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  1. J.C. Whitney used to (maybe still does) sell a "test section" or some such, to be replaced with the factory hardware after testing was done. Riiiiight. The cat problem's bad in St. Louis too. One guy I know went to a Cardinals game and came out to find the cats missing from his SUV. Lady client of mine's mother lost the cat off her minivan while it was parked in the retirement apartment parking lot.
  2. Steve C.


    I imagine the leveling system works pretty well, but watching that operator make some of those turns makes me think a sudden move in the wrong direction could upset things mightily.
  3. The time it takes to turn around would frustrate me. A guy could cross a pretty big headland in that amount of time.
  4. Steve C.


    Surprising how much soil is on that slope. Looks like decent dirt on the tires when he spins out.
  5. Steve C.


    I'd like to see them bale the straw. Bet they don't bale big rounds.
  6. Steve C.


    Looks like a lot of it stuck. I also wondered how they got such a nice stand. Pretty sure it's in Switzerland. As someone commented earlier, UC probably knows more about it. This looks the same concept as the IH and Deere hillside combines, only maybe for steeper slopes. If a fella was overweight, and happened to trip and fall there, I think he'd keep right on goin' till he hit a big tree.
  7. Steve C.


    It's really hard for me to imagine what it's like to run this. I was just trying to picture a service truck pulling up to it.
  8. Good idea. Did you use food-grade strut?
  9. Gotta ask, what's the unistrut for?
  10. Sounds like you have a lot of good people in your life. Glad your boy's doing well. He must be enduring a lot of pain. I've never broken a rib, let alone seven. It's easy to overlook how much we have to be thankful for.
  11. This was the first episode that I ever watched. Literally laughed till my sides hurt. I'm a Bailey / Maryann guy myself. The entire cast couldn't have been any better.
  12. That brings back memories. Good times. Low 3 T/A. Must be some pretty heavy ground.
  13. A wind farm is being dismantled in western Germany to make way for an expansion of an open pit lignite coal mine in a ‘paradoxical’ situation highlighting the current polarization of energy security over clean energy in Europe’s biggest economy. At the end of September in Germany, three of the lignite fire coal units that were previously on standby were returned to the electricity market on schedule in October. and... China and India are planning to raise their domestic coal production by a total of 700 million tons per year. That is about 100 million tons more than the total coal production expected in the United States this year. Speaking of India, it is no secret that the country has embarked on a massive effort to upgrade coal infrastructure and increase production. India has coal reserves sufficient for the next 100 years. Coal is also set to become the largest source of the country’s energy generation by 2040. https://canadafreepress.com/article/coal-on-a-rampage-except-in-the-united-states
  14. I ran a full rack of 100 pounders on my 766 when I used a chisel plow, mounted field cultivator or anhydrous tool bar. Needed every one of 'em.
  15. Here's one that I cleaned up and made operational several years ago. Used on a big old pocket door.
  16. Great to see you with all three girls. I have three daughters too, but it's hard to get all three together at the same time. Once in a while, though. As others have said, you sure live in beautiful country. Too bad it's under occupation by power trippers and zombies. Don't be skippin' any birthdays.
  17. My '73 766 had a little pump rattle, but the pump on Dad's '75 1066 was quite a bit louder. Same pump (except for the pump head, as far as I know), different year.
  18. Lookin' good. Is he he your first?
  19. Have you checked a farm and home supply store? Our local Rural King store stocks different widths of stove gasket.
  20. One of Dad's friends had a G, back in the seventies. He got along well with it, IIRC. It would walk the dog with a four row corn head. I ran it just a little. I remember that the header and variable speed were on the same lever - forward and back for speed, up and down for header.
  21. When I was selling industrial pumps and such, I called on the Quincy plant. That was in '93, and it was called Titan Wheel at the time. Sold them mag drive pumps for pickling acid. One morning I had an appointment with a purchasing agent and a maintenance guy at the plant - they cancelled on me after a fatal accident the night before. Somebody got run over by a forklift. It was a dirty plant. What a difference from the Moorman's plant in the same neighborhood.
  22. The elephant in the room: 25 pages, over 600 replies, and still no one has explained how we'll generate enough power to run EVs on a large scale, no matter how wonderful they are, without nuclear, coal, or natural gas power plants. And the ptb are interested in none of those options.
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