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  1. Love to see this IH setting in my driveway with Thirsty on low boy West Coaster look ? at the shinie hood Big Muskie’s drag line bucket
  2. Sure Good to see all of my friends names again Brian
  3. Mike very sorry to hear of your loss Dad’s cousin was Clyde no McKeran
  4. One for KoO a dual earning its keep My Dad’s first cousin was parts sales manager at Howard-Cooper for years wish I had an IH Coaster with this shiny of a hood
  5. Would be nice to have hyd dogs and turners but Bellsaw carriage is not strong enough my next project was a hyd powered log deck but there was the edger and now got generator (12,000) watts to run Bellsaw planer and move it from shop to the mill where it belongs maybe next generation will get it done
  6. Duane and Jered (little crunch) Testing the Sawmill first time I am running the power plant my Ford 3000
  7. Seen this on Facebook Coopy long time friend and fellow who with boys help built the sawmill The axes ? he won with are willed to me
  8. Yes my 91 has turbo two reverse gears
  9. Been busy what’s up with you guys I should be back got pictures on drive stick and nurse to post pictures till I get voice command figured out
  10. Note slick log ? reject power poles he fell into talk about luck
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