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  1. I towed dad's new 21' 480 20 miles home from the dealership when it was brand new, in 1973, behind a 67 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup truck. That tail really wagged that dog. I was really glad when I got it home.
  2. I bought two Taurus G2C pistols a year ago when all the pandemic crap started, one for me and one for Karen. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, these were like $250 each at Cabbelas. The ammo was hard to come up with but we now have a few hundred rounds on hand. Ran a dozen rounds through mine just to see how it felt and have not fired it since, spends most of it's time on the night stand or in the console of my vehicle. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-sz-001&ei=UTF-8&hsimp=yhs-001&hspart=sz&param1=72470&param2=eyJJbnN0YWxsX0RhdGUiOiIyMDIwLTAyLTI2VD
  3. Rocky Mountain Equipment "Deal Zone" used equipment lot six miles east of me in Eastern Kansas. They are Canadian based, most of this equipment on their lot has came out of Canada. Mostly red but I did see a Deere combine, a Massey combine and a couple of NH late model combines on their lot the other day, close to 30 used CIH combines from a 7088 all the way up to a 9240. They also have maybe a dozen late model CIH tractors, including late model Quad Tracs and various large Magnums.
  4. Wow sorry to hear of Randy’s passing. I didn’t realize he was gone. Randy used to call us a couple of times a year just to chat, he always had an interesting story to tell us, I would put the phone on speaker so Karen and I could both chat with him. I always liked his stories, especially the story of flying Fifi out of China Lake.
  5. Swweett!!! Reminds me so much of my dad's 1256 when it was brand new.
  6. My dad had a #45 baler in the early sixties, I was just a grade schooler but I sure remember him working on and cussing at that baler a lot.
  7. Looking back, the job in the vertical transportation industry was the best thing that could have ever happened to me however I hated leaving the farm. One just never knows what life will bring or which way things will turn.
  8. Started out in the late 60's farming with my dad. We sold out in the early 80's due to the farm crisis of the 80's, I went to town and started working for an elevator/escalator installation, service and repair company. Retired from there after 30 years in 2013. After that I worked part time as a CDL examiner for the State of Kansas for a few years and now work part time as a CDL driving instructor for a Tech School at Lawrence, Kansas.
  9. 9 quarts one cardboard can at a time with a drip o matic spout/opener! I remember those days well.
  10. Yes Eason I think it was! I was going through some old photos and found it.
  11. My new 1566 just off the delivery truck with the pipe strapped to the side. It was for the wedge lock wheels.
  12. The D188 engine in my 504 was gutsy. However dad's Super MTA would walk away from it pulling 3 16's, while I was pulling 3 14's. An old time family friend had a new 504 Farmall gasser back in the day, it was sold to him as an equal to an M but it was not getting the job done. It was traded for a new 656.
  13. Our family business had a tire shop. I worked in it for over 15 years, never once received a tip nor expected any tip. Used to hear people complain when they were charged $2.00 for fixing a worn out car tire and they would complain even more if you didn't guarantee it for their lifetime. I also worked on many heavy truck and farm tires, most customers there had the same attitudes.
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