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  1. Looking for them at Harrisburg didn't see them?
  2. Engine stands

    I've got 2 OTC revolvers, 6000lb rotate and level with bottle jack work great
  3. Gold 1026

    Pretty cool looking puller in that first pic, any more info on it?
  4. Farmall 706 Cummins swap

    Looks great! Gonna leave engine stock or turn it up a little?
  5. Super bowl add

    I'm about an hour from Philly and everything I've heard is downright embarrassing, burning cars, looting stores, destroying light poles and businesses, etc. Not to mention 1 fan eating horse shi*
  6. 1206 serial number registry

    1967 ih 1206 serial #13495 farmall restored sold at mecum auction in pa in September, didn't know if you had it on the list
  7. Company with best D361 engine rebuild kit and other parts.

    Thanks for all the great info
  8. Company with best D361 engine rebuild kit and other parts.

    I have a family friend that runs the machine shop he said the same thing. He also said Reliance is one of the only options, I'm Leary from everything I'm hearing is there any better options?
  9. Company with best D361 engine rebuild kit and other parts.

    I'm in the same boat, I've got a 1206 I'm restoring and I'm looking for the best rebuild kit for a dt361 but I keep hearing mixed reviews
  10. Solar turbo

    I'll have to try giving them a call thanks
  11. Solar turbo

    I know I'm beating a dead horse but is there any shops out there capable of rebuilding a solar turbo? All I can find are old posts , I've tried Bates already they do not, I'm completely rebuilding a 1206 and it's got the original solar in pretty good shape but it's blowing oil, also what company has the best major overhaul kit I'm hearing mixed reviews on Reliance? I'm just trying to do it right once. Thanks
  12. IH 1456

    Nice, that signs really cool too
  13. IH air compressor

    I'm supposed to go look at it in the next week or so, my buddy took the photo but claims the owner said it's international built, it has various international emblems and the sheet metal looks just like a tractors. I'm really curious to find out, and yes it is really big about 20ft long.
  14. 1206 serial number registry

    Didn't the serial numbers start at 7501? It sounds like a prototype or b.s.. Just my .2 Nate