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  1. ozfarm

    State of the Union

    as randy sez " I concur"
  2. ozfarm

    State of the Union

    my late father always told me, that religion and politics are a private matter
  3. ozfarm

    How hot is it in Australia 🇦🇺

    https://www.willyweather.com.au/wa/wheatbelt/quairading.html dunno what it got to yesterday, been sending warm thoughts to rusty farmer in an effort to thaw him out
  4. ozfarm

    Northern guys ready for the cold?

    this might warm you up a bit https://www.willyweather.com.au/wa/wheatbelt/quairading.html im removing trans & T/C out of a payloader on thrusday only experienced snow & ice one in 2011 in michigan can see why my forebears moved down here
  5. ozfarm

    IH 1086 locking up

    for final drives, either neil,s or rural wrecking, inverell neils branch at corowa or gawler, might be the nearest
  6. ozfarm

    2166 final drives

    we run 80/90 w hytran doesn't hold up with the temps
  7. ozfarm

    A question for our Aussie friends..........

    Bombay bloomers
  8. ozfarm

    Fenders for the old 884

    I found a listing for them in A&I catalogue
  9. ozfarm

    Snowed in, church cancelled, farm pics please!

    and a sight during harvest, that you don't want to see
  10. ozfarm

    Snowed in, church cancelled, farm pics please!

    local fella dreamed up this bale pickup,cart and stack unit local baling contractor has supply contract for wheat straw for mushroom farms
  11. ozfarm

    Case IH 1660 Combine

    down here, with the heat, we run 80/90w in the finals and its changed ea season local dealership said after they changed to gear oil, final o/h disappeared
  12. ozfarm

    Any chance of finding a15"x32"" tyre.

    there is know a radial tyre available 340/85R32(13.6R32) | 13.50-32 BARKLEY BLA01 RADIAL R-1W 142A8/139B TL