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  1. Who ordered the snow

    We got 2.5" according to my wife who walked around our farm with a ruler. Yankton, SD got dumped on, only 30 miles south of us, they got 14" according to the news.
  2. Who ordered the snow

    We're on the edge of 12-18" but hasn't started to do anything yet!
  3. Cushman Engine Rebuild Help

    Call Z machine in Oecheydan, Iowa. They can handle what you want.
  4. Transmission pictures.

    Looks like a great build under way!
  5. Last ride for 2017! KS State Fair

    Take a last ride for 2017! We were in Hutchinson, KS last Sunday afternoon for the KS State Fair. This is the last run for this tractor and it was a great one! From the drivers seat From the sideline
  6. How warm do you keep your house?

    Shop is 60 in winter, 75 in summer. House 75 in summer, 65 in winter.
  7. 2016 Ne Bush Pullers banquet

    Must have been my vote that put you on top! Lol!
  8. Automotive AC Technicians, Any Help Here?

    You sure it's not the high speed fan relay that's burnt out?
  9. Interesting Pulling video.

    Most top of the line Pro stocks are 125mm + intake wheel turbo setup. If they are running an aftermarket crank, block, rods, pistons, sleeves, timing gears, cylinder head, camshaft, valve train, etc. You're looking at a easy $60,000 motor setup and many are much more than that.
  10. Last Call :)

  11. Last Call :)