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  1. I'm afraid to say we may be seeing more of this kind of stuff. I keep reading the suicide rate, for young people especially, is going through the roof due to people being forced to isolate and living in perpetual fear. Imagine how bad it must be in the cities, where they sometimes can't even leave the house, and have to live with relatives they don't get along with.
  2. Steve C.


    I think the next one's in your area. As many have said, God bless your family with strength and comfort.
  3. I think that's kind of how it is with the guys working the towboats and barges on the big rivers. They can make big bucks, but kind of a rough way to live. Some on here surely knows more ttan I do about it, but I think they're on for a certain amount of time, then off for the same.. I've heard they eat really well.
  4. I'm excited enough. Good adventure for the right kind of young single guy though.
  5. Our accountant used to fly twin engine planes a lot (ferried civilian prisoners), and got to take the yoke for a while in the Aluminum Overcast (B17) when it was in the St. Louis area for an air show. I don't remember what he paid for the privilege, but when I asked him what it was like, he just said LOUD.
  6. +33 here, but fixin' to get a little cooler.
  7. The really incredible thing to me is that they all made it out.
  8. If the flue is good, maybe consider a better wood stove?
  9. No, just the one as far as I know. Pretty lonesome duty. But they didn't get shot at.
  10. My dad spent his part of the Korean war at a fighter interceptor squadron base at Thule, Greenland. Kind of the polar opposite of Antarctica, literally. He said they took several guys out in straight jackets when they couldn't handle those long winter polar nights.
  11. Your Tesla pickup can autonomously drive from field to field and autonomously supervise the autonomous Deeres hard at work. How long till we're all obsolete and redundant?
  12. Belgium's research station there just had a wuflu outbreak. At the very end of the earth and still couldn't avoid it. I think Ian posted a link to the article. True story based on the crew's diaries. Coincidentally, I found a video documentary about Ernest Shackleton's expedition there that was very faithful to what I read recently in a book called Endurance.
  13. So does buying your own ammo.
  14. Still fortunate to have my mom - not looking forward to the day she leaves us. Hang in there. God'll help you though it.
  15. I see you're a Sesame Street veteran.
  16. Is it made in a bathtub?
  17. BTW, I intend absolutely no disrespect for the man in black. Just referring to "One Piece at a Time". Just in case some young whippersnappers never had a chance to hear it.
  18. Roads and bridges always make good talking points when budgets and tax increases are discussed. I shall become silent now and refrain from further comment.
  19. Rear - mounted twin .50 cals to discourage tailgaiting?
  20. Same thought process seems to be going on in the housing market right now. What a great time to sell your house - till you try to find somewhere else to live. I'm sure there are circumstances where it does make sense, like if you were planning to downsize anyway. I actually have bought one vehicle that's turned out to be a decent investment - bought my '76 280Z 13 years ago for $2750, have put about 60,000 miles on it with no mods and minor repairs, and now it appraises for better than $10,000. But that's not common; the old Zs have just become very collectible.
  21. I found this while looking for a pic of the Le Tourneau log stacker mentioned in another thread. Here's a whole bunch of pics of uncommon vehicles.
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