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  1. I could only find it on Amazon to start with, but a friend recently bought a health food store, and she's been able to get it for me. She actually stocks some now. Glad to cut Bezos out - hope he survives without me.
  2. I actually drink coffee and chicory half and half. Mix dark roasted coffee with roasted chicory and make it real strong. Half the caffeine and acid with very interesting flavor, and chicory is a natural probiotic. I like it a lot.
  3. Gotta keep a jar of instant around, just to fortify weak coffee. Not much worse than weak coffee, or tea.
  4. That was my first thought too. Along with a pile of ready ammo.
  5. Maybe it was a tie. Did you have a pull-off? Too bad about the still shots. Would be great to see you carry the fronts that far.
  6. Steve C.

    My SA

    They didn't have floor registers then.
  7. Steve C.

    My SA

    We're both under people (less chance of the deadly floor register-generated backlash) but one of our granddaughters likes to flip ours over when she visits. Can always tell she's been here.
  8. Steve C.

    My SA

    I favor side or rear hinge, but no front hinge. This sounds a little like the great over/under toilet paper controversy.
  9. Could the smell possibly be coming from the coolant overflow tank? It's vented, isn't it? Just a thought.
  10. Just imagine it mixed with blood and fire.
  11. Can't say that I ever needed to. Just a silly thing we used to day about a noisy vehicle.
  12. I think some people use glasspack as a generic term for a straight-through "muffler". I had a Cherry Bomb on an old Datsun once upon a time. I couldn't sneak up on anyone in it.
  13. That's what I would have called 'em. Not a lot of quiet - just take some of the edge off the sound.
  14. Cancer is a demonic thing for sure. Watched it eat my mother in law and my dad alive. I'm sure it's made many people walk away from God. I believe that God doesn't do evil things, but he can't prevent all evil things because He gave us free will. Who suffers and why remains a mystery to me, but I figure the truth of it will be revealed to us when it's time. Hang in there.
  15. I understand taking a break. Dealing with the covid/crt/etc. bullsh.t that's been piled on us for a year and a half now, and dealing with the more normal stuff that happens to all of us from time to time, makes me weary too, although we've had it really good so far with no major family stuff going on. Still, I really get tired of digging up more stuff to help us all out, but I can't stand not to do it. You guys are a big part of the glue that keeps me together. We have a good family here.
  16. I got to see and climb on the 747 at the American Royal in the mid seventies. Were you around in the seventies?
  17. I think you're absolutely right about that. Like a bully slapping someone across the face till they finally react. If and when we finally react, I'm afraid the bridge will have been burned.
  18. There were several 4020s in my old stompin' ground that had a body-shop fiberglass hood bulge. The local souper-upper guy (Tim Novak - RIP) wanted to see the air and exhaust move as directly as possible so he fabbed his installs without the space constraints of that smooth sleek hood.
  19. Green never threatened red much until the Queens came along. I remember telling my IH dealer about watching Cajun Queen II and being impressed. He said "it's got some red parts in it too". I thought he was kidding me, but now I know that it did have IH pistons.
  20. Thanks for this. What were you saying about the hood? Does she still have the 466, only n.a.?
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