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  1. The bank we do business with has been in business for 110 years. Independent with one location and run by the same family since 1916.
  2. We've been getting unsecured revolving operating loans for years at FCS. In fact, that was the reason why switched because our local bank wasn't going to do it. Every time we wanted to take money out of the operating loan it was almost an interrogation on what you were going to use it for. FCS isn't perfect but they have been a better option then anything else around here. I know our same said local bank is starting to get real careful on who and what they lend out to in these times.
  3. What about combines? 1967 you were top dog with a 503. 10 years later they were almost antiques compared to a 1460. JD’s biggest combine going into 1957 was the 55. Just 4 years later they put the 105 on the market which had almost twice the capacity. Heck only 11 years separate the 7700 from the 9600. For Massey you could have had a new Super 92 in 1962 and 10 years later be sitting in a 760 between breakdowns.
  4. Switch out the tractor for a 240 and the baler for a 24T and that’s what we used
  5. There are many points in history that have huge sudden leaps of tech. Think about it for a minute. Its 1953 and the top of the line rowcrop tractor you are farming with is a Super MTA. Flash forward 10 years and now you are farming with a 806. Or on the green side if you are a wheatland farmer there are only 2 years that separate the 2 cylinder 830 and the 5010.
  6. JD 8000 series are 25 years old. I would think they would be still be around in another 15 years.
  7. Here is us trading in a MF 665 and I think IH 230 both for a IH 4000.
  8. Every JD 2360 or equivalent I’ve seen had a diesel. But I don’t doubt your word. And now that I think of it seems like I remember reading about a gas option. I actually don’t know what gas engine was used in the 4000. I assumed it was IH.
  9. That’s news to me too. We had two of them and they were somewhat popular around here. They all had inline IH 6 gas engines. The newest JD swather that used the slant six was the 2320.
  10. ACH channel ranked the T34 the number one tank of all time. I think it was the only tank to be driven out the factory door right onto the battlefield during the height of the German onslaught.
  11. The world record holders for most bushels corn/wheat/soybeans processed in a given time are owned by twin rotor combines or more specifically Claas and NH. https://growerspoint.com/claas-farmers-break-10-hour-corn-harvesting-market-while-establishing-two-world-records/ I think this article is a few years old but it looks like the Lexion topped out at ~5,400 bushels an hour. If I'm not mistaken the 760 was a class 9 combine too. I'm assuming they are moving NH production to Belgium?? I think the only place Axial Flows outsell NH is in the US and that is only because of the corn belt. Single rotors seemed to be at their best in corn going all the way back to the old antique cylinder shellers. I've been told by people in the know that in Canada NH is number 2 and world wide they are number 2 or maybe even 1.
  12. One of my neighbors has 6 bins were he lives. They were put up in pairs throughout the last 40+ years. The first pair are 4,500 bu, second pair 7,000 bu each and the last two are 9,500. Each set of bins when put up reflected the combines he had at the time. Started with a MF 510 and MM 5542, then a MF 760 later on turned into a 1480, and he runs a JD S670.
  13. I imagine they will just rebadge and paint NH combines red. CaseIH is the only one without a class 10 or twin rotor now. My opinion the single rotor reached its apex with class 8. The NH boys can say I told you so
  14. This new combine isn’t even the first twin rotor JD has made.
  15. It’s just a class 10 combine just like what Lexion, NH, and AGCO have.
  16. Everything I find says the HD41 used the Cummins VT-1710C at 524 hp. And it was the biggest crawler on the market until the Cat D10 appeared. Kind of interesting that the V12 put out the same hp as the KTA but had over 550 cubic inches more. Must have been a torquey *******. Not bashing IH but did they ever at anytime have the biggest crawler on the market? I'm thinking maybe the TD24???
  17. But the center post is still there. Visibility wasn’t improved by much. We never had a 60 series but we did have an 8850 that used the same setup and between it and the 4640 I couldn’t see much of difference. Don’t know if this is true but CF on the old bash board mentioned something about the whole exhaust system making it harder to service the tractor vs the straight out of the hood pipe. My point is if I had owned a 55 series and saw these 60 series I could not find a way to trade up.
  18. To me the 55 series was the pinnacle and the 60 series was just rearranging the makeup on a girl to keep the masses interested. I mean other then moving the muffler to the corner what real improvements was there? Every series before that gave you a reason to trade up.
  19. I knew almost nothing about these tractors and this video was very good detailing them. Interesting they used the same method to change the PTO as JD did on the 4010. When these hit the market how could you not be excited if you were an AC fan. If you were the competition you had to take notice even JD. I know this is a red forum but if compare just the tractors, not the dealerships, support and what not, just the tractors how do you take a 66 series over one of these? Honest question
  20. Easy decision. Pull it. We’ve pulled rollers and air seeders that distance with no issues. The auger should be cake walk.
  21. You can pull anything in 1st gear. Our D-17 is a diesel and I do have a JD 4 bottom plow to try it on. I have a feeling that is all it would handle.
  22. 8850s were fairly popular out here at least for JD anyway and I’ve only run across one with a Kinze repower. Sitting about a mile from me are two 8850s one with 10,000 hrs and the other with about 6,000 hrs. Neither engine nor tranny has been opened up. They are owned by my cousins same guys that own that hydro 1066 I posted earlier.
  23. The 560 had 11 more drawbar horsepower then the D-17 so 5 bottoms might have been a stretch but it would sure pull them better then the D-17.
  24. I saw that too last night. Guess I will be staying off that channel tonight.
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