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  1. I had to literally tell AARP to go to he.l and leave me alone. They finally got the message.
  2. Angus - Hereford cross. There - I fixed it. Don't want to go pc jail.
  3. Getcha some black baldies that don't have any horns and will finish at 1000 pounds.
  4. I can see why you said Dornier. The "flying pencil" DO17 had such a skinny fuselage that wasn't much bigger than the booms on a Lightning.
  5. Speaking of P38s, this is a great story:
  6. Don't know. Haven't belonged for many years, and haven't kept up with them.
  7. I'll bet there were lots of unemployed pilots about then. Probably lots of 'em became crop dusters, too.
  8. That would be a logical answer to an old mystery.
  9. That's a subject I never even seriously considered, other than test pilots. There are / were so many ways to die in wartime that aren't directly related to combat. Other than the deaths of a few relatives, I've never had a really bad day. And I'm thankful for it.
  10. I'd guess an 18 year old then was more mature than many men of any age now.
  11. Hey Mike - send me a p.m. if you would. Have a couple of questions for you.
  12. Steve C.


    Pretty sure the 886 was rated at 85, just like the 766.
  13. Many of us do that. I had an uncle who was a mechanic at some airfield in the Philippines. No combat but came home with fungus in his ears that he never got rid of.
  14. Yeah, there are lots of pics of burning Libs. I'd seen several of those, but there are a bunch of new to me pics in this video.
  15. Lots of pictures I've never seen before - some of them are really amazing.
  16. Two years ago right about now. I learned an awful lot from that thread.
  17. Steve C.


    As I remember, OSHA required a factory ROPS for tractors above 80 hp, and the 886 was rated at 85. So they de-rated the D358 in the 886 to run 80 hp and called it a 786. I could very well be wrong on a detail or two, but I know both tractors weighed about the same.
  18. Steve C.


    That's what I always understood too. Anyone know of any difference (besides the decal) between a cabbed 786 and an 886 with a D358?
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