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  1. Yeah I wasn’t able to get it out that way, there wasn’t enough clearance. Different tire size? Either way, it wasn’t horrible, and with the machine up on blocks I was able to actually sit up straight working on it instead of being hunched over
  2. If those jets are the same number as 414/436/466 motors (343464R1), reliance sells them for $24 each. I know how reliance has a bad reputation on here, but if the they press in ok and have the correct orifice size they should work fine.
  3. Did my 1440 trans a few years back. I had to jack and block the machine up in the front in order to get the frame high enough for the trans to clear underneath
  4. I just checked, K&M makes pivoting front fenders for 5x88 tractors. They also make a pivot kit for the factory fenders
  5. It can’t be set to 30” rows, due to tire sizes and fenders. If the front was on 30” it wouldn’t turn worth a hoot.
  6. Still available from mother Case. 3 years ago they were around $300 each.
  7. You can either do it the way you want to do it, or you can leave it be and wonder about it the whole time you’re going back together and every time you run it………… If it were mine it’d be pulled out already, they didn’t even use a new plug.
  8. Yeah if your bolster is good that’s wonderful. I’d think it’s a horse apiece with welding up vs sleeving. Probably depends on which way is cheaper. Welding up would take a lot of weld
  9. I had the exact same thing on my 5488 3 years ago, plus my bolster was worn too. Had the trunnion sleeved, and the bolster line bored to accept oversized shims that were custom made. After the shims were installed I was able to install the factory bearings. My opinion is that if you turn it upside down, it’s still going to have play in it. Any play is going to affect that front driveshaft. The shaft, coupler, and flange will set you back $1,600 when the splines strip out. Been there, done that.
  10. I’d definitely get a sentry from Mike Links. I have a test harness in my shop, but it’s only there for diagnosing, and to get the tractor home if a sentry fails in the field. I’m sure someone else will chime in soon to persuade you in the other direction……..
  11. To close this thread out, i ended reusing the flywheel with a new flex plate. When I bolted the two together the springs were basically touching the flywheel already, so my machinist took .040” off that flywheel step to make a little more clearance. I used the tractor all day yesterday, and the tractor is quiet again.
  12. Somewhere on here a few months ago someone had installed an aftermarket coolant recovery tank on a 52 or a 54. That’ll be one of my winter projects coming soon.
  13. For $1,100 I’d hang on to the core for parts
  14. Sentry is a square silver box installed next to the fuse block Yes some parts are hard to find, and everything is expensive these days. They’re no different than anything else. For 75 hours a year they’ll work just fine for you
  15. I guess if it were me id check wide open throttle first with no load, it should be around 2,600 rpms. Then under a load at wide open throttle id be happy with anything above 2,400. Just going from experience with my tractor, you’d have to have a heck of a load on it to get it below 2,400. One easy check to do would be to check injection timing, with the rotary pump it should be 18 degrees BTDC.
  16. What are your exhaust temps under load? im also assuming both tractors are using the American Bosch 100 pump?
  17. I’m with everyone else. Sell the trailer if you’ve got a buyer! The next guy might show up offering good money for just the tractor, then you’d be stuck with a trailer and nothing to pull it!
  18. Yeah I don’t know you could put it on backwards, either. There’s no way it would sit flat against the flywheel.
  19. Yes it was bolted on correctly, and no it’s not warped
  20. Working on a rattle that developed in my 5488. It would only happen under a load, and only over 2,100 rpms. Upon splitting it, I found the flex plate springs and cups were hitting the flywheel. I got a new flywheel from hy-capacity, and it measures almost the same as the one I took out. I looked at a CaseIH one today, and it’s the same as well. I bolted the new one up with some clay inbetween to check clearance, and it’s .020” at the most. So now I’m wondering if someone in the past has machined the flywheel for whatever reason. The problem I have is my blue ribbon service manual doesn’t give flywheel specs for any of the tractors that use a flex plate. Are the specs available?
  21. What’s wrong with the current engine?
  22. Have you looked to see if any of the steel hydraulic lines are vibrating against something?
  23. Well I think I figured it out, although I’m embarrassed to say that when I put all new flow control cables in 2 years ago, I got 2 of them mixed up. When I had #4 flow lever in the fast position, I was actually moving #3. I had the wife move the flow adjustments tonight in the cab while I watched underneath. Kinda had the ahah! moment followed by calling myself a dumba$$! Thanks everyone for the replies!!
  24. I’ll have to look at that tonight, thanks!
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