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    Caseih 6650

    The shank trip force is higher on the 6650 than the 7400. My BIL has a YB8400 and gets his parts through the local CIH dealer. If the frame is broken up I would guess that they were plowing frozen ground. I have some relatives that have raised **** with a pretty new Sunflower that way.
  2. You can replace the gold active terminator with a passive around $18 IIRC. It has the adapter with it. I will see if I can find the number.
  3. You need to check the voltage on the can system, can go and can low (the yellow and green wires) checked to ground should add up to ~5v. Ohm between them at the diagnostic connector should be 60 ohms. If it is 120 you are missing a terminator most likely the one on the planter. Check the ISO connector, I have had to replace pins in that connector. For your information the RE number on that terminator is the John Deere part number. It was $43 at CIH and $78 at Deere last I checked, AGCO uses the same one also. If you need one and one is less than 4 hr drove the cost doesn't matter.
  4. Yes it is a 8 row 30 in. Kinze 3500, finger meters, AgLeader electric clutches with a Incommand 1200. I would have a Case IH but they don't make a 8 row we can get around with.
  5. Some pictures of last Saturday. Put the variety plot in with two insecticide checks. Dad finished up planting Sunday. Now to get some moisture and heat. And the poor view out of the work truck in the afternoon.y
  6. Morning was better than the afternoon. Test plot in this morning, work this afternoon.
  7. DMI Tigermate II field cultivator.
  8. Worked this morning. Then changed oil in my 5288. Rolled some flat Iowa ground to seed oats and rolled the oats in. The BIL came back from working oats ground and went back at the NH3. Dad was on the 686 seeding the oats. Even tied up a couple of the fair animals on the nice day. Happy Easter all.
  9. Heading to Branson from NE IA today. Are there any collections or other things we need to see along the way? We will need to get the kids out a couple of times.
  10. The last I knew Artsway made all the blowers, CIH, H&S, NH,JD, +more. H&S makes the poly sided spreaders and brands them NH. There are no CIH spreaders available new in the USA
  11. It is a 335 with 8 bolt wheels. What Demco 12 ton gears did you have problems with? The standard or low profile, never had spindle issues on the low profiles I have been around.
  12. If anyone is interested the Case IH dealer in Decorah Is has a Demo 365 on an IH gear.
  13. There is a service bulletin that addresses that issue. I don't the number but it involves installing a office fitting in the inlet port of the steering hand pump. It helps with steering chatter and the head raising issues.
  14. The wife and I went for a drive after I got off work yesterday. She got some pics of some red combines in action.
  15. Thinking about a side by side. Looking at either a Mule Pro FXT or a Pioneer 1000 -5. I don't want a long wheelbase multi seat like a ranger, gator, mahindra. I would like an opinion between the two in actual working conditions.
  16. That rear half is the one that lived at NICC in Calmar IA I believe. If I saw it in person I could tell you for sure. The long lever on the shift valve was an easy way to shift it and show what gear it was in for the whole class at once. We would run it with the test gauges on it in transmission class. It was powered by and 8.3 at the time. The engine adapted was "fab shop" built not like a production tractor. The whole thing came in a box in pieces and was put back together by Instructor Dave Amdahl.
  17. I have had trouble using that snowplow type solenoid in the past, I got a starter solenoid at the local parts store. The solenoid is heavy enough for the load but isn't rated for continuous duty. After running for 5 hr straight it decided to start smoking. That new style from CIH has been reliable, but can be a bear to mount and attach wires in the original Magnum's.
  18. I'll second the shredder grate with notched bars on the rotor, if you have a chaff spreader it is hard to tell the difference between that and a chopper. A lot of the thumping in the rotor goes away also. It goes in place of the last grate.
  19. The header is tipped forward. Pete the 11 deg. Is close in work position when you are on a hard surface.
  20. First you need to go to the hardware store and get a magnetic protractor. You put the protractor on the backsheet between the auger trough and top frame tube. Ideally the angle is checked in the field in operating position with a half full hopper. If checking in the yard just set the head down so that the cutterbar just touches. If the angle is incorrect you need to change the faceplate angle. On a 1400 series you need to remove the bolts and choose the set of holes that are closest to the angle you want. On a 1600 or newer you loosen ALL the bolts and use the draw bolts on the faceplate to adjust the angle, the draw bolts won't pull the plate back with a head on it. I'll post a pic with a 2020 off a combine on the ground
  21. With the differences in the way they attach I would not try to lift a head on the cart with the red combine. With my luck I would have it half way over the cart and fall off wrecking both the cart and head. With the comments on a Deere head doing a better job than a red head, some adjustments need to be done. Deere better than a 820 or 2020 I wouldn't argue, but both of those heads are built similar to a Deere. The reason you will not see a 820/1020 on a Deere is the fact that the feeder is narrower than Deere and an adapter sets the head further ahead leaving a "dead" area between the auger and feeder chain. If a 1020/3020 is not shaving the ground or pushing the first thing to check is the back sheet angle. A 1020 should be 10deg. 2020 17deg. 3020 15deg. adjustments to this angle may be necessary but start there. On all combines with header problems check the tire pressure, on tire lower on pressure or a different height (different tire). On non field tracker combines check that the header is parallel to the ground, if it is not you need to twist the feeder with the draw bolt so that it is. Make sure the poly is in good shape and doesn't have holes causing crop to drag. Make sure the feelers are free and completely return to touch the arms. The feelers can be individually adjusted to touch the arms. If the cutterbar backer bar is bent it will cause dragging, it can be bent back with blocks and pallet forks. If your red head is not cutting with or out cutting a Deere look it over because it can.
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