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  1. ozfarm

    Any chance of finding a15"x32"" tyre.

    there is know a radial tyre available 340/85R32(13.6R32) | 13.50-32 BARKLEY BLA01 RADIAL R-1W 142A8/139B TL
  2. ozfarm

    Oh my Deere

    that's looks rather expensive
  3. no, 696.766.866/886,076/986 where built here the 886B with the K & M step kit was mine
  4. https://auctionsplus.com.au/auctionV2/New/#/results/11886
  5. ozfarm

    What’s so special about a Henry Rifle

    simply beautiful
  6. ozfarm


    u go south, u start to smell sunscreen and mojitos we go south. we start to smell penguin crap
  7. ozfarm


  8. ozfarm


    on this side of oz, its spring time, no cloud cover at night ,high pressure systems, and the temp drops rather quickly there has been reports of frost further south of me, wont know for a while , how bad the damage is bad enough frost and it affects all crops
  9. ozfarm

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    but the this 150 ji case is truly awesome
  10. ozfarm

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    my knowledge of steam can be written on the inside of a bottletop with crayon
  11. ozfarm

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    that's why I was curious about the hp rating if it was a nominal rating , which was how british steam was rated by
  12. ozfarm

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    out of curiosity , is the 150hp nominal rated as our steam was british based, they used a NHP rating
  13. ozfarm

    The conversations I have

    OK 12_ Guy......I am with you on this one !!!!...unfortunately to buy a new Ford truck, down under, today,......means another mortgage...... but I still have two old F trucks..."still doing time " to paraphrase George Jones.......We are inundated with rice burners down here....and now, hideous examples of the small truck makers art, from China.....sigh.......cheap...by NZ standards.......but nasty..... I am feeling your pain, mikey having had to go thru the process of procuring another ute, after using the patrol to clear trees with
  14. ozfarm

    Pot to piss in ,and other old time sayings

    quicker than a rat up a drain pipe flasher than a rat with a gold tooth
  15. ozfarm

    Import Export purely hypothetical

    anything that comes in gets washed, a lot of the problems come from the inspector and there attitude our last shipment of tractors,ploughs,parts etc, 1st container, inspector wanted a late model cub, washed and flushed, every single crevice, it was on the washpad for 8hrs, 2nd container , different inspector just a routine hotwash and out, roughly the same amout of time for the cub from the same facility, Cat ADT normally 30-40hrs for mandatory hotwash, 1 inspector , they where at 80-90hrs and then they wanted the wearplates in the body airarced off, so the underneath could be inspected, facility management spat the chewy from what we have learnt, cost of the container,shipping , is the same as the regulatory costs when it gets here