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  1. JD Humm

    I love 86s

    I grew up running open station IH tractors in the 60's which at the time was great then we had add on cabs in the seventies plus one black stripe 1566 with the deluxe cab but when dad got his 1086 that was like getting in a Cadillac compared to what we were used to over the years. He also had a slick 886, I loved running those two tractors.
  2. I scrounged up 400 rounds of 9mm late last spring but it took three different places over two weeks to come up with that.
  3. We had an 11 shank mounted 55 chisel plow, pulled it with the 1206, 1256 and even the 1566. 1030 Case would pull it but not as fast.
  4. Looks like something my dad would have had me do back in the day.
  5. We had a 39 F14 with the hydraulic lift, electric start and Heisler overdrive.
  6. Very interesting! Never see anything but row crop and wheat farming in this area. I eat more than my fair share of almonds, LOL! Love the Blue Diamond smoked almonds.
  7. I go see Fifi, the B29 every time she comes to town. I love watching her take off and land. Doc, the other flight worthy B29, is three hours away at Wichita but I haven’t got to see him yet.
  8. JD Humm


    My blood pressure medication does that to me. I was out in the 90+ degree heat all morning today. Bent over to pick up a 2 by 10 about 8 feet long and almost blacked out when I stood up straight. Took a couple minutes to get over that! I have a brain aneurysm that has a couple of stints, always makes me wonder if this is it when I get those spells.
  9. Great story Mike! I would love to see all those treasures.
  10. Worst thing other than getting the machine jacked up with the junk final drives was wrestling those terra tires in a mud hole.
  11. Dad had a 69 model 815, he bought it new that fall. We had final drive issues nearly once a year. I remember in the early 70's a final went out right in the middle of a mud hole in a milo field in late August. It was hot, muddy and the mosquitoes were biting and that damned itchy milo dust was everywhere, every once in awhile a small gust of wind would blow some right down my sweat soaked back back as we were wrestling with big timbers to put in place to jack that old b i t c h up. We never did have final drive issues with the 76 model 815. Both machines had the terra tires on them. The first 815 was put out of it's misery by a merciful fire during the wheat harvest of 76.
  12. We had the 66 by 43.00 -25 Terra Tires on dad's 76 model 815, along with large floaters on the rear. The issue was the terra tires would fill up the lugs with mud and then sit there and spin. I think if it had a mud hog along with the terra tires it would have been a mud eating beast.
  13. Dad had a slick 350 Farmall years ago with factory spin out rims. This is an early 70's photo.
  14. If the ac quit in one of our tractors, that tractor was out of service until it was fixed, which was usually pronto. I remember a local older farmer who bought a brand new 970 Case with factory cab and AC. After the first year the door and all the windows were out of that tractor, never to be put back on. That old man got so stoved up he couldn't get out of the tractor to relieve himself, he just went on the cab floor when he had to go. That tractor hardly brought anything at his estate sale in the early 80's.
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