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  1. IH no longer carries 901 white, only 935. 901 actually has a green tint to it, it was also used on ford mustang's as "new lime"
  2. I bought a gallon of Martin senour last winter of single stage enamel, no problem getting it from Napa but they wouldn't mix smaller than a gallon , this is the chart I used.
  3. Awesome pics, I wish I could of made it to Harry Griest's sale a few years back, I heard the 1456 went cheap along with some other stuff. Tractor was returned close to original
  4. Great pictures! They need a board on here for all things IH pulling related
  5. We have that exact cab on a 966 since the day it was bought at the dealer
  6. I buy all my hardware from McMaster Carr they usually have whatever I'm looking for
  7. What's the serial number? Looks like an early one with the badged oil cooler. Also looks like a solar turbo. Tractor probably had decals from factory. Nice looking tractor definitely worth saving!
  8. Yeah, I'm trying to look up the adjustment procedure for that valve?
  9. Happy Easter everyone, I've been rebuilding a International 1206 the tractor was partially parted out and destined for scrap. I just fired the engine after rebuild and now I'm working on the steering. Most everything was removed from the steering tower including the lines from pilot valve to hand pump. I've got everything put back together now, including hew hoses, rebuilt cylinder, and cleaned and replaced some lines. The pilot valve was completely seized and rusted from sitting exposed to the elements. My question is I have a pilot valve off a farmall 706 that I know works. Could anyone te
  10. I wish they had stuff like this in the Northeast!
  11. This ones for sale on Craigslist, thats gotta be a record price! http://www.tractorhouse.com/ListingsDetail/Detail.aspx?lp=TH&OHID=26489037
  12. Don't forget the oddball 7 lug in the 150hd or light duty 250
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