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  1. And he still ain’t figured it out how many single stacks are still going vs the number of surviving dull stacks and China doesn’t count
  2. Everything is still as it was I got friends who want to run it so I will be coaching rather than opperaten mill sawing a log is very interesting 🧐 seeing what you can cut out of log and you understand why Scalers make the deductions they do KoO got to wondering what ever happened to Moose Jaw Sally ???
  3. PFL You said a mouth full there a Bellsaw was only a farmer’s mill to begin with so cutting precisely took a lot of shims and tweaking but where abor and carriage track are intragal saw is always 90* but carriage and knees are light makes keeping it square is a never ending battle
  4. dewets Thank You 😊 but I cant take all the credit the Russian lady above is also a computer 💻 programmer and the CNAs are mostly 27-35 year old girls and all have IPhones like mine so I got 10 toutors here are a couple IH log trucks with Redwood logs
  5. Interesting that it has gaurding on front idlers,sprockets and rock gaurds for rollers Bet bellypan also must have been a logging cat
  6. I was told you needed cover over the steel frame to keep weather change from affecting movement of frame of mill you know global warming and climate change
  7. Don’t sound good that would be about the time thermostat would open radiator could have obstruction but look 👀 for bubbles in radiator that is sign of cracked head or blown head gasket
  8. Think 🤔 of the fun KoO could have with this creatateing Fire 🔥 Wood in his Old Growth Forest lol
  9. Mill pictures hyd pump,valve are IH donar parts so I am safe
  10. It can happen I keep that in my mind else wise this would about do me in but I am not dead 💀 even tho I tried to die 5 times before they did surgery on my neck being I can still get one net I still have my knowledge to share with you people and help keep the dulls rules
  11. PFL I was given a Bellsaw power planer it’s old but works well needs knives but Swamp Dweller (Thank You Mr Newman Suh) technology I told belt sander to knifes did not take nicks out but sure helped but my generator at mill won’t handle 2hp motor so planer is in my shop makings mess but neighborhood girl wanted shavings for her chickens 🐓 so she kept mess under control
  12. Thank You my present goal is to regain use of hands and arms again I am in therapy for this progresses is slow but I now with some help get my hands on my head but with very little feeling in hands kindly spastic to watch
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