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  1. Years ago my family had a tire shop, we worked on a lot of farm and truck tires. One day a farmer brought in a large tubeless flotation steering tire off a combine. I found the leak and repaired the tire, which wasn't in all that great of shape. I went to inflate it and of course it was no where close to taking air. So I put a one ton cable comealong around the tire, cinched it down and it was real close to taking air but it just wouldn't quite do it. So I got the bright idea to give it a snort of ether. I loaded up the tire with ether and threw the match in. All **** broke loose. The beads immediately set. The cable come along cable was pulled clear in two. The sidewalls of the tire blew out at the same time. Rubber, steel cable, comealong parts and other assorted shrapnel was flying everywhere. The old shop dog left and didn't come home for three days. Luckily no one was hurt. That was the last time I ever used ether for that purpose.
  2. We had a 706 gasser, 65 model, dad bought it second hand in 67. It had just been overhauled, I don't think it had 1500 hours on it. It was our primary tillage tractor until the 1256 came along in 69, then the 706 was bumped back to planter and hay duty. We put maybe another 2000 hours on it and had to have it overhauled again in 75, it was drinking oil but I do not recall any valve issues at that time. It would foul plugs though. Dad hated that gas engine in that tractor and that was the last gas tractor we had on the farm other than the antiques and the Farmall 350 we drilled wheat with.
  3. Dad's 1256 would not run out of power in direct hi first, no matter what was behind it. Never did take it to a pull, I always wanted to, though.
  4. I remember watching Richard Lantis pull his gold demo 1456 at the Pennfield red power roundup in 2002. He was in high 1st, never did run out of power.
  5. Mike you sure are right about that 504!
  6. Taurus G2C. Wife and I both have one. Nothing fancy but I figure it is good enough to get either one of us killed.
  7. Beautiful 1456! Seems like dad's 1256 with cab, duals, 4 sets of rear weights, inner tires loaded with calcium and 700 pounds of front end weights was 14,000 or so pounds but that was many years ago. We had a set of scales at the farm because we sold fertilizer and at one time I knew what each tractor we had weighed.
  8. Black snakes were regular visitors in the farm house I grew up in. Never knew when one was going to show up. I remember dad shooting a couple of them with a 22 caliber revolver in the middle of the night. What a way to be awakened!
  9. Dad kicked himself for many years for only getting the 304 V8's in those trucks we had. Not sure why but the 62 always ran circles around the 65 however both trucks were grossly underpowered. I remember being in several situations like you just described with both trucks over the years. But back then we didn't know any different, that is just the way it was, LOL.
  10. I grew up with two Loadstars Dad bought new, one was a 62 model 1600 and the other was a 65 model 1600. Both had hydraulic brakes. The older truck was used mainly for hauling grain, the newer truck spent it's life hauling fertilizer. I learned on the fertilizer truck to never take brakes for granted, LOL. Can't recall all the times I hit the brake pedal and it went clear to the floor because another brake line had rusted out. I always thought the world would have better drivers if each new driver was required to drive an overloaded, underpowered old binder with no heater and no brakes for a minimum of one year before they earned their license.
  11. We had a 12 footer (plus a few inches) back in the sixties, pulled it with a 656, 560 and 706.
  12. This baby is growing up on me. She turned 14 this past April. Natalie is the girl front row and center, at her last choir concert before the COVID shut down. (Bottom photo) Here she is at age 1 1/2. ID
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