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  1. govt is exempt from ALL laws and would only apply to peone's in USA even with the weight expect it gets 7> mpg
  2. mmi

    57 cub grille

    STD Ih white for the period...IIRC white cap.some one will have to approximate that to PC of todays water . also would need to know your retailer to suggest the current code
  3. since its not PC we see little unscripted news, what we did see looks like M MAX will be making a run for petrol < 10 years
  4. dave thomure use to be a member $$$ but last one you need
  5. model ? and pump? it could be the cable the routing or missing anchor
  6. typical $$$ for the elites. back side on most of it was credit over years and HOOPS !!+ to get credit, otherwise back charge and penalty replacement has to be run x hours per year (documents/verification )and consume 110% of the fuel saved not to mention all the EPA BS!! burned more fuel in total
  7. unfortunately only worth - scrap got 3-4 that way , worth 5x for the part YOU need. last across scale was #10,200 on a wagner +- < 800 of a drott or < 1k of IH built drott most people have been set on $3-5K non running/ pieces and think like the stealers that want $7-10K for a few bits dont see a td or an A in photos 1st photo looks straightest /low hour 2800....henry? hoe, slight upgrade to the IH offered cobbled/patent issues JUNK!! they ALL need 50-120% UC of LOOONG NLAI would save in a heartbeat ....logistics/freight is $$$$$$$ and the back end of binning it all in the warehouse. was interested in a logging model last week up there but $4500 + non running+freight + 3 others to get POOR UC 5 yrs back was also some mfg/factory built 1/2 as wide tread ,near long isl as bcsmta has IIRC there is a 20-10/20 in our bunch 4-1 sleeve kit is $$$$$ NLA fun on the whole series of the 82xx built had hands on 80+ (3x scrap for < scrap))seen ads for nearly 400....IIRC a member in alaska has 1 still need a forklift,fire plow,pipe layer,3pt/ag,propane,tool bar/reversible blade,rail pusher,aftermarket blades simply depression raised,where the GESTAPO has not blitzkrieg-ed YET!!!
  8. several places still have the linings check top of page and old posts
  9. has anyone mentioned confirm flipper is fully opening...? and a while back a member had the linkages binding and installed wrong
  10. ....? they are 6v make sure EVERYTHING is CHANGED to 12v and wired correct for neg - but still use the proper 1/0 6v cables and copper plug wires
  11. if you think the timing is good....other restrictions on reassembly.... in a clean location remove all restrictions to direct air add direct gravity feed fuel
  12. any stealer that can,has most low hour engines pushing $10K non computer little epa ,and many are short blocks,with yours returned in usable condition intact( umm then why would you change it?) the truck....depends what cidiotes are around and doenst even matter if they have $$ ...charge it. $12-50K more ...yes !! 89-16 doesnt matter ,17> cheaper for new and near impossible to get pictures or true details of mileage and total rust out. just get cash in hand and drive 6 hrs its a steal at $20K https://cppdiesel.com/cummins-12v-6bt-takeout-engines-conversion-ready/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2Ymmyrzp8gIVhc3ICh1EnQgYEAQYBCABEgLNQ_D_BwE wonder if they run them without oil also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysoCZItBXfI
  13. best to settle for 1 piston set and move on ... IF found and they will let you Mr Hastings would personally do it but today ,all the BS of shipping ,cross shipping, broken set fee, stocking fees and the child that is going to send you the wrong one
  14. mmi

    47 Baler knotter

    the blacksmith/torch dealer at our regional fair can torch weld that
  15. you have to retrace work done by others and blue print time expect you have a miss reassembly some where have here a 6.2 from factory +- 8* out 3 pumps 3 roller cams 4 timing sets sets later, something is not correct with the crank bump pump ahead 3 teeth and wind back,runs clean, super power
  16. parts of y62 continental IH PU
  17. 14 d are relatively rare atleast in conversation here, but do share the engine with other items very hard on here, search out MB CATS explicit gas/diesel instructions for timing for your exact engine,may need to source the books as to other mark locations does it have acess cover to the pump gears/timing marks?
  18. after 6 weeks WHEN YOU cant find it they will tell you where and how to install
  19. cat or other hidden key but they learn fast 40 yrs ago garage owner lived at garage, by 3 grandson could hot wire,so we simply taught him to be/stand on and never leave the deck to ,bale with the 560
  20. consult particular manual ,but wet bales need to spin and tension is relieved by opening the door which aides in getting all the chaff to fall out real dry/wet /short there is ALOT with the 8xx for dry we never shut of OR stopped the tractor,catcher was on duty
  21. also still fuel delivery issue, ? but quite possible now internal timing vs gear vs actual engine I would run for a while with continued conditioning/cleaning of system and functions along with MB cats DETAILED instructions on proper timing and repair then go back and 3x all the timing,just BC you put it back doesnt mean it was right to start with.
  22. with the usual 200% markup to > $180 AND .... not USA but china ^%()
  23. if you are talking that little drilled hole ....? IIRC they were discussed here as a water drain,and or not normally a "leak" until it rusts thru have several with it and for most part left alone or jb as to the "wet stacking" you are running rich and cold "good USA BS gas" ALL the good stuff gone including clotting,which was designed into carb along with specific gravity thats why it is computers now. change to ac plugs and possibly 1 hotter to burn the CRAP if not used much make a radiator 1/2 cover......but remove on hot days
  24. pennz oil was used up 40-55 years ago(green white metal cans),total crap for a while then new owners had a blend of snake oils and left overs,like everything else just a name to hype now time was, it was a cheap place holder pour thru until engine could be repaired now we use wolf head at $3.50 qt but little chance of engine repair in the racist woke world of destroy uSA
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