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  1. I think they only made them a few years. Only modern pull type combine that might be as rare is the 7701 which the made for one year.
  2. As others have alluded to, the question you should be asking is how the **** is that 3020 able to power that combine. It shouldn't even run it empty. Just for comparison, JD recommended 90 PTO hp minimum to run their 6601 (6600 pull type) which probably has about half the capacity the 9501 does. I think late 3020s were 70 pto hp.
  3. In my part of the world disc plows were used for breaking sod when tractor power took over in the 20s and 30s. Their main advantage over moldboard plows is their ability to penetrate hard ground. Plus they don’t wear out as fast either. We used to have a JD 5 disc plow from the 30s. I played with it one time pulling it behind my 820 breaking up an alfalfa field.
  4. Still shows up on Deere’s website although under a different number. Looks the same though. If JD was to ever drop it, I think would think next in line for longest production run would be the small square balers.
  5. Everyday those are going north up I-15 near me. Been that way all year. The Canadians must be putting up 50 wind farms somewhere up there.
  6. All our hay is stacked outside so that Deweze wouldn’t save us any labor vs a bale wagon. But I would take one of those over the thrower method.
  7. The bale wagons or “harobed” were invented in the late 50s and NH bought the rights to it in the early 60s.
  8. That’s all it’s worth. Looks like a hay hauler. We have a 65’ loadstar bought new.
  9. What’s odd ball about the tranny. I know for a fact NH 1069 bale wagons used a New process tranny. Robbed one off a dodge pickup when the original let go in the 1069.
  10. What are the specs on that? Like is it built on a factory ford or GM chassis or completely in house with off shelf components?
  11. A little bit of net searching reveals only the 404 didn’t have live pto. So I wonder if the 404 was just an upgraded 240 since they didn’t have one either.
  12. Didn’t the 404 and 504 still lack a live pto?? I would have taken that over draft control
  13. I have two younger siblings both sisters. One is in Missouri and the other is an hour away. The close one married a rancher and their ranch is an hour away. I get along with all of them including the b-laws. I’m not bragging when this, just counting my lucky stars. Our place is big enough that if or when it got split 3 ways, it’s still enough acreage for me to make a living on. Some days I wish that’s all I had to farm. Anyways its what comes after me and my sisters is were the mess will start.
  14. https://www.agriculture.com/machinery/harvesting/case-ih-partners-with-macdon-to-co-produce-draper-headers Case IH is going back to Macdon according to this article. Pretty sure I heard CIH were dropping their own.
  15. You talking drapers? Far as I know Case dropped their own headers and are going back to Macdon.
  16. Not really. 1066s were not the back bone of Montana don’t truely represent MT farming. My cousins hydro 1066 and that one down in Fort Benton are the only two Ive ever seen. Pick any county in Iowa or Illinois and I bet there was more 1066s there then in MT. The tractor that should represent MT is a Big Bud. Montana made tractor that is famous world wide.
  17. True. Funny part there was at least three of them in my neighborhood back then all bought new.
  18. They should have although the design didn’t lend it self to be modified into rowcrop especially lacking a live pto. But they did heed your advice in the next series with the 560/660. How many MTAs did they make? Just wondering if IH made more of those or 650s.
  19. The MTA would have been the "neat" tractor here since 650s were common.
  20. Cutting M-100. It’s yielding slightly better then 165
  21. 24ft. Didn’t know JD made any other size for 7700s sarcastically speaking. 95s ran 16ft around here with some of them 19ft.
  22. Since we have had some weather delays in harvest I got a few of the old classics out. Actually plan to use the 7700 on 80 acres that I can’t reach with the big combines. The fields are across a coulee with a 100 year old concrete bridge that we use to cross with modern machinery when we first bought the place in 1990. But machinery had gotten bigger and heavier and I’m afraid the bridge will collapse someday. Need to replace the windshield on the 7700 and replace a leaking hydraulic line under the cab.
  23. Just finishing coors M-165. Since it has been damp and cool the last few days we are taking the opportunity to drop some straw. This is one of our best fields and loads have been averaging 95+ bpa. Next will be coors m-100.
  24. That’s amazing considering if you go 10 years back our 14A has the 466 and half the hp.
  25. The TD-6 would be what a Farmall MD is. The 18 I think is around 100 off the belt. No idea what the 20 is but I think it replaced the 18A.
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