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  1. New joke

    A driver was stuck in a traffic jam on the highway outside Washington , DC . Nothing was moving. Suddenly, a man knocks on the window. The driver rolls down the window and asks, "What's going on?" "Terrorists have kidnapped the entire US Congress, and they're asking for a $100 million dollar ransom. Otherwise, they are going to douse them all in gasoline and set them on fire. We are going from car to car, collecting donations." "How much is everyone giving, on an average?" the driver asks. The man replies, "Roughly a gallon."
  2. Turning my 886 into a puller

    Well, that changes everything. Pretty cute rules that let a Deere 404 run but not an IH 414. I talked to a guy from eastern Iowa once (can't remember his name) who was pulling a 766 in a class like that. He said he put Case 970 pistons in it to give him 409 c.i.d.
  3. Turning my 886 into a puller

    I loved my 766 - had a T04 on it and ran it around 120 - 140 hp. Dyno'd 184 once before a local pull, and it'd make a stock 1066 or 4440 sit up and take notice. It was reliable, nice to drive, and pretty easy on fuel. That being said, it wasn't a very good puller. I have to admit it was a lot of fun to surprise people with what "that little seven" would do, but a 966 or 1066 weighed about the same and had the 414. In your case a 986 would weigh about the same, but you'd get the 436 and have 76 more cubic inches. I never had cooling jets installed, but probably should have. Dad had an 886 with the 360, but with no charger. It was a real good tractor too, but not what I'd choose to put money in to for a puller.
  4. Old time photo of a 1206 super stocker

    The first pulls I went to back in the early 60s used a flat wooden sled, with bags of fertilizer spaced on either side of the track all the way down. As the sled passed your bag, you threw it on. The system worked, but it was messy - those bags weren't designed to be handled that many times. So they went to just having a man (usually, at least) stand beside the track at regular intervals who stepped on to the sled when it went by. As the tractors got stronger, they started parking a small tractor on the front of the sled in addition to the men. Then someone came out with a mechanical sled, which used a gearbox and a chain to transfer a weighted box from the axles in back to the pan in front. On the sleds I was around, the pan could be turned around to accommodate a tractor parked on it for more weight. A pullback tractor was used to take the sled back to the line. The one I remember from our local pulls was a 4520. It had a hook fabbed to attach to his quick coupler, and the sled had what I guess would be a pintle-type hitch for the hook to catch. Then sometime after that the self-propelled sleds came out. I can't remember when it all changed over. The original Old Ironsides sled was build by Dave Hager of King City, MO. I'm not sure how long he owned and operated it. I got to pull it with my 766 once in the late 70s. I paid $6.00 to enter 13,000 out of field, got 5th place out of eight tractors, and won $5.00. Well worth it, since the three tractors I beat were a 1566 and two 4430s.
  5. RAIN

    We've been in what they call a severe drought here all winter. I guess that's the best time to have one. The Mississippi's low, as well as ponds and lakes. We're getting a nice combo of soaking rain with a few downpours to fill the ponds.
  6. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    I remember reading about that. A person with no morals and a grudge can do a lot of damage. Scary to think about axes, gas cans, propane tanks, etc.
  7. New joke

    Some of you are old enough to get this.
  8. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    I think you nailed it. It's past time to quit making schools into shooting galleries. I believe this approach would work. We know we can't count on the feds to stop it. Look at the way the FBI botched this one. From what I've read, they got multiple warnings and red flags, and plenty of time to act on those warnings. Then they seem surprised when it actually happens.
  9. Forum problems??

    Me too. Last week had problems but figured it was the site. Talked to another member and he was able to navigate. Logged in directly, bypassing my favorites, and got back on. Now this is the first post I've been able to make this week. Weirdness.
  10. When AM was all we had

    I think it ended with "...yours truly WHB".
  11. Cheap building, 1969

    Inflation calculator says $2795 in 1969 would be equivalent to $18,995 in 2017.
  12. When AM was all we had

    I believe it was 710.
  13. Why, when you’re cold and in a hurry...

    There's only one reason for you to know that. I know it too.
  14. Calls on Cell Phone

    Since I work on houses, I often get calls from people who've moved here from some other part of the country and have area codes that I'm not familiar with. The local lumber company hands out my name a lot, along with a couple of others, so if I don't answer and the caller has another guy or two to call, I may miss out on a good client. So I take most calls, although for several months I've gotten calls from the same prefix as mine, and they go like this " hi, this Wendy and our records show that you've stayed at one of our resorts..." Haven't figured out how to block calls on my phone, so I just let it ring or hang up fast. Funny story from last year: a guy calls from an unfamiliar area code and says ""hi, is this Steve? This is Greg ----- ". So I said "listen Greg, I'm really busy and I don't have time for any crap. What have you got?" So Greg says "I live next door to your daughter, and you've worked for me before. I need some work done on my storage shed." Well, I apologized up one side and down the other, but Greg understood since he gets the same calls we all do. And the job turned out great.
  15. When AM was all we had

    I was about 80 miles southwest of you back in the days (seventies and early eighties). Dad had a.m. fender radios on his 5000 Ford, 2520 Deere, and then on the new 766. Kept headphones plugged in to the radio on the seven and pretty much always had them on if she was making any boost. I had several stations to listen to during the day - KIOA in Des Moines, KKJO in St. Joe, and Kansas City had WDAF, KCMO, and WHB. These stations mostly had similar mixtures of top 40 music. KKJO actually had a little more variety IIRC. And at night we could get KAAY on the skip. They played stuff you couldn't hear anywhere else. It would have been incredible to be able to plug in a thumb drive with several hundred of your favorite songs on it, but we didn't know any different. Not sure the memories would be any better, really.
  16. When AM was all we had

    Maybe it reminds you of getting a rain when you really needed it.
  17. Touchy subject

    I stopped a flat yardstick a couple of times.
  18. Somebody come buy this

    Am I wrong to remember that IH didn't recommend running duals on the front of the 33-37 88s?
  19. Identify the problem on this IH Farmall 1066

    The 4320 had the bigger fenders too. "Plus, the throttle lever is almost twice as long as stock on that 10.
  20. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    Turtles crossing the road mean rain coming. Gumbo only works nice while you're having lunch. This has been true of all the gumbo I've worked. The first baby may not take nine months to get here, but the second one does.
  21. Power hop control video

    Notice they went to R.C. later on.
  22. Mystery cab sighting

    Glad to hear it. It was good to meet you.