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  1. I don't know on a 116 for sure but, on every one I have been around you can take the cylinder off then the neck will fold up all the way.
  2. Brent1086


    I have had two. I would buy another tomorrow.
  3. The sig 320 midsized is a nice gun. Striker fired so easy to master the controls.
  4. You can load the tail. Their is a frame that slides inside the I beam to lock the tail in place. It also is supported by the lift cylinders.
  5. 26' hydraulic dovetail gooseneck trailer. This is my middle sons ffa ag mechanics project for this year. I dont know how much he will get to show it. 9k axles, 17.5" tires, pierced frame. He built hydraulic jacks for it. Still waiting on the pin striper. 1206 inspired paint job. Thanks for looking.
  6. I just did this to my 2001. It is like Christmas for my butt every time I sit in it.
  7. Up to 50/50. Kinda depends on the wood if it is hard i thin it more,softer/drier a little less. Usually around 40/60 mineral spirits to linseed oil. I use boiled
  8. If you thin the linseed oil with mineral spirits it will dry and penetrate much better. Otherwise it will be sticky/ gummy for a week or so
  9. Number 4 is what catches on a stop in the pulley.
  10. On the passenger side of the baler on the pulley that runs the twine tie system. The cog/lever sometimes gets to where it is not catching and will do your describing. I dont remember exactly how to fix but remember using washers to get it to catch. I am looking for parts pictures now
  11. That was original or close to it color. Rims were body color with white pin stripes. There is a pin stripe that needs to be put on around cab. Hub caps were originally painted white with red gmc letters. Dad is deciding on hub caps and tires this week. I want him to put mud grips on the back. This was a Korean War era truck is why there was so little chrome on it.I want to take it in the county stock show rodeo parade. Pic is dated 1964 note ffa sticker...it is still on it.
  12. Thanks guys I appreciate the compliments. I really hope my dad drives it some.
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