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  1. JD Humm

    5488 flutter sound

    My 1566 made a strange noise like that on the left side, took me a while to figure out the intake manifold bolts were not tight and the turbo was pushing air past the gasket. Tightened up the bolts and the sound was gone. The tractor only had 400 hours on it then, guess that manifold was not properly torqued down from the factory.
  2. JD Humm

    1086 vs 986

    Anything a 986 can do, a 1086 will do a lot easier and use less fuel doing it.
  3. JD Humm

    Saw this pulling into Home Depot

    Doing fine, thanks for asking. I retired 5 years ago and Karen is still working, she has a couple more years to go then we will be in each other's hair full time.
  4. JD Humm

    Saw this pulling into Home Depot

    My old rig was the definition of cab over discomfort. All the climbing up and down and the worst ride one has ever experienced once getting behind the wheel.
  5. JD Humm

    856 cab identification

    That cab is a deluxe cab off a 74 or 75 IH 66 series tractor. Cab kits should not be hard to come by, hopefully others will chime in. Here is one vendor I found quickly on the web. https://www.tractorpartsasap.com/cab-foam-kit-with-headliner-black-new-international-112707.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwyYHaBRDvARIsAHkAXcvwcWuu6Np8vPsbm9QcPh4NvgrnjBYC_RKAWer0_0OUfM1YOaUOcDUaAiNHEALw_wcB
  6. JD Humm

    IH 706 for Sale

    My mother just returned from 3 weeks in Spokane visiting her sister. Mom took an Amtrak out there and back, 6 days and nights on the rails seeing America's backyard, she loved it. Took the northern route out there and the southern route, down the coast of California to LA then back to Lawrence, Kansas. I asked her to be on the lookout for red tractors but I guess she didn't see this one!!
  7. JD Humm

    686 Followed Me Home Today

    Perfect! Go after that with some polishing compound and it will look like new!
  8. JD Humm

    IH 1456 Narrow Front

    I broke the front end off a 200 Farmall when I was in grade school in 1964, had sore ribs for the rest of the summer after that experience plus it scared the crap out of me.
  9. JD Humm

    Crop Duster question.....

    Back in the late 60's we had a small helicopter spray for us when it was too muddy. The crew consisted of the pilot and a ground man/ mechanic who was also capable of flying the helicopter. That helicopter resembled the helicopter they always showed at the beginning of the tv show MASH. He put on quite a show too, I remember that helicopter looked like a glass bubble with some formed wiring conduit running between the bubble and the tail rotor with a small engine mounted in between. I remember it had a gasoline burning engine and they pulled the spark plugs for inspection each time it came down for more chemicals. They also hauled it from field to field to keep the hours down on the chopper. Didn't matter if the next field was only 2 miles away.
  10. JD Humm

    Local Deere Dealership burned

    Dean i had not heard that but i am not surprised. A
  11. JD Humm

    Local Deere Dealership burned

    Local Deere dealership in Lawrence, Kansas burned last night. Somehow a pole with a transformer fell over onto the metal roof. http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2018/may/05/firefighters-working-extinguish-fire-heritage-trac/?city_local
  12. JD Humm

    86 and 88 series foot throttle

    I put one on dad's 1256 back in the 70's, ordered it through the parts counter, don't remember if I ordered individual parts or if it came as a "kit". That was sure a handy addition to that tractor.
  13. JD Humm

    Really?! Come on

    Talking about a high of 30 and snow and freezing rain here in NE Kansas tomorrow and Monday. I have had enough of the crap weather.
  14. JD Humm

    A "Binzebo" for anyone interested

    The Threshing Bee grounds at McClouth, Ks has several "binzebo's" set up for vendors to use.
  15. JD Humm

    The First Tractor Owned

    First tractor I owned was a 67 model 1206, I bought it late in 1973. I was 19 years old at the time.