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  1. The Mule Pro FXT is a longer wheelbase base than a pioneer 1000-5 model by about 18”. Either model is a good all around machine.
  2. My previous tractor had a Profab reverser inside the stock transmission housing. That tractor carried 900 lbs of moveable weight at 6100 lbs with 3 chargers and 10 ply pulled tires! A clutch can sure is nice though! My cast tractor ended up a LLSS (they used from the backing plate back, rebuilt the front half. If I ever sell my component, I’ll build a LLSS.
  3. I 3D printed a connecting rod for our pulling tractor to see if they would swing inside the block. Made some changes then machined them from aluminum. Pretty intriguing technology we can work with today!!
  4. I have Profab but have bought parts from Karl before as well, mine doesn’t have any cast iron around it though!
  5. Atlas max trans or stock style still ?
  6. I’m hoping to come check it out.
  7. Leave the receiver hitch in! It may protect you if you get rear ended! This did bend the rear of the frame down with the bumper, but didn’t pile drive us, as the rear frame/bumper took much of the impact! It did bend the receiver hitch too!
  8. Sounds like it could be British pipe thread (Bspt) rather than national pipe thread (npt)?
  9. I paid $1.35 for propane today from my local supplier. It was $1,014.33 for 719 gallons including tax 🤬🤬
  10. Gaeten Yelle, do NOT buy anything from him, it will have more things wrong with it than you can see!
  11. Got a 15, 12, and 11 year old. Don’t think any of them truly believe anymore but my wife told them once that when they stop so do the presents 😆.
  12. Have you tried Fair Valley Performance in Sauk City? Give Dennis there a call.
  13. Copper ring that's a slightly smaller od than the od of the recess in the block so that it can "crush" when you torque the head down.
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