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  1. my son was bemoaning my lack of progress during rockpicking season so I started putting them into one pile instead of just dumping when full complaints stopped after a while
  2. good, hope it works out did they check for internal leakage at all ??
  3. was drooling over the Ford/Chev/dodge offering that is being sold down here but the $150,000aud price tag makes one wince, just a tad
  4. at my sons bachelor party, they had a drench gun and pack with some concoction in it that was supposed to rocket fuel, jager bombs ???
  5. the stuart tank was also rather fast , one of my farmer friends was telling me about , his friend who owned one, not for work, but for fun one weekend , that where tearing around the side roads in it, saw one of the neighbours and invited him along for a spin, no room in here, u ride on top, all was well, until the owner , asked his friend (inside) , want to see how this thing can run thru trees and scrub @ 30mph, then starts tearing thru the roadside vegetation, happily running over medium size, trees etc until the passenger reminded him of the chap on the outside stopped, climbed out, to find there other friend, hanging on to the engine cover, covered with branches, cuts, bruises, he recovered quickly enough to try and throttle the driver
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3_Stuart
  7. in commonwealth usage stuart
  8. you are losing clutch pressure tell them, to look deeper into the selector valve , check spring length tension etc could also be internal leak, is it holding pressure, needs 150psi for clutch engagement and to hold it u didn't mention the fwd/rev clutch pack ?? is it toasted, just reread the post and yes, they are 2 and 3rd I see are toasted , but 1st is ok control valve directs and controls pressures just a brief summary , memory aint good enough for word for word
  9. I took a picture of your original post and sent to my resident IH genius he used to work for IHC in the UK, then for ISAS here in Australia and still works on IH machines he rattled off the procedures for reassembling your trans , while I was talking to him so I will get a answer, but like dust settling, it may take a while
  10. I think it needs dual exhausts on it be easier on the exh manifolds
  11. did they go thru the selector valve when the rebuild was done ? its like it was losing clutch pressure
  12. ex isas mechanic and I are rebuilding my 530 trans, so will ask him, nice loader BTW
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