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    Dairy farming, IH & JD tractors, fixing equipmemt
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    IH 1066, 656 gas, 574 mfwd
    Farmall 856D, 400 gas
    JD 7405 mfwd
    plus alot of new holland, IH and JD equipment

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  1. I didn't even realize the country ??
  2. Those are tough hours. I have dairy cattle so I'm pretty much late to everything not like I go anywhere very much though
  3. I have a strong feeling that the way things are going things like toilet paper are going to become currency. Everyone laughed and made fun of people who hoarded it, but they'll have the last laugh
  4. Went down the rabbit hole of these on ew tube. Reminiscing back to my youth
  5. Just because they are "organic" doesn't mean they can't use antibiotics
  6. Best farm vehicle we ever had was a Ford ranger. You would be very surprised at what you can do with one of them
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