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  1. I know you said the sensitivity was set the same between the two plows, but are they both the same width bottoms?
  2. I did ours a few years ago with a neighbors backhoe
  3. Going to replace the pivot bushings and pins on my field cultivator. Is CaseIH the only place to get these, or has someone found another supplier?
  4. Not trying to insult you, but I had something like this happen to me a few years ago. I tore my hair out trying to figure out what it was. I ended up having my wife move the flow controls in the cab while I watched the valves and found out I had installed the wrong flow cables on the wrong valves. Like I said, not trying to insult you but I hope its that simple of a fix !
  5. It’s only available as a complete dipstick. Part # 671829C3, sells for 60 bucks
  6. If you’re shifting between high/low ranges with no change, that’s a trans problem. the other thing sounds like a connection problem. Make sure you’re battery ground cables are clean and tight. Take them off, clean the mounting locations and install new cables if needed. My 5288 was acting like yours this last winter when I was hauling corn. As soon as I got on the highway and turned the flashers on the sentry would act up and the voltage gauge would drop. I ended up with 2 new batteries, new ground cables and new positive cable ends. Hasn’t missed a beat since. Like said above, if the sentry is still powered from the left battery, change it to be powered from the switched side of the cab solenoid. (Powered on with key) Also, the sentry originally shared a ground with a relay on the right side of the fuse box area. Change this so the sentry has its own dedicated ground to the sheet metal in the pedestal area. Finally, make sure there’s a wire grounding the cab to the chassis, if installed already it’ll be on the right side by the front cab mount area.
  7. The last cab I redid, I got a bunch of stuff from McMaster Carr. Got to their website and do a search for "Sound Control Insulation". They have all kinds of choices and thicknesses. I ended up with 1" and 2" thick stuff with an adhesive backing, it worked really well. I put it inside the console, the doors, and under the dash. It's not cheap though.
  8. I just checked, yep they still have them for the 400 series, their part number is 128631.
  9. I believe I've gotten the rubber ones from All States Ag Parts in the past.
  10. What about a PTO driven pump? I have a Char Lynn pump that has its own reservoir, it was used originally for a loader.
  11. Is this thing stored where rodents can get in and make a nest in the intake? I've seen it before where it won't run because of this. you could have the entire fuel system removed and it should still run on ether..........
  12. Did my 52 and 54 tonight, I left the factory overflow hose in place in case it doesn’t work.
  13. The pioneer power swapmeet? If so that had to be a cold wet miserable mess!
  14. If you can get an air ride for 750, that’s a steal. K&Ms website shows just the air ride suspension conversion is 995.
  15. Is this the system with the accumulator? If so they show a cylinder seal kit #79241C2 available for about 70 bucks.
  16. The only thing I can think of is to make sure the pump isn’t half a turn off.
  17. I actually ordered 2 from Amazon, will be here tomorrow
  18. Bingo! Thanks 66! I would think the radiator cap should be changed as well to a style that flows both ways?
  19. I remember reading a long time ago where someone had installed a coolant recovery tank on a 88 series tractor. I’ve been searching for that thread with no luck. Does anyone remember this? I thought the original poster had used a Dorman brand tank, I was hoping to get a part number. Thanks.
  20. Yeah I wasn’t able to get it out that way, there wasn’t enough clearance. Different tire size? Either way, it wasn’t horrible, and with the machine up on blocks I was able to actually sit up straight working on it instead of being hunched over
  21. If those jets are the same number as 414/436/466 motors (343464R1), reliance sells them for $24 each. I know how reliance has a bad reputation on here, but if the they press in ok and have the correct orifice size they should work fine.
  22. Did my 1440 trans a few years back. I had to jack and block the machine up in the front in order to get the frame high enough for the trans to clear underneath
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