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  1. Brent1086

    R.I.P. 5088

    I am pretty sure the fire started on/in the cab. I was not using the tractor, it had been sitting for a week or so. The baler is a goner also.
  2. Brent1086

    R.I.P. 5088

    My 5088 burned last week. I dont know the cause, but suspect electrical? It had been sitting for a week or so. This was a great tractor just rolled over 7400 hours. Other than tires and a few odds and ends it was cheap to run, never left me with work to do.
  3. Brent1086

    5088 front seal

    Thanks, I replaced damper three years ago. I had ordered seal then but it didn't arrive , and I needed to use tractor. I will check before I reinstall. I will check pump orings as well. Thanks again
  4. Brent1086

    5088 front seal

    The front seal has started leaking on my 5088. Is there anything I need to know before ordering parts? Thanks
  5. Brent1086

    3688 remote not working

    Can anyone tell me which part is the signal check? I am going to pull fuel tank and look at the priority valve. Think I will look at the signal checks also. Thanks
  6. Brent1086

    3688 remote not working

    I was cutting hay today and when I tried to close the cutter up it wouldn't close. I tried it on the 3rd set and nothing. I then moved it to the 1st set and it works. I normally run up down on the first set and open, close on the second. Where do I start looking to fix This? Thank you
  7. Brent1086

    Red power 2018

    We are going to try to make our first red power this year. If you could only make it for one day which day would it be? Thanks in advance.
  8. Brent1086

    1947 Farmall H

    This is my grandad sitting on the horse trough filling it up
  9. Brent1086

    1947 Farmall H

    Funny about that can on the exhaust, my grandad was religious about keeping a can on the exhaust even in the shed. The tractor hasn't seen the sun since 2003. I took plugs out and put oil in cylinders every spring since then.
  10. Brent1086

    1947 Farmall H

    Just wanted to show off some family history. My grandad bought this tractor new in February of 1947. Tractor, lister, cultivate for the total of $1645.00. He got to pick It put and drive It off of the rail car. It is one of the brown ones produced just after ww2. It is coming to live at my house.
  11. Brent1086

    Pop up Hay Loader

    No, that is all there is. The only time ours come unhitched is when dad drives too fast in a rough field. Grease the shaft that the hitch rides on. We use a 1/2" or so pin that is 12" long.
  12. Brent1086

    Pop up Hay Loader

    If it is a flatbed we just drop a pin into a pocket on the trailer. If it is a utility trailer we use a 3x3 piece of angle across the front of trailer to hook to. All of our loaders have a stop for heights on the hitch, we run the rails just off of the ground. You will have to make left turns when using the loader. We always start on the second round and the get the 1st round last.
  13. Brent1086

    2017 pics

    BR750 that bunt. It only had 3500 or so bales. Replaced with a BR7070 with 1600 bales. Don't really know what started the fire. I assume a bearing, we have a temp gun in the tractor and used it the night b4. Melted tail light on the 5088. My 17 yr old son was running it and said it was hot when he got it unhooked.
  14. Brent1086

    2017 pics

    5088 on the baler, 3688 on the rake. Old baler. New baler. Field total just under 3 hours. More pics later.
  15. Brent1086

    Gotta try it

    5088 on baler, 3688 on rake