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  1. JD Humm

    Penna CDL No Manual Transmission restriction?

    In Kansas you can get a class A with a pickup and trailer as long as the combined GVW is over 26K. If it is an automatic pickup you will have a no air brake restriction, no manual transmission restriction and no semi (tractor trailer) restriction. You can bring in a class B truck as long as it is over 26K and remove your no air brake and no manual restrictions if that B truck is a manual. We use to call that "coming in the back door" to get a CDL and used to see a lot of drivers go that route and it was perfectly legal when I resigned. However you will have to bring in a semi tractor that has a fifth wheel and a trailer to lift the no semi restriction. All states have their own little twists on the CDL licensing, even though it is supposed to federally regulated. Starting in Kansas last year, if you bring in a hydraulic brake vehicle and do not do the hydraulic brake check correctly during the CDL exam, it is an automatic fail, just like the air brake check will fail you if not performed correctly. Anyone has any CDL questions drop me a pm, I will be happy to help out if I can.
  2. JD Humm

    Penna CDL No Manual Transmission restriction?

    You can get your manual restriction lifted by using any truck over 26001 GVW with a manual transmission, you will only have to do a pre trip and a drive, no learner permit required. I was a CDL examiner for the state of Kansas for 5 years. Quit a couple of months ago due to a bad knee.
  3. Great photos Rob! Wonder why there is no headlight on the 1206? Didn't see very many at all with factory ac. I sure remember when the 06's came out, I was in grade school, thought they were so awesome.
  4. JD Humm

    1086 question

    Tri stripes had the metric front end bolster.
  5. JD Humm

    Ih fender radios

    I have a black one, originally bought from a Deere dealership, it has the Leaping Goat logo. Same as the IH version only difference was color and decals. Dad bought this one new in the late sixties for his Big A floater, the IH dealership didn't have one in stock when he wanted one so he went down the street and bought one from the green guys. It still has the original AM radio and it still works, guess it is because it was inside a cab all those years and was never out in the elements.
  6. JD Humm

    Need vehicles for parents

    Our 2005 Explorer has well over 200,000 miles on it, we purchased it new. It has had brakes done twice, ac compressor replaced, blend door actuators replaced a couple of times, suspension rebuild once and a couple of oil leaks fixed over the years which I consider to be expected maintenance with that many miles. No drive train component failures. Only engine issues have been oil leaks. Never left the wife or I stranded like some other vehicles in the past. It has always sat inside at night. I took this photo a couple of weeks ago, it has been demoted to my daily driver, she drives the Traverse.
  7. JD Humm

    Hitch hikers

    I never have picked anyone up unless it was someone I knew and knew well.
  8. JD Humm

    Dad's birthday

    Today is dad's birthday, he would have been 85. Here is a photo of him doing what he loved best. Hopefully Jesus is taking care of all his hay equipment repairs now. That used to be my after hours job during haying season, LOL.
  9. JD Humm

    Yar cab

    Dad had Eagle Air added to the Exel cab on his 1256 in the mid seventies. The evaporator fit neatly into the factory Exel overhead console. The compressor mounted on the right side of the tractor is why it is not visible in this photo. That AC worked great.
  10. JD Humm

    Some more proof of the powershift 50 series 👍😎

    This has been a very interesting thread, could this one be pinned like the Axial Flow thread and the "Learing a lot but want more info" threads on the General IH page??
  11. JD Humm

    Need vehicles for parents

    I agree 100% with that. I can get into either one of our SUV's much easier than I can get into my elderly mother's 2004 Accura car. And mom can get into our SUV's easier than she can get into her car also.
  12. That is what I didn't like about my 504, was the ultra slow reverse and using the front end loader.
  13. JD Humm

    Need vehicles for parents

    The water pump on our 2012 Traverse started leaking. I watched a you tube video on replacing it. Have to remove the front right tire and wheel and part of the inner fender to get to it and it can only be accessed from below the vehicle so I opted out of doing it myself and sent it to the stealership. $800 plus tax to replace it. That engine compartment on that vehicle is CRAMMED FULL. My days of getting down on a creeper and rolling around on the floor are over thanks to my back and knees. The Explorer has the 4.6 V8 and has a little more wiggle room under the hood and is slightly more "old shade tree mechanic" friendly for minor repairs. Still have the 7.3 powered Super Duty, 120,000 miles on it now, it mainly sits in the garage. I take it out once a month if the weather is nice to keep the batteries charged and everything working good on it. I think that 7.3 engine is just getting broken in good, it runs better than ever.
  14. JD Humm

    67 Belvedere 440 6 pak

    Yes it was sharp and I sure was proud of it. That 400 sure wouldn't hang with the older 383 powered cars though. They were really cutting the HP in those years.
  15. IH should have had a full powershift tractor and quiet cab when the 66 series came out.