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  1. Super Bs from Canada are allowed 140K if they go no less then 30 miles from the border. We are allowed around 108K on ours. I can run 88K any time I want on our 3 axle trailer plus 10% during harvest. Lot of the commercial guys and some farmers will pull a triple axle trailer and a pup behind them. I have a neighbor with a 4 axle grain trailer and tag on the truck. The main elevator we go to has a DOT scale house in route. Were we take our durum there is two but one is close most of the time. Other then commercial haulers on here, I bet I’ve been through scales more then most guys on here
  2. That elevator would be out of business here with that weight limit.
  3. Never heard of that either. I’ve had loads up to 160,000 lbs at our elevator.
  4. Making “full” dimensional lumber
  5. That 510 never ran right the whole time we had it. We had the mechanic out a few times and what happened the final time was this. We had a Chevy pickup with the 350 at the same time it just happened to be out in the field along with the 510. The mechanic was working on the engine and he saw the pickup so eventually he started switching parts from the pickup to the combine. He finally got it to run right and so dad made a round with the mechanic watching. Everything was going good so he left and as soon as he got down the road the combine started running rough again. That evening it rained so we took both combines up to Milk River Canada and traded them both for the 760. It’s not the fuel consumption that would annoy me on gas combines. It’s the upkeep. My uncle carried a set of spark plugs with him in his 7700.
  6. We only had ours for 3 years. That 350 wouldn’t run worth a crap. Even the GM mechanic couldn’t figure it out. We traded it and the other 510 we had for a 760 with the 354 Perkins. The 760 was a POS but one good thing about it was that 354 burned half the fuel both 510s did together but yet cut more acres them both when it was running. That’s kinda amazing when you consider the both our 760 and the 510 used the same diesel engine.
  7. Today I know were there is a gas 7700 sitting and 2 gas 6600s. One of the 6600s owned by my neighbor could be one of the very last gas 6600s made. It’s a 1975 model with the rotating screen on the side. 1975 was the last year of the gas option for the 6600. It was dropped for the 7700 the previous year. There was also a million gas MF 510s too around here. Last gas combine we bought was a 1976 Western Special 510 with the 350 Chevy.
  8. I bet gas 7700s weren't any better and there were a fair amount of them around here. My uncle had one gas/hydro. I've heard MF made some gas 750 and I know Gleaner Ls had the 350 chevy option.
  9. You are right. My brochure shows the only engine option is the 414. However, my brochure is from 1976. Yours is an early manual. I think the 15 series came out in 68'. So along the way IH must have dropped the 407 and the gas engines.
  10. The 1206 and the 350 through 650 to me are better looking. And I don't own any of them.
  11. Unless I heard wrong, I thought the narrator said they were 8500s. Here is pic out of a brochure
  12. Blade plows are going to start making a comeback with round up resistant weeds. Already know one guy who start using one again.
  13. There were still a few guys that used one ways on/off in the 50s. Most of time it was because their fallow got away on them and the one way was the only tool that could get through the weeds without plugging. And sometimes if the previous crop was huge and there was lots of straw the one way was used the first time over. The old 50s chisel plows didn’t have much trash clearance. And combines didn’t have straw choppers either. The old Noble blades were a good tool back in the day when there wasn’t much for alternatives. Our first one was old enough it was a straight blade. Then we moved on to Model Ms with 8ft V blades in the pictures. Started with the 3 of them behind the TD14/14A and later 5010/5020. Then we got two more to make 5 on a hitch for 40ft. Used that behind the 4 wheel drive. Last time we used them was 1988. We only used our noble blades on dry years when there was no moisture to hold the soil in place and/or there was no stubble from a poor crop. I don’t know how the more modern Nobles worked but these old ones had limitations mainly in depth control. In our fields, the blade could be skidding on top of the ground and then 20ft later bury itself 6” deep. Seemed like there was no in between. Plus they created a hard pan like no other
  14. We used to have an MM too from the 30s. I assume great grandpa bought it to pull with his Twin City 21-32 later on.
  15. We had an 8850 back in the day. My cousins still have 2 of them. After that there was 4 more around here in my immediate neighborhood. Only one of them is left. They were a fairly popular tractor. From what I gather reading the material of the day, one ways did pull easy or easier then sweep plows.
  16. First of all I’m surprised this is still done in some areas of the country. That area looks just as dry as mine and those damn things is what caused the earth to move around here. Now I don’t know when the video was actually made but it was posted this year. Secondly, I’ve never seen one in action but I’m amazed how straight all 5 of the one ways behind the 8850 are pulling straight. Not because they are JD but because you think the side draft would eventually make them pull crooked
  17. We started out on D-5 drought status. Dirt blowing. Seeded the entire farm ~10,000 acres with only a half day lost due to weather which never happens. However since memorial day we have had great moisture. Even got over an inch in July so far which hasn’t happened in years. It seems like if we are wet everybody else in the state is dry.
  18. We used this as a 3 point for most of its life. Pretty sure you could get a factory 3-point on the 240. JD’s first 3 point was in the 40 which came out in 54’. The Waterloo models didn’t get the 3-point until 56’. My point is IH wasn’t to far behind if at all offering the 3-point compared to JD. If anything were IH fell behind is offering offering other features like live PTO and direction reverser. Something those obsolete POS 2 cylinders had on the 420/430.
  19. What is teledepth because our 240 doesn’t have that. Has the hitch though.
  20. I’d like to known when they started offering steel conditioners. They do now and it looks similar to JD so it’s a moot point on which is better.
  21. I’ve been down the road with Macdon. You can keep those. The only one in the neighborhood with the rotary table got traded for a JD just like ours after a few years. And JD unless they recently changed doesn’t have cab suspension. They just came out with newer swathers so maybe they do I don’t know. Also like I said earlier I wouldn’t mind at least trying the 19’ header from NH.
  22. NH didn’t offer steel conditioner rollers?? I can’t remember the last time I saw a chevron conditioner except my NH 1116 which is from the mid 80s. We run only Macdon and JD for the last 35+ years
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