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  1. Are all of the lines 1 inch ? Are all of the female threaded fittings standard pipe threads?
  2. What is the diameter of the splinded shaft which slides into the center of the clutch disc?
  3. My 18 does have the hydreco pump driven off the front harmonic balancer. Thus, the problem.
  4. I have the 2 belts for my 18, but would like to avoid pulling radiator, etc to get them on. Anyone know where I could buy the "powertwist" segmented belts without having to buy the 25' minimum quantity, $$$$. I'd consider even used segmented belts until I get the 18 running reliably.
  5. Has anyone changed the original carburetor used for starting the diesel to a larger carb with a throttle plate ? The intent would be to increase engine speed for light duty use of the dozer when the diesel injection system isn't working properly.
  6. Wondering if I will risk damage to my engine if I just leave it running on gas to move it, raise and lower blade etc. Also, it uses two fan belts and both are shot. Will a single twist flex belt C22 be adaquate--trying to avoid removing hydreco pump to put on regular v belts.
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