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  1. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    1st time I drove a LHD veehickle wuz rusty farmers dodge I tried to change gears with the window winder
  2. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

  3. Guns

    just had a listen to the speech and was rather impressed by what was said been watching the loony left in the aftermath of the florida shooting and still cant figure out why that fella wasn't locked up
  4. Titan flaming four fuel pump

  5. combines in your life

    MF 587 pto, then a MF 3342 pto(still have) MF 750 , MF 860, then discovered axial flow headers 1660, lovely machine have a 2166 now, just finished harvest 73?? hrs on the clock
  6. using oil in feed to cut dust

    I started by tipping it in the top, but ladder ,bucket , climbing ............ so just poured into the hopper then added the other stuff to clean the auger was adding canola meal as well,
  7. using oil in feed to cut dust

    I used canola oil in my ration for my lamb feedlot from memory , I think I added 5gal bucket to the NH 352 used to pour it in the supplement hopper after I cracked the lupins, then would add the mineral mix and bicarb
  8. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    last time I was in hospital, lady iin same room as me, was trying to tell me that ,all our fodd allergy problems in oz, where caused by our wheat crops being genectically modified to grow shorter after to attempting to gently explain to her, that the only GM crops that are grown in western Australia is RR canola and cereal crops are bred using natural selection process, ie some varieties to grow shorter it seemed simpler to turn the telly up a bit and watch young and the restless
  9. Aermotor windmill advice please

    aermotor use a spring on the tail they also have a brake on the hub
  10. Colonoscopy by Dave Barry

    yup, have to have one every few yrs 1st time I had the endoscopy had real bad day the day before, then got dropped off at local hospital, all alone for half a day, so my mood still hadn't improved had 1 squirt of dreamy stuff and was laying on my side, doc put the wad in my mouth and then held this black earth lead up and said I'm gunna stick this down your throat spat wad out, like F@@@ u are last words I heard was oh yes I am , with a wicked grin methinks nurse that was holding the syringe attached to the tube in my arm, gave it a good hard push on the plunger
  11. Dt282 parts in Oz

    engines australia
  12. Anyone else working on theirs?

    2166/ 7044 eng hrs new knife, fan thrust bearing, returns top shaft ,cog bearings, feeder house floor new bolts,new chains for clean grain drive, new vertical unload auger
  13. Long time forum member passes away.

    thanks for sharing ,boog to chubs family, we still have fond memories of visiting your parents in mar 2011 think it made chubs day, when a pair of west Australians rolled up to see him and nancy then it was off for dinner with boog and his wife in Illinois
  14. Minion,please inform that simpleton from diktoria ,as he is still under a communication ban, that I have noticed east of the great state of western australia that the speed signs are in kmh, distances between is in KM, the funny squat aliens that live alongside the road, use measurements in litres , and that beverage they assume is beer, the containers are millilitres whilst I know over there, they like to keep things nice and simple, once in a while ,53t could try and lift his knuckles off the ground when walking
  15. John Deere rowtrac

    they had one there
  16. A Video Of The B-29's At China Lake

    I have a book here called Flak, author is Michael Veitch, he went around and interviewed any RAAF and RAF pilots and crew 1 chapter was about a tailgunner in a Lancaster, this plane came out of nowhere and zoomed past him,faster than anything he had seen, that had no propellers he duly informed the pilot, " at skipper, that fighter going like a bat out of ****, doesn't have propellers the crew then decided there fellow crewman had finally lost his marbles upon returning to base, reports started coming in about the Luftwaffe new jet engine fighter that didn't have propellers
  17. I am not a violent person but...

    happy wife = happy life
  18. Why/where are the other countries?

    yes I have emerged . like a butterfly from its cocoon
  19. Why/where are the other countries?

    u said it and my lips are sealed
  20. How Does The Watch System On US Navy Ships Work?

    was watching the news about the collision I thought anything larger than a seagull coming near a US Navy vessel would have resembled a sieve
  21. C-15 cat motor

    ahhh, the good ole days in oz

    deere seem to have gone quiet over there copy of the quad
  23. Kim Jong-un

  24. Kim Jong-un

  25. 'Way to go' US!!

    one would assume that the F word would have been used rather profusely in afghanistan