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  1. The TP oil filter is still available, used to see a lot of them in industrial air systems https://www.toiletpaperoilfilter.com/thetoiletpaperoilfiltercompany.html
  2. This 3975 does not appear to have the ability to be switched to open center, nothing in the manual about it. This chopper uses hydraulics for the tongue swing, the flipper, the spout rotation, the header forward and reverse, and the header lift. Anyone have the method of converting the electric hydraulic block on the chopper?
  3. A question for all, With JD being closed center hydraulics and the Magnums 7120 and 7230 being pressure compensated closed center why do the Magnum hydraulic not seem to work with the JD chopper. It seems like the rear remote hooked to the chopper the hydraulics go to the high pressure "mode" and squeal and whistle like it is lifting a relief valve, it will actually pull the engine down a bit at idle. It seems like the answer is to add an open center valve bypass to the chopper. I haven't had a chance to do so as we have been busy chopping with the old NH 230 chopper that
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