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  1. Depends on the torque rating?? Big Bud and Rite used Road rangers up to 525 hp. Steiger used Spicer up to 360 hp. Coolers are essential in those applications.
  2. How did you guys feed the loose hay? I saw a JD feeding table design for those stacks but good god what a clusterF it was. I have a farm picture from the early 50s of loose stacks of hay made with the Farmhand but also some stacks of hay with square bales plus the square baler. So we were transitioning.
  3. I'm more referring to the feeding end. I make my living an arid climate and the only place were loose hay still is put is in the Big Hole Valley. I'm pretty sure they do it as a tradition more then anything.
  4. My cousins had a haybuster and there was a few hesston and JDs in the area but they never really caught on. Unless it’s going into a mixer, loose hay imo is a pretty inefficient. We quit loose hay in the late 50s.
  5. Amazing how many of these stack systems the round baler put out to pasture.
  6. We have a hydraulic Stampede squeeze shute. Bought it used for $4,000 and has been the best purchase on the livestock side of our farm in the last 20 years.
  7. The above is my 5010 with a 5020 engine. These dry air cleaners were an improvement themselves over the oil bath cleaners 5010/20s used. Our dealer I mentioned earlier made aspirators for 5010/20s. Most of them were converted to dry air cleaners but this is the only one I’ve seen with dual filters and I still don’t know why the intake manifold had to be split. I had several neighbors whose morning routine was pull the filter out and bang the dirt out against the tire. My opinion that just led to premature engine failure.
  8. Maybe you are unlucky. Long time ago twice when hauling grain I filled my semi up and the station just happened to be filling their tanks from a bulk truck. Within a trip my fuel filters were plugged. I figured when they were filling their tanks, it churned up whatever crap was in the bottom. So anymore if I need fuel and I see the stations tanks being filled I move on to the next station.
  9. I thought the marine engines had special modifications like water cooled manifolds and such. It seems like cat 3208 marine engines could be had up to 400 hp.
  10. We’ve acquire alot of CRP over the last several years and that’s why we are letting it all expire. Some of it will stay in grass and the rest will be farmed again .
  11. I think it varied. That engine was 215 hp in the JD 8020. The guy in the video said 238 hp. Take your pick
  12. ++++1 on the transmission comments. And for OS tractors I prefer a roll bar with a canopy. I just think they look better that way.
  13. That’s what I wished my 8300 had.
  14. Two completely different engines and one lived at 200+ hp better then the other one
  15. We are close enough that we received a thin layer of dust just like it was snow. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was our local dealer that did this. They did a lot of modifying to tractors and combines back in the day to the point they offered some of them as options. I think they even worked with mother JD on some of it.
  16. Neighbor has this tractor along with some other goodies including a some IH pickups. Can’t see it to well but someone took the intake manifold, cut it in half, capped both ends and added the dual air cleaners
  17. I honestly didn’t know what it started out as until the guy started talking. I’m assuming it’s a 6-71 which ironically would have the same displacement as the original engine. And I’d like to know why and how the 10 speed road ranger was mated up to the rest of the tractor.
  18. I have one neighbor who tried that combo. From what I’ve seen but I don’t know if you gain anything. Still have run everything through a cleaner
  19. Around here neighbors are experimenting seeding flax and peas together or a brassica crop and a pulse crop. Suppose to reduce inputs mainly fertilizer.
  20. Maybe overall but my Case 500 with the power cell is quieter then a JD or IH of that era.
  21. I always thought a smart parts guy should keep one of those on hand so when the father pulls the prank and sends in his 8 year old kid to get blinker fluid, he could give them this and a fake $100 invoice or receipt to reverse the prank.
  22. Looks like the 350 handles the setup pretty good. We are on our 22nd year with our 348.
  23. Now that is something I've never seen in person.
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