under power (as every winter) really not much can be done under them,as 135 starters are top rear left crammed ,for short wrenchs and long extensions,well behind ANY accessories
  16. have the scavenge valve ....? stuck not returning excess to tank...tank line plugged pinched....? search for MB cat no parts available just a good cleaning /swapping by < 40 people in the country
  17. 6 as I suspected,some one is messing with parts they should stay out of. 110% of scrap $1500 if it operates 15 min flawlessly $2500 if 2 hrs with ZERO issues, then it may run for years or could need $2k -10K next week.... parts are NLA $$$$$ ...but go buy a new .and need NLA $$$$
  18. no one ever checks the oil and batch of 560 era bearings in the outers... but 60 yrs of neglect and 1/2 the hp before scrapping there were 100s on LI alone. if you want parts, have to buy 5-6 complete and hope for the part you need sh^& farce is about the only PC media, left to search very painfully
  19. Exciting to say the least ! not to throw mud on the fire, But I do recall a (40 yrs ago) oft mentioned ,old "wives" tail of farmers getting trans shrapnel from over powered fordsons ( like FHV8) and the ALways stated general use ,roll over backwards . If you are doing much "dragg in" maybe a pullers kevlar blanket and wheelies ? Play safe.
  20. Always enjoyed talking with them at meets. Shame another collection (lifes work ) is being broken up.....
  21. mmi

    Small Sawmills

    But, if sawing was your part time business..... 75,000/$75hr =1000hrs/20 hrs/week =50 weeks. Actually, rates may be closer to 100/hr now. thats how the elite calculate. - $30hr for operator, + transport/site costs and $.25 bf for operating + repairs. And would need to be FULL time BUSINESS !!! of which 75% > have folded. a 40 would not hold up or keep up as a full time .bTOS go with the 70 and a lot of repairs/rebuild by 5k hrs. actually here its + - $85hr /base , $105 on site + blades ,damage ,help etc etc (3-8hr min etc) If all wasnt being exploited now that is a < > $46 K unit NEW, IF !!!! WM were to purchase used $25-27 K 3yr old - 20% (ink the check) - 8 % 3x ..... $42K - $10K - $9600
  22. incidentally this happened to a neighbor,friday can hear cab switch and LR activating but nothing happens. if you bounce around in field will work in spurts. He's not mechanical so stealer,is bringing new solenoids to install....?
  23. thought the blinky light 24/7 was to tell you it works..... dont have os controls so.... 3pt is a little 5 min,tough
  24. IN short stay a way from IH, late to the show ,no R & D no support.obsolete, when new, NLA parts since '74 If you want a toy, to work on ALL week and use 2 hrs on sunday go for it. have 3 for space savers.
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