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  1. If I remember correctly the late MbCat posted that so his memory lives on
  2. mo passed away last august

  3. With the arced lift arms I will call it a Bucyrus Erie dozer Issacson very similar but with straight lift arms
  4. For some reason my phone won’t open link Don’t know if T-20 is still with us but he had two or three of them and was resident T-20 expert
  5. Didn’t really read the message close to see you were using the terex for anchor making lots of noise and tail holt bout all they’re good for but I cannot get used to setting in the middle of the cat (82-30) but loved the fold down in your lap blade control and no wonder I say (huh what did you say) lots not a cat but IH with a load
  6. Both the processer and forwarders have computer controled teather winches granted they don’t dangle but they work on damn steep ground they grew up with Dad’s storys of dangling the old D-7 and sure they would do it their answer was if you arnt lying and not dead no problem now know what I had to deal with as far as no fear kids but they wanted no part of the fire lines at ranch in Elkton one foot against air breather no sense in brakes and dirt did that and you Damn sure wanted at all cost wanted clean ground under you winch was only backup ya had IH never had low enough reverse on the older ones and trying to keep winch line snug and run blade was impossible and clutch would have needed 3 or more hands and four eyes sound familiar mike what do you use for your tail holt the big excavtor rocks roll lol
  7. As Mr Newman pointed out I am a swamp dweller you get off the gravel road and you can get a helicopter stuck in the mud
  8. What are you doing on that bald knob building you a tennis court ??? Not a bad looking dozer least you’re not Rusting as Coop would say Feel sorry for him he has out lived his whole family daughter was killed in a car accident 15 years ago wife died of Alzheimer’s 10 years ago and son was killed in freak accident one
  9. Noble thought Drott most people got my parts books and mine are in rough shape
  10. Not much Dad died of a heart attack when I was 12 but I remember riding on the 14 hanging on to canopy screen and thinking this thing is going to tip over anytime he climbed up hill my kids had it better they had side screens couldn’t fall off
  11. When I look at the picture the 14 is setting under an A-Frame and overhang is loading pot roof
  12. As for mr Newman’s daughter don’t think swamp dwellers qualify unless we lived at cabin on hill and that might prove a little stressful on a lady
  13. This timber has had 65 years to grow 60 years is a about growth cycle but we had a freak snow ❄️ storm of 5 ft in 69 so lots of broken tops and snow breaks beings timber was at just right size to be damaged once in a lifetime crop and that happens but I have learned crap happens
  14. The Wizard 🧙‍♂️ of north being awful quiet picture of original Thirsty Dad’s 14 long ago hard to believe 65-70 years ago
  15. The 2 pictures are not over 500 yards apart
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