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  1. Bgriffin856

    A sign?

    Had a rare visitor today. Usually see them this time of year just not every year. I finally got a pic of one. Sitting on a half dead ash tree that is in the pasture about 100ft from the front of the barn. I have been told they catch the wind currents and float up our way
  2. Probably milks cows for a living
  3. It's nice to see young people taking a interest in this kind of stuff
  4. I absolutely do not get any of it. Some farms have a quota, some told to cut back like the original post and then some that can produce as much as they want I guess it depends on the buyer/processor but it's messed up to me
  5. Well figured it out.....we got a reman carburetor from Bates before the ignition kit. It run good after the kit was put in then slowly went down hill. May of this year we took the rebuilt carburetor off and put the old one back on. Runs just as it should 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  6. Thanks it's getting to be a lost art. I can do it in my sleep lol About sixty miles or so east of Ohio two miles from the NY state line directly south of chatauqua lake in ny
  7. That right fender though 😖
  8. Have three wagons we square bale on. A 8x16, 8x20 both flat wagons and built a kicker rack when we got a kicker baler. The kicker was a god send stack all three without breaking a sweat. Isiy get 8x16 160 bales 8x20 180 Kicker rack is 9x18 the sides are nice on hills and easier stacking get 200 or so on it. Have a Deere 337 with pan kicker bales aren't the longest
  9. Shorten up bales brag about how many bales you get a load
  10. Normal setup Circa 2016. Had a good year that year. Not too shabby for 80day corn 2018's fun the only field we had major trouble with we gave up after this pic. Never dried out enough till August 2019 Ended up putting chains on the front of the 7405 annoying but made a big difference Wet spot in a relatively dry field and planted the wagon. Start with a empty wagon chop one way too till you barely make it through the finish chopping one way on the dry side of the field. Funny part was I was doing the exact same thing the year before pretty much the same time of day on nearly the same day and same wagon
  11. In second and third cutting we have a hard time getting it to the back of the wagon even with heavy windrows and running as fast a ground speed without stalling the tractor or plugging the feedrolls. First cutting and corn is no problem
  12. Little bit of a rant but back in February or March when shoups had their sale we ordered plow shares and tedder tines. Came in two big boxes, one with the plow shares ten of them five to two smaller boxes and the other the tedder tines. Tedder tines just had paper lining the box they were okay. The other box was pretty much destroyed there was no packing around the two smaller boxes of plow shares and the one smaller box the plow shares tore out the end and sticking through the bigger box. Ordered front axle parts for the 856 through a smaller mom and pop type dealer who gets aftermarket stuff through a&I. New steering arms and spindles along with wheel bearings. Took longer because the spindles destroyed the box they were in all the nuts and washers were gone and had to be reordered. Noticed this today It's going back. This is bullsh*t never had a problem before this with shipping
  13. Those Dions look like beasts especially with the Kemper head. I imagine they don't sell many of them anymore. I think Deere discontinued pull types
  14. Past two years has made me want to become a grass farmer. But tonnage and quality of corn silage is hard to beat. 2016 was the last good year we've had. I too remember most springs of my childhood in the 90's and 2000's to be dry enough to get plowing and at least seeding done by mid May and corn started to finished by memorial day. Some years we don't even get the plow hooked up till mid May and planter doesn't come out till end of May first of June
  15. This thread makes me glad we don't have a NH spreader seems like everyone who has one sure spends a lot of time fixing them
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