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  1. Finished on the 10th Everything went well ground conditions and corn were about perfect. It's been years since we've had both and finished as early as we did. I'm thinking it's been over ten years since we finished this early. Filled the three silos and finished with about 150feet of silage bag A field that I never remember being in corn am almost thirty. It did well Dust was flying more than I ever remember. It's a nice change from the usual mud and snow. Also hillsides make things interesting Planned on 20 loads but only got five since the feedroll bearing wen
  2. Sure could have used Michael Bloomberg on this day
  3. If you knew how much they want for it you'd need to change your pants
  4. Started Sunday only been able to get in a couple hours a day but another load tomorrow and probably cover the 12x35. Mile haul one way. Stuck the 400 on the blower to use the 856 and 574 to haul
  5. This past Saturday afternoon baled up the last of the dry hay we had ready to bale last week. Baled fifty or square bales of third cutting to finish filling up where I we put the last load of squares. Anyhow we park the gooseneck trailer and square baler next to each other and I cover the baler with bag plastic and hang tires off of it to secure it. But before I covered it there was part of a round bale on the trailer from the day before with no netwrap on it so decided to year it apart and put it through the square baler so I'd have something to feed in the barn. Folded it out and got it clos
  6. I remember starting a thread on here on the estate auction where apperently the 706 didn't sell. Have noticed it on and off listed on tractorhouse since then. Someone on here had something to do with selling the guy the fwd front for it. I noticed it on this post and kinda knew it was the same 706 because it's the only one I had know to have a front end and be a gasser that was restored. So I guess that makes it rare in that sense Had noticed a lot of IH's with add-on fwd front ends listed on tractorhouse. My only question/opinion is why in the world would anyone would put one on a
  7. It was going real good till my girlfriend went back to her husband Guess I'll be at zero for awhile
  8. Just makes me appreciate our little two row JD 3950 pull type even more. I like milking cows but definitely not as much as some people do
  9. I have no ties to this auction https://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi?lid=3466754
  10. Had a rare visitor today. Usually see them this time of year just not every year. I finally got a pic of one. Sitting on a half dead ash tree that is in the pasture about 100ft from the front of the barn. I have been told they catch the wind currents and float up our way
  11. Probably milks cows for a living
  12. It's nice to see young people taking a interest in this kind of stuff
  13. I absolutely do not get any of it. Some farms have a quota, some told to cut back like the original post and then some that can produce as much as they want I guess it depends on the buyer/processor but it's messed up to me
  14. Well figured it out.....we got a reman carburetor from Bates before the ignition kit. It run good after the kit was put in then slowly went down hill. May of this year we took the rebuilt carburetor off and put the old one back on. Runs just as it should 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  15. Thanks it's getting to be a lost art. I can do it in my sleep lol About sixty miles or so east of Ohio two miles from the NY state line directly south of chatauqua lake in ny
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