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  1. Interesting. From the article: CO2 enrichment studies in Latin America show that elevated CO2 increased photosynthesis by 40% and increased the efficiency plants’ water use by approximately 60%. Higher CO2 eventually caused a 7-14% increase in plant height and a 12-14% increase in yield. Another study showed that there were significant increases in all leaf area and biomass markers in response to increased CO2. The research indicates that we might already be reaping the rewards of increased productivity rates in both arabica and robusta coffee varieties thanks to the recent rise in atmospheric CO2. This reality is reflected in the plantations across the globe. Production in South America and Southeast Asia have shown increases in yield during the past two decades.
  2. Home movie, in color, of the Japanese attack:
  3. I remember rolling 7% notes over at 18% in 1980 because of a severe drought that summer. Then had two more consecutive droughts in '81 and '82. Took me out pretty quick.
  4. Yes it was. And about 100 miles north of you if you're in the KC area.
  5. Think it might be aluminum or good stainless? Do they even clad stainless?
  6. I'm so old that I thought an 1800 Oliver was the biggest baddest tractor ever. First tractor pull I ever saw was won by an 1800 with duals pulling a wooden sled with fertilizer bags thrown on every few feet.
  7. Or a screwdriver or dull pocket knife, depending on the urgency. One of the worst things about the spout was that it collected dust between uses, and always seemed like a good way to introduce a little dirt into the engine. And like oleman said, if you got a little forceful pushing it in you could crush the can, which was not good at all.
  8. Where I grew up they were called Blue Tombstones. I don't know, but would suspect that either and/or both lenders and university extensions actively promoted these at one time. Does anyone here know?
  9. In my last "job", which was over 20 years ago, the electrical distributor that I worked for supplied a lot of tools to a local maintenance company. We weren't Metabo distributors but our rep who took care of their account got them what they needed one way or another (he was a gem - the sustaining resource kind of guy that you can count on). They insisted on Metabo angle grinders - they tried all brands including Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee, etc. and said that Metabo held up better than any others. They also made an amazing 6" dual-orbit random orbital sander that could keep up with most belt sanders. The one I used was loaned to me to sand 600 sq ft of fir tongue and groove flooring, by the guy I got the flooring from. It was phenomenal. This was in the early 2000s so things may have changed some. Todd - this was the Baldwin IL plant.
  10. Most people around here process their deer (with pork for flavor and fat) into summer sausage. Dozens of recipes and spices. Smoked long enough to make it just a little dry and chewy is my favorite. I've had a fair amount that was good enough that it was hard to stop eating it. Just one more slice... I've had a bacon wrapped tenderloin fillet from a fat doe that was as good or better than a lot of beef, and meat from a big buck that had his adrenalin up when he was shot that was not the best.
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