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  1. Thank you for the comments. I'll put up some more photos if I get around to it
  2. Bgriffin856


    I have been checking Restoration tractor sales couple times a week for the past idk how long probably since they started. I wish I was able to get away and check them out. Seems they sell alot according to the inventory on the website
  3. Can't get anything done if you don't get started on it
  4. "Either pick your nose or pick your butt don't just stand there watching everyone else work. Make it look like you're doing something" You know what? When I stop what I'm working on I usually find myself doing one or the other
  5. They have calmed down some from their younger years lol
  6. More recent photo. The gentleman who traps on our property finally harvested a coyote. A good sized female. He also caught and released two red fox earlier this season although it might have been the same one
  7. A question for the original post. Are the wagons being hand stacked or stacked with an accumulator? We have a baler with a kicker but in most cases still stack the wagons to get more on them. Have two flat wagons and a homebuilt kicker wagon. If stacking by hand I recommend putting sides on it especially with hired help who can't stack. Less risk of loosing a part or or a full load as well. Not to mention you can more bales on the wagon. As for the actual building of the wagons we use 4x10's or 12's for beams lay down tarpaper on the tops of those to prevent rot before laying the bo
  8. It's about to get freaky
  9. The only Christmas music worth listening to are the Christmas songs from South Park All our local stations have been sold out and have all went to sh!t and I gave up the "country' stations years ago so the past several years I've been listening to NPR. I can't stand not having the radio on in the barn
  10. Looks like a nice place to milk a herd of dairy cows. Nice pictures
  11. Wait you guys actually have floors to work on? Fancy living there 😂
  12. It's nice to see the folks east of us experience what lake effect snow can be like. We got around seven inches on frozen ground and the winds were calm. Wasn't bad at all
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