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  1. things can happen we have several sets across the farms when new they are marked later not so much, at one time tips got mixed they burn out,would not be good on your project, and have heard from others that hoses started to leak with wrong contents,fine until sparks fly....we use arrestors on both ends be safe
  2. or here as todays scam https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/d/armbrust-dodge-ram-2500/7100817996.html Dodge Ram 2500 - $1100 (Latrobe) 1992 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 5.9L Cummins diesel engine, 147000 miles. All fluids changed including trans service.New tires.Ready to go. Always maintained. No rust. Solid truck.No low ballers or tire kickers!
  3. did you try here?? https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/pts/d/rochester-1972-to-1993-dodge-truck-parts/7095054369.html https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/pts/d/tarentum-1991-dodge-cummins-rolling/7088713985.html
  4. I picked up an acetylene torch today so I can put some real heat to it next time. Hoping the RustRed method brings me home. I may try as this is ...? not your normal setup? did you bring the correct hoses and tips?vs propane/lpg
  5. mmi


    we started that 3 weeks ago people were taking entire pallets when /if they hit the floor, so it was limited 2 of any item then it went to any /or 6-9am open for only old people 1 hour... they need 3h to get thru lines and walk/ride around as many stores offer delivery or pick up,we tried that ,no persiables shipped, pick up .2 day advance with 3 week wait for que and only 3 items would nest in the cart. kids went into store at 11am, 40% in stock.....dont know what people do with it,but also the BS in time order system does not compute
  6. thought about helping out in off hours at one of the suppliers. but they cant keep workers in the good times and only hire for 9pm 9am
  7. could it simply need.... good check for vacuum leaks change out hoses good flush fluid filter change.....shift sensor adjustment? another avenue of mechanic input ,same principles /design as the 318 detroit/alsn greyhound busses....?leave a blinding contrail and be 100' ahead
  8. no trouble telling now is not wasted time then it was alot of hoops to get permits for india producer to make and import the pieces it is only going to be worse in another year pelosi doesnt allow us to make castings nor import them now. if there were castings in USA would have done it for my own machines,and started uc conversions. too many in power want toss and buy every two as it saves the air right in THEIR $$$ as you ad shows it helps us scrap down and with travel /ship restrictions local scrapper is having trouble stealing running tractors for < $1500 and selling parts for $10K, so they are listed whole for $4K
  9. It goes way deeper than that. Oil wells are expensive to bring on line, and if shut in they normally do not come back without expensive re-work. This means that they take multi million dollar work, and when you have to do that several times it sure does not pencil out. Then some wells never come back at the flow rate before being shut in. it was noted this morning texas producers need $21 to stay open, like farmers they only get $ +- 10.55 of that I said this over 2 months ago all the politicians in china and denmark's pocket big oil wants USA to import not export pelosi gore burr says burn 3 gal behind the curtain so everyone is told only 1 burns in public while burning 1.5g of full strength non gmo dirty smokey would save everyone now in the "bail out" they are letting foreign (china) borrow USA $ for 0 to buy up the assets in 6 months for $.0001
  10. mmi

    Hi clear

    we thought of putting a few things on spring sale. online only and they can do from your place or their yard , however both refuse more than 4 far out photos and <20 word description, like it is too much work for the kid they do collect x $ fee + 15-25% backend split with providers
  11. mmi

    Hi clear

    its 10x easier to set up a faux account just watched 3 this week where bto stuff went retail + on used and green dealer set up so everything on the lot, started 10% over last week ask.
  12. mmi

    504 Diesel

    try above but also remove return at pump and add line to run some into clear container a will see grit b will run past 10 min you know to suspect ring good luck
  13. not going to be a large amount of parts available,shoup may have some then try rouse as they make the cousin models
  14. mmi

    Peaceful Creek

    Jay is answering emails, said they would be shut down for a week or too depending on guidelines. Wes, how did the prices on ebay compare to direct from them? as there remains NO other search/hunting method outside online would be surprised if cheaper 0 -3% ,to get the lowest fees, BTOs, scambay, amazed off etc , require sellers to not offer the item cheaper by any method. in last year we did a 90% reduction in host/online buying,due to bloated fake costs, ...do with out. currently they are TOO big and will grow another 5x and still take the govt hand outs while spouting a 5% "donation"
  15. mmi

    In search of

    not easy but try some other rim/tire combos
  16. at least 1/2 dz ways to address that,including ad in actual RPM
  17. mmi


    that is the cheap model..../ farm version front pto had some toys of it.....every other model out of our price range merc use to be the builder they were world adaptable left right drive in same unit over 50 attachments says they are repainted u-900 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unimog https://digitalcommons.unl.edu/tractormuseumlit/1532/ https://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2581&context=tractormuseumlit https://www.google.com/search?q=unimog+farm+tractor&rlz=1C1GGGE_enUS520US570&oq=unimog+farm&aqs=chrome.4.0j69i57j0l4.8651j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  18. cant help had some done local years ago were not built right, 3x $ vs store now it would be 5x $ and not last any longer had several dozers with redone couch cushions,easier skill...just put in at night
  19. 2x put a name on x yz with documents or sell all and dump in basket
  20. mmi

    $1.88 E10

    it has been 10 days since in to town was $2.50 out $2.42 back very rare on down side,but every hour when going up someone HERE had quoted ky @ .89, but neighbor claimed was $1.99...so now it is....?
  21. mmi

    Cub carb issue

    this is a common problem, thats were excess gas should go,kits and parts are garbage, likely too much meth in gas....from running empty ,maybe pieces of rust but you would find needle if rubber tipped is bad and seat is junk, we re used old parts lying about. drip points to dirt bad tip ,next it can be a float issue or the carb has warped,seat cant close or will not hold pressure, factory # on carb ? or cheap $300 china needs to be opened up, some checking and cleaning .....different parts tank should have a good clean and new bowl gasket, screen try not to" run" it empty..... less than 2 g then on all gas eng now if more than two weeks we drain the gas, dont even try to find/change the shut off for an internal leak only,no matter how good both are today they weep photos as you go
  22. mmi

    Local sale

    watching the sale close up now some must have baskets full $$ above cost new and some items are getting bid 15 minutes added.............. they went on for 45 minutes adding bids
  23. mmi

    stimulus bill ?

    as trump said be careful to spend it on an appreciator (f you have to fight them to receive ) vs whiner
  24. mmi

    PA notary freeze

    havent bought one,passed at 28K retail, but they all claimed could be 100% online delivered and processed hope it has some truth,have some interest on a $10K vehicle ,told them to call back went felt safe to see. ,,didnt make retail offer as with continued shut down. 3 things will happen 1 going to sell all these new (as MFG will be made whole)at no payment 120 days 2 used will backup be less $ 3 like new are going to be cheap in nov,when the repo man kicks in common WEALTH is already to greedy once they start getting bills and no tax revenue,they are going to double up on the current practice of.... we send you an adjusted transfer tax bill based on the current value WE set. BB dealer + not wholesale
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