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  1. Eldon surprised us with a visit to our home 15 years ago, he was here visiting his brother who lived in a nearby suburb of Kansas City. His brother and Eldon had stopped out at the farm first and visited dad and looked over our IH tractors. Karen and I had no idea they were out there. As they were leaving they asked dad for directions to our home, we were working in the backyard and were really surprised to see “The Dukester” come walking around the side of our house. We had a nice visit and I took some photos. We had met Eldon at a previous RPR. He was a very nice man, I sure was saddened to hear of his passing. He was a very early member of this board.
  2. I have 2 SC's and dad had one, had to put new ring gears on the flywheels on all 3 tractors, solved the problem. Not a bad job to split those little tractors and replace the ring gear.
  3. We had the original HVAC in this house replaced last week, it was 28 years old and always did struggle to keep up in the extreme heat, we knew we were running on borrowed time so we went ahead and committed to the new setup. This new unit will chill it right down to 68 degrees no matter how hot it is outside. Can't believe the difference. The furnace is supposed to be a lot more efficient also. It wasn't cheap and it damned well better not konk out on me this summer.
  4. Mom called me up a couple of days ago and was all excited, told me she had a new toy she wanted me to see. It is second hand, she got it at an estate sale. She sold dad's electric golf cart he used to ride around the farm. She lives in town and can even drive this a few blocks to the grocery store. It will go 40 miles on a charge supposedly. She has a sizable yard where she lives and likes to go ride around back there. She walks with a cane now so this may be just the ticket for her to be able to get around a little more.
  5. Bought a Trager in the fall of 2013, already had a nice propane grill but that propane grill has sat unused since the Traeger hit the patio. Only issue I have had is I had to replace the ignitor two years ago, a very simple job and I was able to order it from Amazon so I ordered two to have a spare. Only time I have ever overcooked anything was a couple of summers ago when it was near 100 out and sunny and I had the grill sitting in the sun. Since I always move it to the shade for summertime cooking. We use it nearly every day, all year round. Even if there is a foot of snow on the ground, LOL. When you are smoking, have a spray bottle with some apple juice, beer or any tasty liquid you wish, spray the meat down every half hour or so to keep it moist. I have also heard of using spray on margarine but I have not tried that.
  6. JD Humm

    The Dog Thread

    Our Yorkie, "Yogi" is his name. Almost 5 years old now.
  7. JD Humm

    IH semi

    Those 4070B's were the best looking COE ever built.
  8. JD Humm

    Farmall 400

    A friend of mine just added powersteering to his 400, he could help you out I bet. His name is Paul Shirey and he is on Facebook if you want to PM him.
  9. Those small weights look great on that 240. Nice job!
  10. Dad's old 1030 Case, had it from 1971 until 2011. Spent 2/3 of it's life on that loader. Only non IH tractor on the place other than a small Kubota the last few years.
  11. I found 8 in my backyard this year, wasn't even looking for them, I happened to look down for some reason and notice one big one and found the rest shortly after. They were at the base of a dying elm tree, I was out there to pick up limbs.
  12. JD Humm

    New Toy

    That old Yazoo is well built, for no more than I have to mow it will probably be the last mower I ever need. I have a Cub Cadet tractor type mower also but it has been semi retired to yard tractor duty, I don't mow with it anymore, the Yazoo is so much faster.
  13. JD Humm

    New Toy

    This was dad's Yazoo mower, he bought it new in the early 90's. 60 inch cut with a 20 hp liquid cooled Kawasaki 2 cylinder engine, hydrostat transmission. I bought it from his estate when he passed, cleaned it up and fixed all the little stuff that needed fixed. It is great for mowing under trees but you can sure get a wild ride sitting way back at the end of that machine.
  14. Yes you could do that but would still have a no semi restriction.
  15. In Kansas you can get a class A with a pickup and trailer as long as the combined GVW is over 26K. If it is an automatic pickup you will have a no air brake restriction, no manual transmission restriction and no semi (tractor trailer) restriction. You can bring in a class B truck as long as it is over 26K and remove your no air brake and no manual restrictions if that B truck is a manual. We use to call that "coming in the back door" to get a CDL and used to see a lot of drivers go that route and it was perfectly legal when I resigned. However you will have to bring in a semi tractor that has a fifth wheel and a trailer to lift the no semi restriction. All states have their own little twists on the CDL licensing, even though it is supposed to federally regulated. Starting in Kansas last year, if you bring in a hydraulic brake vehicle and do not do the hydraulic brake check correctly during the CDL exam, it is an automatic fail, just like the air brake check will fail you if not performed correctly. Anyone has any CDL questions drop me a pm, I will be happy to help out if I can.
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