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  1. Would be nice to have hyd dogs and turners but Bellsaw carriage is not strong enough my next project was a hyd powered log deck but there was the edger and now got generator (12,000) watts to run Bellsaw planer and move it from shop to the mill where it belongs maybe next generation will get it done
  2. Duane and Jered (little crunch) Testing the Sawmill first time I am running the power plant my Ford 3000
  3. Seen this on Facebook Coopy long time friend and fellow who with boys help built the sawmill The axes 🪓 he won with are willed to me
  4. Yes my 91 has turbo two reverse gears
  5. Been busy what’s up with you guys I should be back got pictures on drive stick and nurse to post pictures till I get voice command figured out
  6. Note slick log 😲 reject power poles he fell into talk about luck
  7. Found pictures of the sawmill long ago little crunch probably the best sawyer of bunch
  8. I got laptop and hopefully the voice command will work and I can get pictures off my old computer to post
  9. Thinking Little Crunch went brain dead 💀 on me bought a log truck
  10. Someone is messing with us that’s a gas start engine and intake and exhaust on same side (old) with newer dash wonder if they put old motor in newer cat something fishy about it my TD-9 91 had direct start 6 cylinder engine
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