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  1. 1086 with an intact factory cab and working air over a 1066 any day for me. Quiet and comfortable and they shift easy when everything is adjusted and lubed properly. K&M door closers and steps make them as easy as any tractor out there to get into and out of.
  2. JD Humm

    The Dog Thread

    Our Yorkie, Yogi. Doing what he does best.
  3. I had a new 76 model black stripe 1566 with the factory deluxe cab, to dad and I it was pretty quiet but our next newest tractor was the 1256 with the Exel cab and that was what we were used to. I do recall I could actually hear the radio in the 1566 without having to have it turned up all the way. Dad bought his 1086 it was hard to believe just how quiet it was compared to even the 1566. I left the farm for a job in the city, 1086 and 886 were the newest tractors I have spent much time in.
  4. JD Humm

    1256 Search

    My dad bought that tractor new in 1969, the Exel cab was added in 1971, it also had AC, the compressor was mounted on the right side. The bottom corner of the front right side side shield had to be cut off to allow the compressor belt to clear. I added a foot accelerator kit to it in the late 70's. Also added a hydraulic clutch kit from IH to it about the same time. Dual pto unit on the back, dual hydraulics. Sold at our auction in 1982, was able to keep track of it until 1984 then it vanished, never did know what happened to it.
  5. JD Humm

    Old photo

    No it was sold at our auction in 1982, no idea where it is now, or if it is still even in running condition. The tractor I would like to find is dad's 1256.
  6. Xerox is where he came from, Bud. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archie_McCardell
  7. JD Humm

    Old photo

    The cab is a Hinson Cab, only one very narrow folding door. We put it on in the fall and took it off in the spring. It did feel good plowing in November but was a noisy hot box in the later planting season. Dad was the second owner of that tractor. Original owner traded it for a new 706 with the 291 gas engine. Dad bought a roll guard and canopy for this tractor in the early seventies, it is in the lineup in this photo of our auction in 1982.
  8. JD Humm

    Old photo

    Dad clearing snow with the 706, winter of 1967. Tractor was only two years old at the time
  9. Happy birthday to all, especially Bill! I remember when you turned 60, that seems like just a couple of years ago. Gunslinger sends her best!
  10. Many of that truck's miles are farting around at slow speeds, teaching students how to back and shift gears. I doubt that kind of use is going to help those engine problems. Plus it runs around empty all the time. I took it on a 70 mile round trip the other day, got into it pretty good hoping to clean it out some. Sounds like we will be bound for engine issues sooner or later.
  11. I work part time at a Tech School as a CDL instructor. The school recently bought a 2011 single axle Navistar tractor with a Maxxforce 13 engine in it. Nice truck with a smooth running engine that seems to have a lot of power. Twin turbos. However the check engine light is on full time. Had it several months and so far, so good. Just wonder what kind of issues we can expect later on down the road.
  12. JD Humm

    656 w/o TA

    Dad's new 65 model 656 gasser was sold with no fenders at all. Tricycle front end, single hydraulic. It did have TA and a fast hitch but that was about the only options.
  13. When dad's 1256 was new IH replaced half a dozen rear wheels on that tractor that cracked in that same spot. Several other new 1256's in the area had the same issues, IH claimed they had a bad batch of wheels out at that time. Didn't cost dad any to have them replaced other than the fact the tractor was out of commission until they were replaced.
  14. JD Humm

    656 w/o TA

    I had a nice Farmall 504 Diesel that was TA delete from the factory. I spent the $ to have a TA installed though, it made a different tractor out of it with the TA.
  15. I haven't seen one in years.
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