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    Praying for the family from West Central WI
  2. Holy cow! That's a lot of earth
  3. Sorry to say this but it will not be an easy task to add the 3 point. you will need to remove the cab and replace the top cover of the range housing to one that has a 3 point. the lift cylinder for the three point is inside that cover. from there you will need the rest of the components to make the swap. this is the top cover that you would need to replace. It would be best to find a scrap tractor if you wanted to make the swap. there a several other pieces required for the 3 point also.
  4. Glad you took it over to the old Link Implement. Synergy co-op now. They know their stuff there. I'm sure Albert fixed you up good. He bleeds Case.
  5. Prayers from Wisconsin for your son and your family
  6. Try to replace the pressure relief valve with a known good one. Located on right side seat base. Takes 1 1/8" socket
  7. Praying for your mom and family
  8. I would not weld it. Chased that problem on my 826. I don't know what they used in Germany to cast it but it has a lot of impurities in it. The heat from welding it can warp the sealing surface to the point it won't seal. I was finally forced to find a replacement for the 826. Be very careful, or I just had bad luck. Erich
  9. Praying for all of you from Wisconsin
  10. It was also very nice to meet you and your wife. You did a very fine job with that 706. Erich
  11. Very sorry for your loss.
  12. Praying for a fast recovery from WI
  13. I still have them on my 856. It had 23.1-34 on the rear when I got it. I put the 18.4 R38 deep treads on later.
  14. Make sure you get the oil up to operating temp. Then check pressures. They will come down some.
  15. This my 826. It was bought by my grandfather. I received it after his passing. I replaced the 16.9-38 with 18.4-38's and repainted it. I love the Hydro and completely understand why this was my grandfather's favorite tractor.
  16. I work in the plastic injection molding industry. We have been dealing with this for the last few months. Nylon polymers are very hard to get right now. Polycarbonate polymers are also difficult to obtain. In some cases we are being told our orders will not be filled until fall at best. Some confirmed orders are being cancelled by the material suppliers. Erich
  17. I have one of those also. Works great for that. Erich
  18. This is my 856. Love this tractor, hasn't let me down yet
  19. Pretty sure the order is 370, 429, and 460. Won't bet my life on it. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, I hope.
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