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  1. thought you might have been more of a kevin bloody wilson fan🥳
  2. once little miss minions arrive to re educate you and see the sight of soil being dug up u might finish up miss jacintas gulag for norty old fartz?
  3. thats what the big ole caddy is for ?
  4. after i told a telemarketer that i was going to hunt him down and tear his throat out along with suggesting he have sexual relations with himself many times over they dont seem to bother me much know ?
  5. gunna be some paperwork involved
  6. ive been doing my duty to help remove said cattle generally 300gm & medium rare ?
  7. oh yea........................? and i live in a country , which is lauded for its gun control
  8. well, there is monday, tuesday ,wednesday,thursday , friday and lets not forget the weekend and the month,s and holidays?
  9. many moons ago, when young and single, mate and i where have a break in a seaside town, after the pub shut, we where watching a holden V8 car laying rubber in the carpark of the caravan park , we where staying at, this chap had the V8 fairly humming till there was a rather large bang and a large amount of flame between the front wheels and the magic stopped along with the 2 x police cars that quietly pulled up alongside ?
  10. the "dirty 30,s " all over
  11. one thing with the 20 series carts, the hyd fan doesnt take a lot of oil from memory around 60L/min so putting a extra section on the hyd pump would be simple
  12. miss jacinta gets to see the lovely pics of you pair destroying vegetation? you pair might wind up spending quality time in a nice safe facility?
  13. ozfarm


    my son was criticizing my progress(lack of) when rockpicking so instead of dumping in random spots , i decided to build one pile any complaints stopped as the pile grew?
  14. im wondering why IHC didnt continue on the planetary rear ?
  15. ozfarm


    depends on the context the naughty words are used in down here, they can be a term of genuine affection for someone
  16. apparently roomeat,skins, importation into the US is going to be stopped us cruel aussies are culling 2 million roo,s ea yr out of a total population of 50mill https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2021-02-12/us-considers-ban-on-kangaroo-products/13148454
  17. when my father was single and living alone, Cat D2 have a somewhat rough ride , so he hurt his cocyx ? neighbour hadnt seen him, so called in too find dad laid up in bed, neighbour went home and brought back "doc burrows horse liniment" and duly appled it next day dad was fine good enough for horses, good enough for him?
  18. ozfarm


    why would a vegan want to eat fake meat ??
  19. you and me, we could do reeducation to gether be gud, eh bro?
  20. today the temp peaked at 40.C thats 102.F in people language just trying to make everyone feel a bit warmer?
  21. https://amsconstructionparts.com/ found this doing a little googling but by the look of the bores, u might be needing a line borer
  22. i got asked, when word filtered out, why did import a snow plough, climate change ?
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