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  1. I thought the name was fairly good. The biggest thing was that it would be easy for an announcer to ad lib from. If we do well, they could tease that the rest of the class wouldnt need more power, front end weight or speed, they just need More Cowbell. Also if we didn't do as well as we hoped, they might be able to tell me that I have More Cowbell, and probably still need more yet. Some of the other names considered were NOT family friendly. Ahh.. the stupid ideas that come together over a couple beers! I do have plans to get t-shirts printed and figured there were alot of fun places we could go with this theme. I'm also interested in finding a crew member who wants to wear the shirt, grow the beard and take a cowbell and drumstick on the track when they help me back up to the sled. I doubt the starting line flagman will appreciate having a cowbell thumped next to their ear, so I think we are required to do that too. We're still working on the weight. I can definitely make the 6400 this weekend, but may have to stay away from the 6200 classes until we take a little more off the tractor and driver this winter.
  2. I know we have more than just a few pulling fans on this board. This Saturday (Aug 29th) night I'm going to make my first pass on the tractor I built a the pull in Mt Pleasant, PA. There are definitely traces of several famous IH Super Stocks incorporated into the design. This is a bonafide 806 all the way thru. We're running a D361 (on alcohol), 806 rearend and Binder Lite sheetmetal by the late Ted Dibble. I've read so many good stories on here over the years about the early years of pulling. This tractor is supposed to be a salute to the guys who started the sport and paved the way for things to have to grown to where it is today. I'm not expecting much the first time out, but we'll see if we cant find something to grow from. At the very least, we'll look good. ?
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