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  1. had one in a 73 c25cs 7 mpg loaded empty/ 0 -70 didnt care, the first efi/ etc made that 15 mpg + until they changed recracking for tax $ when gas went from .35-to .85 it went into a dirt car on that note ,when oil was $130-160b gas was $380-410 .......now at $65b it is still $3.80 as by law it cant be less then $299 + tax
  2. could of had several mc Could of had several Mccormick shed kept like new < $30.. no way to get out ,200 m transport and no barn to put away,at least 5 went to scrap.
  3. mmi

    Rant on

    In our mo bills tier 1 govt 2.5x in the lead. 2 ins 3 media/bundle as only option (house "wired") 4 other 5 food We have reduced the "bundle " 5x from $325 +-mo to ($175)... $225 AGAIN + 4 sections/layers of "owned" devices. It is down to 4 items cut able, ($50 mo govt variable not removable))any 1 item will reduce the BILL $6 to a max of $10 mo.......Any !!! change breaks the "bundle" and !!! the "grandfather cap" Isp was charging the $175 just for starter "bussiness" limited internet ONLY,so many dumped it they are down to tease of $38 mo unlimited They constantly mess with the firmware in the "owned " devices, Are unreachable (obviously during said malfunction) when reached in hindia ,once picked up ,then 2-3 hrs they play from the script,,,, say again in "AMERICAN" !!!! "everything is PERFECT on our end from hindia", "owned" devices are at fault you need to RENT them. Would like to find an alternative,but paying $175 mo for "limited/throttled internet " connection, then myriad of other poor, over priced, no support device/providers, is $250 to start.
  4. while in there ,take a measure = new open wrench, IIRC 1/2 = new 7/16 is shot,pads together with the other (wear) of the 4 wear surfaces
  5. still maybe 60-40 against you Last 3 years you could have 2x $ into it, more than anyone want s to pay. Was declassifying, some records last week....in the 80,s we SOLD with trucking and barn stack for $.87b Here BTOS are selling at $10-15b....sure at that they can fertilize and replant every 3 yrs. + pay owned child labor. We cut back to < 8 customers ,whom are thrilled to pay +- $7B,,,, 33-39" b @ 45# + Neighbors also cut back to only 5yr + customers ,off wagon $5> "can you put 2b on credit card, on call 24/7. animals are awake "you should be standing here to take our $5."................,the rest can buy our $8b in store for $15 otherwise whats on market is $2-4b for old 2-/2.5 ' bales <30#
  6. RRRR>> Have to go on the POS door stop to post..... What would go good in an IH easter basket.....? hens teeth maybe eggs if you feed purina TD- UC....,,AHHH the small frame reverser's maybe wish upon a star Photos He needs to send it to me. Or have I seen it and passed? Should be some part of it trying to operate, Be ing there I could tell more of whats actually not working,but not how bad each is . They were never intended as speed shift or auto clutch like vw, and ALL were driven as such. THUS NLA 53 +
  7. Sounds the same as here, Cant say on the "law" there this week,have been told "I AM THE MAN !!! I MAKE TODAYS LAW" We had a business that was stigmatized by their actions,in the entrance lot and while 200' away never were available to address crimes like removing the entire front of building to get atm . Targeted, least resistance most $$$ tickets,young kids red cars, $70K corvettes and lawyer on call types were always told "sorry for the inconvenience, you stopped the kid got away" . 10 tk an hour, breaking EVERY rule to make quota, 500 hp super oval burn outs,ran so hot melted the asphalt, 55mph in the 25 mph return loop (quota) lapped me 2x while waiting at the turn light.
  8. mmi

    ? market place ?

    ...?how to respond in just a constructive manner..? The junk is gone and the "good" parts were scrapped <'90 from lack of $$$$ Taxed storage. Have many varied NOS items,more and better than some "elite" museums, not just rusty "tractors" Nor was I talking mom pop outfit,running until Company cut off the retirement. We could have done that,GC have no interest, but GGC may yet get something. THe < 50 odd "professional" ones that actually request/ buy items and DO lease agreements. Dont have the $ now ,or the space/venue. The next tier...too long to explain, is a play "person" lifestyle for the board/top 10 6-7 $ salaries+ E A Tried The sort of "niche" market.... like permeant round up. regional working site 3-4 x yr all type ,shows etc. owned by 5-6 of "faux association". I was offering to "their" building fund, to build at least part of a shop they dont have, tools and construction equip to belong to grandchildren, but kept inside/used there .except if an actual project inside. I dont see that as much of an ask from my end. Those 6 live a pretty good traveling life....... I had joined and ALLWAYS paid my "dues" at/during the BIG $$$$$ summer event, One of the B..... wives was SCEAMING at me ,Your delinquent ,dues MUST be paid Jan 1 ( no such rule) BC it hurts "her" cash flow........Canceling the deal just helped mine. What we have left sells EVERY day for $$$ by BTOS or in the correct areas. Whats the value of 1 use INDOOR print items 3000x ? , Factory sealed items, or 2 tons of gears/ engine parts? Got 2 post typed and battery is done
  9. mmi

    ? market place ?

    G-Day Hopefully a while yet before pushing daises. Signed up for Fb 3yrs ago but when we tried MP,,pc was not compatable for 100% data capture,so they kept with" its not you" sign up now! Then other sites and finally here about a year back knocked us off. Been trying for 3 yrs to get MFG to do apples apples (original $700 ) DIRECT replacement with the spec tag. $2800 + on "special order" no explanation why? Hindia cant look/think beyond the prompter, pre build to Their spec 2012-15 models soon to age out,I 3-5 early gen chips (old) the rest $$ but detuned, and not upgradable. Driving 2 hours to say cdw or home build is +- $2200 and set up for over the top gaming This door stop may work 2yrs,..so far keeps the planet safe, 10H " work day" battery lasts 3h , /50H if completely turned off ,and 4-5 h to recharge.
  10. Re: market place If thats what it's called? Would like input from "guru's"..... set up /use ....can be a message for sensitive details. Have alot of items to sell. Only 2 auctions left within 75 mi ...........99% online, household/ Hv Equip....they arent competent to run a 1 car funeral ......outright refuse to do proper photos/details , (inspections (unless their location for more $ fees) etc. treat buyers nasty. BP 15% + add $200-500 +/ mandatory on anything close to a title or with papers. payments are <$1k cash, or wire ,soon to be govt cyrpto. scambay is a joke at 30% + tax/inflated add ons , with locked down info CL is dead and otherwise filled with dealers and scams As we know on here, the good museums/collections are folding.....many of the BTo will follow shortly. The bto's want a cash $$$$ endowment above 3x what you 'donate' so they can live the HIGH life, offer no contract to display, care for or pass on what you do donate
  11. mmi


    SONNY Posted February 21 Been off the internet for a while cause stupid microsoft tried to put w-11 on my 6 year old computer that wont handle it and destroyed the motherboard! Anyway I did cobble up another unit so I am back til they destroy this one! Lost all my passwords and the ones I had written down didnt work anymore so I been guessing at them! Just figured the one out for this forum today. been knocked off about 8 mo. MS destroyed alot in old pc 5 yrs back,works good except online, the last 18 months with 100% direct auto report to MS/govt, therefore it is not "SAFE". So all the updates, sites do (including here 10-12 mo back) deems it hack so couldnt post etc. Finally found one for fill in , 75% off $ the direct replacement. All pre built to poor specs,....if you want v8 cant have 6 spd, want 16" tires cant have radiator or radio! win 11 or 10 short only option available ..wouldnt even open up without "phone home" to MS and sky net.so had to get an rj45 patch for that. Now it has pop up everywhere.....auto types (not correct).whole groups of "suggestions" wants to capture/ store the endless pw/s {3 .5 pgs now) needed for EVERY connection/ function, site ....why bother when all the "criminals have pw" access paid for tech support ....good needed already....as advertised battery at "all day +" was lasting 2.5h and running too hot to hold. took hindia 1.5 h to do update re firm re boot Anyhoo What can I turn off disable? best browser? fire fox? despise installed edge g spy etc best email capture from ISP ? as in stores complete on computer /media, opens and reads offline? moxilla ?bird? stand alone data back up in house, method?
  12. necessary evil, PC requirement of GO BIG or get out our CE is somewhere between 12-16 units now, with over $50m in non delivered solds NOT paying the nut. soybean electric issues and ultra scarce parts. VPS travels about 9K a month now and fiat NA had no offerings on the lease
  13. they are all the identical CHINA #$%^$*%&*()^&*( depends on amount of QC root importer paid for that pallet ,and the $$$$$ markup of USA based scammer,(like a certain 1 with 10 different prices )$99-499) I picked up several for < $75 when second container arrived from a "reputable" dealer no problems yet. dont see them in this round. scambay adds(incl) 30% + inflated shipping to that $30 so they leave china for $1-5 $30-75 in QC dont know...,I would pay a little more from real dealer with 90-180 day warranty and then write off the $30-90 Ih did have a fix that lasts 4-5 yrs and for 3x
  14. mmi

    Small Sawmills

    So to show how stupid ridiculous it is here... If you wait 18 mo for $21K you can get a new warrantied mill,just how you want. Ad was on cl and I was first to see at 16 hrs. always kept inside 400 original hrs new tires and $1k in WM service! 35 yrs old figured it was photos/ worth + - $8K,from 50' already down to $6K 2' $4500 at BEST,not a lick of original paint ,parts missing/rotted off engine from setting outdoors 90% of life,fragile early design... hard pass. 2nd looker purchased + - $16K !!!!! New starter model is just as good for $14K
  15. assume this is for boxed/200/ct wooden matchs as grand ma had hanging near stove to light the pilots? and could have been embellished by ads from Ih any retailer
  16. sears roebuck catalog did that +- 1915-25 6 on 1 road here
  17. which ALL of this doesnt make sense.......some how it works with our $$$$$/ IRAS. "major" media has documented 10x hedge funds BTOS, eliete etc etc 2K x foreigners . Are the ACTUAL reason for the run up $$$$ and scarcity of housing. Here we are plastered with tv/print ads ,cash today ,close today, NO INSPECTIONS etc. and bidding wars 120-250% of ask. they have purchased blocks and WHOLE communities and then tell the govt the "new" rules. rent is 1.5-3x $ what buying would have cost. PC plan to make peasants live in script/company owned housing ,along with phase 5 of no cash/ script money so they can 150% tax both sides. 50% of govt venues and 75% > fees are NO CASH /CHECK
  18. several mFG had similar offerings like the short life covair
  19. well/used were $100-200 at rpru
  20. yes maybe cared for but well used scrap + - $1500 to save it weekend hobby toy
  21. Now the difference? some pulls add more weight in various forms, is that one ,say 8-10K # gvw ,fixed and it multiplies the drag/ resistance 1-20 K #
  22. IIRC they are finicky about grease and TOO much of the wrong type consult rowse if you find little IH info
  23. That is why I called it a "wives tale" as never met the cripple with the claims,of items penetrating the case, maybe early model/over mod?
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