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  1. Engine is gone since long, replaced with a Perkins Diesel. I did not get it right with all the W, WA, WK, WD engines... OK so the WK40 298cid engine is an option, are they available or easier to find a Red Diamiond engine? I find different Red Diamond engines RD-450 and RD-501, which shall I look for? /Erik
  2. Sorry I meant WA-40, the crawler is a T35. Have corrected my post. Think the engine from a WA-40 is the closest I can get. Erik
  3. Hi, I have written about this before. Searching for an engine to a IH T35 crawler, does not have to be 100% original. Which is the easiest engine to find and that will fit without any major changes? Engne from an IH WA-40 wheel tractor is very close to original but where do I find a spare engine? Regards Erik
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