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  1. A 766 diesel black stripe is a dream tractor of mine. All 766's seemed to have really jumped in value 8n recent years
  2. Sounds about like what 656's were around here
  3. I remember back in 2018 or 2017 they were talking on the weather channel or the local news or somewhere about how we were getting affected by smoke from wildfires from Siberia in Russia. It was way up high in the atmosphere it was more like thin wispy clouds. I've heard of the smoke from Western Canada and the US affecting parts of Europe as well Pretty incredible
  4. Storm coming out of the east.... This was after getting rained out of this field once...took two weeks to get it completely planted. About a 6 acre field
  5. Missed out on two really good hay days here today and yesterday. Mowed some first cutting Sunday around noon had it baled up by dark Monday rain forecast for Tuesday but didn't happen. Had a little shower this morning but not more than a heavy dew. This year it seems like it rains when it's forecast to be nice and is nice when it forecast for rain. Had that happen a couple times this year played it safe otherwise would be about done with first cutting. This year sucks
  6. Buy it and find out ?
  7. I don't watch or care about sports at all except for the Olympics. I watch them when I can and wish I could watch them more than I am. But as for the original post and not to pessimistic I have a feeling that team USA isn't going to be the big powerhouse it was in recent games
  8. They were saying on the radio Friday that the reservoir was 9ft above average and the army corps was increasing the outflow to get it lower. It's just now getting dry enough to get on the fields even to spread manure. Only have about a third of first cutting done this year so far. Last year on this day we were cutting the last of first and getting second cutting started. It's getting depressing
  9. Had a photo op when putting in new seeding
  10. I have a strong feeling that the way things are going things like toilet paper are going to become currency. Everyone laughed and made fun of people who hoarded it, but they'll have the last laugh
  11. Just because they are "organic" doesn't mean they can't use antibiotics
  12. Best farm vehicle we ever had was a Ford ranger. You would be very surprised at what you can do with one of them
  13. Always had a round muffler on ours. The guy who overhauled the engine stuck a oval muffler on as the one we had on it broke off and I was disappointed at first but it has really grown on me
  14. Best way to prevent from being used therefore not wearing out the TA ?
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