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  1. I definitely have a stack in the barn, I haven't had a chance to get a photo but there the rears for a wheatland. I'm in central jersey on the west side of the state
  2. Where are you located, I think I have some rears
  3. IH no longer carries 901 white, only 935. 901 actually has a green tint to it, it was also used on ford mustang's as "new lime"
  4. I bought a gallon of Martin senour last winter of single stage enamel, no problem getting it from Napa but they wouldn't mix smaller than a gallon , this is the chart I used.
  5. Awesome pics, I wish I could of made it to Harry Griest's sale a few years back, I heard the 1456 went cheap along with some other stuff. Tractor was returned close to original
  6. This ones for sale on Craigslist, thats gotta be a record price! http://www.tractorhouse.com/ListingsDetail/Detail.aspx?lp=TH&OHID=26489037
  7. Don't forget the oddball 7 lug in the 150hd or light duty 250
  8. I thought it had to do with the serial number location but I know there's some late 75 black stripes
  9. Is that a true black stripe? Whats the serial#
  10. Case ih only carries 935 and newer
  11. Thanks for the help, I guess I'm gonna have to stop by the paint store. I think I'm s.o.l trying to find it in an aerosol
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