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  1. To paraphrase someone in my past: if you could trade problems with someone else, you'd probably want your own problems back.
  2. The wife has a Milwaukee string trimmer and blower. She had a Worx brand set before. The tools were decent, but the batteries were crap. She had to take frequent charging breaks and could never just finish the job. That string trimmer is a beast. We have a huge clump of ornamental grass that she asks me to trim every spring. I just wade into it with her trimmer and it just eats the stuff up.
  3. I've been running Milwaukee M18 cordless for about 10 years now and have no regrets. Had Bosch 14.4 ni-cad before that. Upgraded gradually, and having two different battery platforms in the van was a minor but constant pain in the butt for me. There are cheaper tools, but I've only regretted spending the extra for Milwaukee at the time of purchase. The regret that comes with buying a cheap version of a tool that you use regularly lasts a long time. The Milwaukee batteries are amazing. I think that's where a lot of cheaper brands save a few bucks, and it shows in tools that are used daily.
  4. Somebody must have done his right.
  5. My dad had an Olds 88 with the 5.7. He got way over 30 mpg on trips, and other than a fuel gelling episode one very cold night he got along fine with it. He didn't keep it long enough to find out how well it held up over time. I always liked to remind him that it sounded like he had some bad lifters. Dad traded often. I did not inherit that trait from him.
  6. Now that's some good advice right there. A light right foot helps a bunch. Same advice holds for driving a conversion van with passengers.
  7. You might want try this. A friend of mine owned tow trucks several years ago and sealed a gasoline drip from one of his trucks. He applied it over the small hole while it was still dripping, and it sealed it right away. He put on several more coats and it never leaked again, at least while he owned it. I'd give it a try before I spent money and effort. No downside that I can see. Don't get it on your fingers. https://www.amazon.com/Seal-All-380112-Contact-Adhesive-Sealant/dp/B008VK0JS4/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3CLAGCIAJX8C3&keywords=seal+all+gas+and+oil+resistant+sealer&qid=1701014629&sprefix=seal+all%2Caps%2C341&sr=8-4
  8. So, the E stands for "electrical issues"?
  9. The Brits build some of the most beautiful aircraft ever, and they also built some of the most - unusual - ones. This one was rather unusual.
  10. Old kamikaze pilot thought he saw a carrier.
  11. Well, that's certainly a good feeling. Another lap around the sun. Many more to you.
  12. Me too, till I saw the fuel filters.
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