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  1. i've not been able to find the segmented v belts without having to buy a lot more than I actually need, just to make sure the 18 is going to run. The 18 does have the nose plate beneath the radiator, so I may be able rest the radiator on it in order to get the new belts looped around the harmonic balancer-crankshaft sheave. Would sure like to find 5-6 ft. of C section segmented belt.
  2. Animals destroyed my 18's fan belts and I have new ones to put on. This is on a TD18 with the Bucyrus Erie hydraulic blade , using Hydreco pump. I don't have a way to hoist the radiator section if I remove it and am wondering if I can remove the 6 bolts holding the splined pto shaft in the harmonic balancer and slide the pto shaft far enough forward to get the new belts loopped around the harmonic balancer. I know I can loosen the hydreco pump and secure it in front of the radiator, but don't know if its drive shaft will slip through the radiator sump hole. I'm resurrecting the 18 after 25 years and I'd like to know its going to run before I get too far into it. Have considered using a 7/8" wide link belt temporarily to be sure its going to run before tackling removal of the radiator. Anyone replaced belts this way? TO
  3. I'm replacing the small seal on the vertical actuator rod which engages the pto. Does anyone know the size of the large hex nut associated with the seal replacement? It appears to be over an inch. Thanks.
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