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  1. ozfarm

    MX200 problem

    so before this drives ozfarm off the deep end or I develop a serious addiction to alcohol head gasket had fretted in rear corner, so dealer removed head, sent away and was serviced new gaskets ,head bolts and back together comes home to ozfarmville, keeps losing coolant out of recovery bottle replace radiator cap son puts it on spreader, after 2 loads, it heats up and out the overflow of the recovery bottle still does it and after 140L of coolant, dealer and I are saying W** so its back in the shop, head is off, no sign of blown head gasket etc
  2. ozfarm

    Central Texas Auction and Salvage buys

    I saw the Allis name on the cab, but didn't know if it was , original or put on, 1st thought was cotton, but the front had me confused
  3. ozfarm

    TD9 track roller question

    it might be aftermarket berco
  4. ozfarm

    Central Texas Auction and Salvage buys

    what is the machine to the left of the IH cotton picker ?
  5. ozfarm

    Fireworks legal in your state?

    noticed that when we drove from Michigan to Indiana, cross the border and huge fireworks warehouse damn 696IH wouldn't stop, so I could go conduct some research into fireworks
  6. ozfarm

    Neighbors may/may not like this

    just no appreciation for cultured music...…………….
  7. ozfarm

    Machinery tourism northern USA

    u failed to mention, the backhanded slap to the chest and the LOOK in a scream
  8. ozfarm

    1943 TD 14 Canopy

    the "sweeps" as u delicately describe them, could be more of a decoration
  9. ozfarm

    Chev Silverado RHD Conversion

    I had the remains of 42 chev ute it had everything on it, for either lhd or rhd, steering box mount on both sides of chassis, holes in floorpan clutch,brake accelerator
  10. ozfarm

    IH Clearing Auction - Western Australia

    696ih seems to attract a camera
  11. ozfarm

    Chev Silverado RHD Conversion

    https://www.ramtrucks.com/build#/summary/zipcode/48616/vehicle/CUT201819/ccode/CUT201819DF8L63B/llp/2TA/options/ETK,DEG,TCM,WBN,TX,XEA,MRU,CLY,CKE,Z8D,RA1,DME,X8,PW7,2EA,APA just need to win the powerball
  12. ozfarm

    Chev Silverado RHD Conversion

  13. ozfarm

    I`m disgusted too

  14. ozfarm

    FC ?

    http://www.tonypailthorpe.com/collection/tractors-vehicles/tractors/582-lot-577 there was a French C at this auction I didn't get any pictures of it and cant recall the SN plate
  15. ozfarm

    My new bumper

    hoppa stoppa or for the one pictured deer donga