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  1. 9 quarts one cardboard can at a time with a drip o matic spout/opener! I remember those days well.
  2. Yes Eason I think it was! I was going through some old photos and found it.
  3. My new 1566 just off the delivery truck with the pipe strapped to the side. It was for the wedge lock wheels.
  4. The D188 engine in my 504 was gutsy. However dad's Super MTA would walk away from it pulling 3 16's, while I was pulling 3 14's. An old time family friend had a new 504 Farmall gasser back in the day, it was sold to him as an equal to an M but it was not getting the job done. It was traded for a new 656.
  5. Our family business had a tire shop. I worked in it for over 15 years, never once received a tip nor expected any tip. Used to hear people complain when they were charged $2.00 for fixing a worn out car tire and they would complain even more if you didn't guarantee it for their lifetime. I also worked on many heavy truck and farm tires, most customers there had the same attitudes.
  6. My 504 diesle when I first bought it in 1997. I had to overhaul the steering gear box in the front end, the bearings were shot from the loader stress. I later added a new Schwartz wide front end. This tractor was sold new as a TA delete tractor. I later added a TA which was quite an expense. I sold this tractor a few years back, someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse and I have been regretting selling it ever since.
  7. When I was a kid in the sixties nearly every farm around here were still farming with M's and H's. Back then there was an IH dealership within 15 to 20 miles in any direction you wanted to travel. Now the closest CIH full service dealership is 40 miles away, the next closest is 80 miles away. We do have the Rocky Mountain Equipment late model used equipment only clearing house only 6 miles away but they only sell the big stuff that is sent out of Canada. No parts or service. There is a Deere dealership only 19 miles away, Deere has pretty much taken over in this area however there are
  8. pretty sure that is the one, first I have seen it advertised. It is still sitting clear at the back of the lot, almost hidden by the storage shed. That is what I find odd. Usually when they have a non green late model trade in, it is sitting out on the front row, I always assumed to brag about the trade for a green one.
  9. Local Deere dealership has a late model Magnum 340 sitting back beside their storage shed, almost like it is hidden. It has been sitting back there for several months. If it was a trade in tractor, looks like they would have it sitting out front for sale or at least to brag that late red tractor had been traded for a green one. This Magnum is not advertised in their used tractor or machinery ads either. Trying to figure out what is going on with it. Maybe a repoed used tractor sale from another dealership? This is at Heritage Machinery at Lawrence, Kansas. Heritage has half a dozen othe
  10. Dad's 69 model 815 burned during the 1976 wheat harvest. No plastic on those older machines but it did have a full tank of gasoline and wheat straw and it burned almost beyond recognition.
  11. How many 100 year old M's will still be pulling daily farm duties?
  12. My last Fastline is really thin. Looked completely through it in just a few minutes, used to take a week in the bathroom to get from the front to the back.
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