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  1. I definitely have a stack in the barn, I haven't had a chance to get a photo but there the rears for a wheatland. I'm in central jersey on the west side of the state
  2. Where are you located, I think I have some rears
  3. IH no longer carries 901 white, only 935. 901 actually has a green tint to it, it was also used on ford mustang's as "new lime"
  4. I bought a gallon of Martin senour last winter of single stage enamel, no problem getting it from Napa but they wouldn't mix smaller than a gallon , this is the chart I used.
  5. Awesome pics, I wish I could of made it to Harry Griest's sale a few years back, I heard the 1456 went cheap along with some other stuff. Tractor was returned close to original
  6. Great pictures! They need a board on here for all things IH pulling related
  7. We have that exact cab on a 966 since the day it was bought at the dealer
  8. I buy all my hardware from McMaster Carr they usually have whatever I'm looking for
  9. This ones for sale on Craigslist, thats gotta be a record price! http://www.tractorhouse.com/ListingsDetail/Detail.aspx?lp=TH&OHID=26489037
  10. Don't forget the oddball 7 lug in the 150hd or light duty 250
  11. I thought it had to do with the serial number location but I know there's some late 75 black stripes
  12. Is that a true black stripe? Whats the serial#
  13. Case ih only carries 935 and newer
  14. Thanks for the help, I guess I'm gonna have to stop by the paint store. I think I'm s.o.l trying to find it in an aerosol
  15. I'll have to grab a can and see how it looks, thanks
  16. Is that color pretty close? It usually has a green tint to it
  17. Does anyone offer IH 901 white in an aerosol can? I'm just looking to paint some small parts, but no luck
  18. Pretty cool looking puller in that first pic, any more info on it?
  19. 1967 ih 1206 serial #13495 farmall restored sold at mecum auction in pa in September, didn't know if you had it on the list
  20. Nice, that signs really cool too
  21. Didn't the serial numbers start at 7501? It sounds like a prototype or b.s.. Just my .2 Nate
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