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  1. KoO has been busy freezing 🥶 the fish he caught when he was fishing for a Mermaid
  2. Heard KoO got hard up and took job down south running a proseser cutting trees but could not leave his past behind him Good thing for tail
  3. KoO good fishing but might have better luck down south
  4. Wish I had my pictures I would love to have one of the tractors that were half Ford 5000 tractor and TD-9 under carriage
  5. Set home made trusses (heavy) with Ford 2910 and boom 🤯 in bucket talk about touchy controls
  6. KoO will be upset no dragging things around in snow ❄️
  7. Anyone ever run a Cleatrack ? Brakes and steering clutches same levers same going down hill and blade takes 3 arms
  8. Wish I had a picture of Rambo GI 10 ton he makes Thor look like VW when I changed starter it was at eye 👁 level standing under fender you can check oil level in front differential on your knees same size as the KW I posted 10 feet wide with duals on
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