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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Fairlane_(Australia)#Australian-assembled_US_Fairlanes
  2. neighbour had the 1959 fairland 500 332ci and fordomatic ford aust used to assemble them down here damn that thing was quick
  3. bulka bags we get here, still have the drawstring and funnel arrangement, that is ever so easy (not) to attempt to control the flow whereas that idea has considerable merit , what sorta fert u drilling with pasture ?
  4. whilst on the subject of rocks was doing the annual rockpicking , normally for efficiency, when full i would dump in a random spot till my son complained about my lack of progress 😈 so i started dumping in 1 spot any complaints ceased 🤣
  5. ive found out the hard way over the yrs, the tote,bag,bulka bag seem to be good for 1 use not many had filled up a large bulka bag with canola for seed, whilst lifting it up with loader to put on a trailer, the lifting straps broke and it hit the ground, splitting neatly up the seams my son was rather shocked at the amount and volume of the profanity coming out of the loader cab
  6. the fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror is the epitome of style and grace hmmph , no taste at all 😈
  7. thats why ive been reloading my own .243 ammo 87gn vmax seems to work rather did manage to wash out a barrel on my browning BBR .243, may have driven the 55gn nosler ballistic a mite hard , but deadly on a fox 🤣
  8. same deal down here but, im doing my part by peeing in the paddocks going into canola,wheat,barley
  9. well ,no one got hurt, apart from kiwi cousins pride u will eventually cough up all the seat cushion , u sucked up😂 and the kids got a ride, that at the grocery store would have cost them $1 ea for nothing🤣
  10. thought you might have been more of a kevin bloody wilson fan🥳
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