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  1. Hooked66

    04 Pete 379X

    The original post is about the 379x, not the plain old 379exhd. The 379x was a special longhood 379 that had polished front fenders, an aluminum dash, and custom emblems. They did only make around 2000 of them in 2004-2005. I have seen a few of these trucks in my lifetime, but they are somewhat hard to come by. They have a sleeper emblem that says 379X where the unibilt sleeper emblem is normally found. I have attached a picture of the interior of a 379X, if you also notice, the floor cover for the transmission also has 379X on it. Another note, the last 1000 379's made in 2007 were called the legacy class.
  2. The first thing I would do is make sure the problem is not in the actual linkage mechanism. Many worn out parts in the shift linkage can cause what you are experiencing. There is an access cover in the center of the deck plate that has a few bolts holding it on. The cover has a hole in it for the transmission oil dipstick, down by your feet. Under there you should be able to move the shift lever to see how it is hooked up. The high- low shift arm coming out of the top of the transmission needs to travel all the way forward and backward to get a good engagement and it should sort of snap into place if your shift detents are not too worn out. Take the pin out of the linkage down there and move the shift arm by hand to check if it is going all the way forward and backwards. You can adjust the clevis on the end of the shift linkage as needed. There are also some linkage adjustments that can be made under the dash sheet metal. If adjusting the linkages doesn't work then the top cover of the range transmission (where all the linkages go) will need to be removed to diagnose it further.
  3. Hooked66

    901 white

    I went through this about 2 years ago. My paint guy also could not find a match for any 901 codes I could come up with. I was quite frustrated and ended up giving up. I hope someone on here can clear up the mud.
  4. It looks like the nut came off the back side of the countershaft letting it slide forward. Not good. I cant believe it wasn't making terrible noises/ not moving in 1st gear, etc. There are no other options but to split it and hope for the best. Good Luck!
  5. The shaft fillet radius is the radius of the rounded corner that the bearing has to fit over. Shafts that have to withstand a lot of torque usually have a small radius where steps or bearing shoulders are machined. Think of a crank shaft, which has rounded transitions from the ground journal to the shaft itself. If I am understanding the scenario correctly, you would like to use bearing 29680 in place of 29681. At first I would guess they probably are not compatible unless the 29680 will fit over the radius on the shaft. They make radius gages that are used to measure things like this. Good Luck
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