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  1. I would be inclined to replace them, once they get thin, they can flake off these are out of a Dresser 530 loader
  2. ozfarm


    Corbyn decided to take a leaf out of shortens book in how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory the quiet English decided to do what the quiet Australians did when they got inside the ballot booth
  3. saw it saturday even wife loved it
  4. wish they had fitted that cummins to the Nissan patrol, instead of the limp wristed 3.0L 4cyl
  5. and we took the coin and spent it on replacing what was taken off us every yr since 1996, more firearms have been sold in Aust every year, than what was taken it also changed Australia polictical landscape as well, as apparently the govt of the time, did not expect the backlash they got, I said at the time, it was the biggest clusterf**k I have ever seen , and I aint seen anything yet to change my mind
  6. my 2166 has 7300 engine and 6300 rotor 8.3 just keeps going, used 1ltr of oil last harvest other 2166 we have, was going thru bout a gal of oil a day, think it has been dusted
  7. they look like a rebadge of a rebadge of a honda
  8. ozfarm


    the truth is out there
  9. my mazda BT50 had 1 rear wheel sensor go, cruise control and some other bits also stopped its got more ford motor co stamped on it, than bits stamped mazda
  10. ozfarm

    Upton Tractor

    I tend to agree with you or what happens when a heavily weighted and loaded 2wd tractor does in soft soil same thing seems to be happening with large FWA tractors, equal size 4wd , still outperforms them
  11. ozfarm

    Upton Tractor

    inside of the M3 grant diff assembly
  12. ozfarm

    Upton Tractor

    this got rescued , yesterday Upton tractor upton had this theory that a 2wd tractor should be able to outpull a 4wd tractor so he set about building them this is an early one originally powered by Nissan UD4 and used M3 grant drivetrain the grant axle developed problems, so the grant drivetrain came out and 2 x 5speed gearboxes fitted,along with a mack diff original UD4 had been taken out and a AEC/Leyland V8 engine fitted
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