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  1. Letter Series Steering

    I would use a shoulder bolt or hard pin they want the roll pin so it is tight so there is no wear/slop and at the same time may not be clearance for more than the flush pin
  2. save it replace with cheap elec for now borrow a hagerty's and source some rebuilders if too much $$$ you may leave it on
  3. strait 6 gm

    what I said no one spoke up the engines went for $10 and shed /pallets of other parts $40 all
  4. strait 6 gm

    wasnt someone recently looking for pre war strait 6 gm engines and parts? Pm as I recently received option to purchase some + parts and cars + model A cars parts
  5. Trailer best quality made to haul tractor ?

    for the old name brands now, parts if not entire trailer are mexican built + a few china parts powder coat was pushed as the cure ALL....suppose to be correctly pickled,primed,electro shot,then baked ...certainly in a rock bed but not suppose to go beyond chips as in peal or rust out,not effected by salt.....
  6. Is there anything

    you had to mention that at midwife season
  7. New Holland Bale Wagon

    I have accumulator and grabber to sell ,,,used 1 week never worked out for barn
  8. the only time they are a good deal is if it needs...... dont let it go to china no one is going to mass produce those parts unless china later you will find a set and or repairable templates good body shop could make up a pair as others have done
  9. Oh boy... an oil filter question

    is there a way to use that chart or otherwise convert over kill filters to more of a throw away version have an application with very low flow rate + high particulate possibility + low damage if the largest are caught no bypass or drain back ,fancy stuff needed $35 + 10 sp ea vs case of $5ea
  10. Pasture Disk Needed

    we use a spike aerator small at 10' but sink it and 5230 needs more weight if you go only 4-8" little chance of wash still plenty of grass standing and plenty of area for new seed and water collection
  11. 886 Wet stacking d358

    get it all serviced adjusted and work the pants off it,then consider any issues
  12. TD9 spark plugs.

    since you did show photo got to looking around again all of these primarily sub to d21 or ab6 in ngk ALL that will work on cheap usa gas d21 were $1.75 which we know are junk found some d89d with long stem for $8 which ordered as were $4 because needed to fill out an order,, due to BS profits. store .. only keeps or can have delivered to store , high profit items and dont want you buying good items that last long for low $ so they rape you on the shipping, 3, 24,and 72 will fit choices only high$$ have details or in store just order 10 of each online and take back to store...until store gets a charge for send backs.....! which either way the store has 00000 clue and online is clueless what fits what they can get or details. but if you get them all online for 30-40 minutes you get plenty of numbers and clues to research and get back to them which part you need and then correct part # for correct pricing,may have saved another $2.50 but it was long search to find # in 2 pk 10pk ....corporate accounts have a conceriare to do this if you spend $1K EVERY month + # for secret bulk paks most setting right in the back room
  13. quick books pirating

    qb still reports your data to the govt when reconnected why do you think it is promoted so well
  14. quick books pirating

    office is just a rental scam for govt owners since they gave uncle billy the boot their are plenty of better ones + free and if you really fuss you can buy for +- $400 good until they fry your board or make another version and corrupt it
  15. Disc brake thickness

    for new discs I always grab/carry a snapon 1/2 wrench if it dont fit, buy them,and actually did same in junk lots at auction
  16. TD9 spark plugs.

    I bought 8 last time as I had to order them. Like I said it still starts hard just like it did with the autolites so I'm guessing my problem lies elsewhere. Also it's hard to switch back to gas. Mine is a TD 6. none of the sub # show the long stem any more which (they) transfer back to ud 16 which I changed to ngk and ordered a case MANY years ago and those work great with fresh gas and good flipper ....... and fits most IH for those with hard starting do an outside search of the construction page for KOO.... indepth service of the entire system...."when you are at the end of the world it needs to start"
  17. Disc brake thickness

    as a general rule + -'52-66 all of the dry discs were roughly 1/2" when new and 7/16 when completely useless add 60 + years of wear on the other 4 surfaces and china $#&%^ material, you only get a few years out of a new set if there is noticeable wear on the other parts then remachining is in order also if over centering ,locking or sticking
  18. in my experience most FH equipment will not safely load on a trailer while attached to tractor not high enough, too heavy for trailer slope some damage has occured...FL /loader on both ends helps in that time two trips,road travel ,trucks , low trailers,and ditch banks would have been used most any of the pre '70 ,..< 60 hp equipment require ditch load just too low for trailer angles
  19. TD9 spark plugs.

    yes long ago NLA a few similar were offered also NLA, something near/like the 389 will work if ALL else good suggest good cleaning of all electrics + gas system + flipper system.... otherwise they start easy just use freshest gas < 20L at a purchase
  20. TD9 spark plugs.

    also go to construction page and follow posts to make sure flipper works correctly depending on local gas non quality you will need the hottest spark available... in europe not so much, to either item crap in crap out..... try to source nkg or autolite quality plugs for old engines are not volume sales therefore rare try to reuse old if possible...mag or electric make sure timing 100% and points super clean have had them to start faster than getting on, then next week hours of almost start , only to finally spend the 30 minutes to put back old plugs and points now perfectly clean,starts good for months
  21. call cindy monday and get the books
  22. we only use them as a movable anchor for other things as those things would be busted bigger than 42's they are 1/2 cut since it takes 50+ hp/weight to move and not cut full.... have MUCH more trouble with ALL commercial built bunks or feeders concrete is gone 2T ea the lick down to steel or sleep in them 5-6 year we CUT someone out of the 12" spacing pipe panel or feeders they would rather kill you than suck it up and back out we now make some of our own ...dilema bull needs 16" + ....... calves < 8"
  23. 826 injection pump

    go back thru some of the last months posts it has been covered several times
  24. Value of 966 mfwd

    as we saw recently what ever your boss will (not)allow for a toy $$$ certainly scarce but save 1-10 none of the awd series is rare or not cloneable ...axle mfg would make a slight difference been advised these could be built from factory parts or ordered there is usually no way to tell which but with that it has little effect on the price either way as the BTO learned kits were + - $10K so add that to value of tractor and deduct wear/depreciation they need large areas to turn and fuel consumption usually you can get a better value for one to use every day not practical for hobby to outdated for regular farm use, just a little too big for fair circuit, great for extra date night....
  25. Mysterious white Farmall C

    IIRC ALL casting would be '49-50