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  1. TD14 Bendix spring, possible solution

    There's a sure way to avoid that kind of regret. Never, ever throw anything away. Zeke B.
  2. TD14 Bendix spring, possible solution

    Wow. Why all the broken springs? You're starting it on gas, yes? Zeke B.
  3. TD 24 value

    If you want to sell the machine sooner rather than later, you might ask $5000 and be prepared to take less. Could be worth more to the right buyer. I paid less for my working TD-24 a few years ago, when the price of scrap was high. Zeke B.
  4. Hi. Rocko59 here

    Hi Rocko Good to see you here again! Zeke B.
  5. Water in hydraulic fulid in IH 460 utility

    That was a constant problem with my Farmall 460. More darned oil and filters into that thing than all the other tractors I've owned combined; and still the power steering froze up, either five gallons of hot water to thaw it, or leave the wheels straight ahead at shutdown and next morning steer with the brakes to get it into the warm barn. Brakes were quirky too, too bad it wouldn't steer or stop predictably, 'cause it sure did start, I never touched the ignition or carb all the years I had it. Someone at the dealer's told me the water was introduced by the hydraulic pump sucking air due to a bad seal on the intake pipe but the fix required a split. The tractor left years ago, I still have the new seal. Zeke B.
  6. what is guy supposed to do?

    You asked what a guy is supposed to do, which is, of course, entirely a matter of opinion. So I will tell you. Pull the head and see what you have. Again, as a matter of opinion, the head is insanely heavy. Some kind of mechanical lift is in order; a cheap cable come-along is alright if that's the best you have. If you can't see any sign of cracks, try the head gasket. If the head is cracked, I know someone who might donate one to the cause. I wouldn't be surprised if the King himself advised the same. Zeke B.
  7. Here's a cute one!

    The grease gun and oil really clinches the deal. Zeke B.
  8. Td-6 starter problem

    I wandered out to the shop and said to myself, "That old Delco starter carcass off the International 55T baler should be right about here," and there it was under my hand. Bet it looks at least a little like what we're talking about. First photo by Daphne, second, from Ebay, via Google. Dave, good to see you too. All's well here, hope all's well with you! Zeke B.
  9. Td-6 starter problem

    DISCLAIMER: I have never been inside a TD6 starter. I have opened up a bunch of other starters, though. Last time I messed with one of those starter terminals was about 40 years ago; Delco starter on a Farmall 200. As M Diesel says, one or more copper bars maybe 1/16 in. thick fit into a slot in the head of the copper bolt/terminal inside the starter. It is/they are meant to be soldered in place, AFAIK. A world-weary tech with a heart of gold schooled me on this when I kept coming back to the local auto electrical shop with ever more questions and ever less money. The joint is pretty solid when properly soldered, not easily wrenched apart. Would not surprise me at all, though, if somebody had a terminal with messed up threads, de-soldered it, and installed a new terminal without re-soldering, relying on the copper-to-copper pressure for the connection. Could it be that when you turn the terminal 90 degrees you are forcing the copper strips (attached to the field coils) out of the slot, thus increasing the copper to copper pressure, and when you turn another 90 degrees, the strips fall back into the slot with less pressure? Good to see you, MD. Zeke B.