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  1. I cannot get it co come up in etim or ngpc. I found it in a link on a 2003 bulletin. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone have a copy of bulletin NTRSB 012 95 around? It does not come up in the CNH portal and the service bulletin book has seemed to grow legs.
  3. The shanks do not use a standard u bolt, so finding a common one or using plate and bolts won't work.
  4. Just purchased a Bush Hog 1550 Disk Chisel. Ended up replacing the bearings in one gang, which were easy enough to come up with. When looking at it in December in a cold dark pole shed I missed that 2 shank mounting "u bolts" are missing. The dealer that the previous owner dealt with said that he had purchased the last ones they had several years ago, and they did not have any more. She checked with a different dealer and they have them, but at $58 each. Does anyone have or know of a resource for these bolts? If I can't find them cheaper I will have to bite the bullet and pay the price, I just hate to pay 1/5 of my purchase price for 2 bolts..My good may not be so good......I guess that is what happens when you buy what you can afford.
  5. We got a new head from Abeline Machine. The old one could maybe be repaired but with time against us we went with a new. The shop is less than a year old dad tends to fill it full of misc. equipment. He seems happiest when you can't walk form one side of the building to the other. The dog is sleeping in the house too many cats to count.
  6. Just finished a overhaul on my BIL's 2388 engine. Dropped a valve, wrecked the head, took the Piston and sleeve. He pulled out the retired 6620 to keep plugging along on the beans. Going to see what the weather is going to do for the rest of the week, don't want to stop to put the engine back in if the weather is going to crap this weekend. Did the overhaul in the shop dad had built last winter. Now if I can get him to keep it a shop not a machine shed! And a pic of a long overdue project, I hope to work on this winter.
  7. Leave the straight shovels on it if you want it to flow trash. We had one and when you pulled it shallow it would let trash through fair, if you pulled it deep as you want to go for fall tillage it was a plugging SOB with twisted shovels on it. We had much better luck with the straight.
  8. Landall made the Chisel and Disk Chisel plows for Case.
  9. The over pumping failure is often caused by plugged fuel filters. Basically the pump is not able to get enough fuel and is pumping too hard to reach its intended target rate of fuel.
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