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  1. I agree on questioning the workmanship. Those pins weren’t sheared off, they were never bent over to lock them in place!
  2. Any International Truck dealer will be able to get these, too.
  3. When you turn the key on, do the little green lights all come on for the bulb test? (EGT,EGT SET,MPH,RPM, PTO 540 &1000), and red low coolant). They should all cycle on for a brief second on key up.
  4. Hy -capacity makes pumps and gasket sets. While you've got it apart, if it was mine, I'd replace the springs in the MCV, too. They sell all of the springs in a kit, the part number is 830458. It's about $50.
  5. The only thing that's different with these is the mount bolts. The originals used a pair or 1/4"-20 bolts to mount it to the pedestal, whereas the new one uses a small machine screw, like a size 12. The slots are just a hair too small for a 1/4" bolt. (could just drill the slots out for 1/4". too.)
  6. Had issues with my 5488 sentry last week. Tractor was doing weird things in the field, it got to the point where it would stop moving every 10 minutes. Put in what I thought was a good spare, and it ended up acting funny, too, eventually. It made me worried that something internal was going bad in the trans. I spent the money and got a new one from Mike Links, and the tractor has been perfect ever since. The new one even fixed an issue I had with stopping while slowly letting the clutch out at idle. If anyone is on the fence about buying one of these from Mike, they are the real deal. I wish I would’ve bought one a year ago! They are the exact same size as the originals, plug right in, and look very robust, and WORK!! I love the LED diagnostics, that should’ve been done 30 years ago! Thanks again, Mike!
  7. I wonder if you have a piece of junk/crap in the fuel tank that’s partially blocking the feed pipe on an incline??
  8. Have you taken the side panel off the right side of the cab and looked under the console? That area is notorious for mice problems
  9. Thanks for the reply, SD man. For now I've got it back together, it's getting to close to harvest to be breaking something unintentionally. I also forgot to mention that this machine has a mudhog with traction tires in the rear, so I'm starting to wonder if the factory pressure relief setting doesn't provide enough force to move them standing still sometimes.
  10. These are what I have on my 1020 head. Not the same as a full finger, but better than nothing at all.
  11. I could believe the $1,750…. I checked and CaseIH gets $710 for the knuckle alone. Hy-capacity gets $230 for the same part. I’ve had excellent luck with Hy-capacity stuff.
  12. My thoughts on that are if the pump was weak, why would I still be seeing good pressure on the steering lines?
  13. I didn’t figure out where it went after going through it 4 times. I saved the piece and put it aside until something gives me a hint as to where it goes. I got everything back together on the combine and I still have 1600 psi when the steering is turned one way. Turning the other way it goes to zero, which tells me the cylinder seals are fine. I noticed today that when the unload auger doesn’t swing out, it’s only when the steering is acting up. That would tell me the priority flow divider is working. I also originally forgot to mention that the steering issue only happens at a standstill. As soon as I start moving forward the steering wheel frees up and the wheels turn.
  14. Finally got time to get back to this project. Got it all back together on the bench, cleaning up the tools and shop rags, and I came across this. Tore it all apart again, and for the life of me I can’t figure out where it goes. On the parts diagram it’s nowhere to be found either. Anybody know where this goes?
  15. Hy Capacity has a reamer available for rent, it’s part #4206. Looks like they get $137 for rental as long as it’s returned undamaged.
  16. Yep it’s longer than the others
  17. I tee’d a gauge in, and I have 1600 at idle and 1800 at high idle. When it acts up the pressure doesn’t change on the gauge, it still hangs around 1600-1800 psi. Should I be looking at the flow divider?
  18. Found the thread, it's named "clear coat".
  19. I thought I read in one of the previous threads about the manufacturers changing the ingredients in the equipment paint lately, there were alot of complaints about the stuff lifting, especially when clear coating.
  20. I’ve always gone with new wheel bolts. Nice and shiny, and they look good. A downside to painting the old ones is you end up ruining the paint every time the tire has to come off.
  21. If you can’t find the right connector , I’d just cut it off and install a 2 pin weatherpack connector.
  22. Got the valve stack out and the relief valve out, I can move that poppet back and forth in its bore like butter. I was surprised to see .130” of shims for the spring
  23. Which one of these holds the secondary relief? The parts diagram is pretty vague here!
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