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  1. Lost my sister this afternoon

    This has been hard on mom. Dad passed away in mid November which was expected but mom did not expect one of her two youngest children to pass away so soon after dad. Services have been scheduled for Monday afternoon.
  2. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Lost the youngest of my twin sisters this afternoon, after complications from surgery. She was one of a set of twins, both are 5 years my junior. Mary and Sally turned 59 the 2nd of March. She only outlived dad only by three and a half months. I was there with mom today when she passed as was her 2nd husband and his immediate family. Hard to think of younger siblings passing on before me.
  3. prayers desperately needed

    Prayers sent, so sorry to hear of little ones having such illness.
  4. Super C

    We have two Super C's with wide fronts, the wide fronts are hard to come by. I actually prefer the tricycle front end for ease of handling.
  5. How to deal with elderly parents

    Dad got mean the last three years. Accused me of stealing his things (with one of my sisters egging him on). For awhile he would grab my shirt collar and try to hit me when I would go see him, I finally had to quit seeing him because I didn't want to put him or myself through that on a regular basis. He also put mom through pure **** the last few years, he got violent with her a time or two. I did go see him a few times the last month before he passed. He had very little to say but I am glad I went. . I certainly hope I do not put my family through that kind of stress when I am even farther over the hill than what I am now. I have three sisters, now none of us speak to any of the others.
  6. Case IH 1660 Combine

    Reason I was asking was years ago a neighbor traded two 7700's for a 1660. Never really did hear him say anything comparing the machines. He did put his 8 row Deere cornhead on that 1660 with a Bish Head Changer and as I recall he moved right along with it.
  7. Case IH 1660 Combine

    Off topic I know but how did an earlier IH powered 1660 compare to a 7700 Deere capacity wise??
  8. How to deal with elderly parents

    Dale sorry to hear what you are going through. My dad died just before last Thanksgiving after a tough 8 years or longer with Alzheimer's. I won't get into the long story but I have three sisters who left me to take care of things, never lifted a finger to help and now none of us speak to each other.
  9. Allis tag

    I did a lot of elevator work in several coal fired power plants over the years, used to see many items in those plants with AC name plates on them, including the main power generators.
  10. 2+2 from concept to the field

    We had a lot of corn planted in1980 and had the looongg stretch of over 100 degree temps. Wound up disking most of the corn under as it would not even pay combine fuel to harvest it. The next summer was just the opposite, too much rain. We were still mudding out winter wheat in September, wheat harvest should have been finished by mid July. Between two crap years, the high interest rates and low crop prices, we sold all the row crop equipment at auction in 1982. Dad kept two tractors and his haying equipment and I went to town and got a job. 4 years later my ex and I divorced, we had 3 little girls. I hate the 80's to this very day and always will. Worst 10 years of my life.
  11. Cold start. Who want some

    My 1566 was the easiest starting tractor I have ever been around. It would light right off at 20 degrees with no either. Seemed like if it would spin over once, it was running. Had to start it at 20 below one morning to feed cattle but I did have it plugged in overnight, no ether needed to start it then, either. Dad's 1086 was a good starter but not quite as good as that 1566 was.
  12. Dealer prices from 1968

    I bought a used 1206 in 1974, had a cab with heat, duals and weights, new rear inside rubber, 4000 hours for $8900. Used tractor prices did not change much from 68 to 74.
  13. Another IH Related Modelling Project!

    Very nice! Wish I had your talent and patience Darryn.
  14. original 1256 toy

    Dad put the Exel cab on his in 71 and added Eagle Air AC to it in 75, the ac was still in good working order when the tractor was sold. I always loved running that tractor, it was very snappy and had lots of power.
  15. original 1256 toy

    BJ Bruck (IH man 1256) from this forum also tried to help me track it down but he came up with the same dead end I did. The man that bought it at our auction traded it to the local IH dealer in 1984, that dealership went broke and the 1256 was sold at their liquidation auction. It supposedly went to southern Kansas and that is where the trail went cold.