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  1. Everything Versatile built was light. They only got away with it in their tractors. We used to run a JD CTS II which was the same design as the Versatile Transaxial. The CTS was 280 hp and it needed all of it. So I can see why guys were using 4x4 tractors in front of the Transaxial.
  2. I don’t know where you stand but they haven’t made a good series since DS 9?
  3. All JD combines have had the capability the last 3 years. I could activate it on our combines if we had a tractor and cart. I read an article somewhere were a really techy farmer hacked into his JD tractor and made it self driving. He had it hooked to a grain cart and had it programmed so to would go out to the combine to unload and then return to “base” and the guy running the trucks would unload it. Basically saved a hiring an extra guy. Wasn’t completely autonomous because I think the guy had to carry a laptop with him to give the tractor commands.
  4. I’d think I would still want the capability of driving an autonomous tractor. How would you drive it around the yard or park it in shed? Or what if you want to use the tractor besides field work like our JD 8300. In addition to seeding and rolling, we feed the cows with it.
  5. I don't think this is a 1937 film that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the McCormick's reaper. Somebody got it wrong on youtube.
  6. Our Titan II 8820 didn't have it. Now ours was a first year 1985 model so if they added it later I wouldn't know.
  7. No. However there was a place out of Scobey Montana that made/offered an electric gear motor that went in the dial shaft hooked to switch up in the cab to adjust on the fly. Our 8820 has that.
  8. My neighbor has one he restored and another one for parts. His was made out of Ford parts. Think it has the 8n engine.
  9. I swear that's what my 715 has. Until JD came out with a variable speed fan you add/subtracted shims along with adjusting the shutters. Fun Fun. I think on Gleaners you just used the shutters and didn't bother with the pulley.
  10. I'm not doubting you for a second but if it was cantankerous it was not a good design. Honestly I have no idea had that even worked at all but I suppose being a narrow body separator helped. With a conventional fan some years we had trouble getting enough air flow on some of the older combines like your 8820. Some ideas just don't look good on paper and should never have been made just like JD's reverse flow fan on their 00 series combines.
  11. I never noticed that on the 914. I assume it has a “conventional” fan system? The setup used on the 915 is the number 1 complaint I’ve heard on those combines.
  12. I know were there is a No 122 which I believe is the combine that came before the 140. It’s engine driven too.
  13. Since you brought the 6601 up, fun facts, JD actually introduce that combine in 1968 a year before the self propelled models meaning it was made along side the 55/95/105s. Customers had a sneak peak of what was coming down the pipeline although they probably didn’t know the engine was going to be up front. And the 6601 was made into the 20 series run. Got a 1981 brochure still showing the 6601 available along side the 7721. 20 series came out in the fall of 78’.
  14. Long time ago in college I would have friends in the diesel program that would go up to Alaska during Christmas break to work in the mines/oil fields and make enough money to pay their tuition for the next semester.
  15. Thats not what is going on. Just read this book. https://books.google.com/books/about/Antarctica_s_Hidden_History.html?id=TPRIxQEACAAJ&source=kp_book_description
  16. I'd give $4K for any good running IH 600. Ever thought about getting a Case 600. Those were made within a year of IH 600. Kind of weird two companies built 2 different wheatland tractors with the same model designation almost the same exact time.
  17. Now you are making me jealous. Great grandpa farmed with a 600 for a short time. Traded a WD-9 for it and then traded the 600 off for a 830. I’ve been trying to acquire some of the tractors we used to farm with back in the 50s but a 600 I’ll probably never get.
  18. I always thought the high prices was because you guys over there had more money then us and ran each other up. Back in 2004 I bought a non running MH 55 diesel hand clutch for $200 at an auction. But I got it running just by throwing some fuel at it and pull starting it. To date that has been my biggest "steal".
  19. Thats really nice tractor he has but I rather have two of them for this price in their original clothes and pocket the $6,500. https://www.tractorhouse.com/listing/for-sale/207840053/1954-international-super-wd9-40-hp-to-99-hp-tractors
  20. They aren’t if you get away from the east and northeast. If I could somehow magically transport wheatland tractors Star Trek style from here in MT over to the upper east coast I could double or even triple my money. I sold a diesel hand clutch MH 555 to a guy in PA. That’s how far some of these guys are willing to go to get these tractors. That price the seller is asking for his Super WD-9 would probably buy three of them around here or two JD 830s.
  21. Everybody wanted to get away from swathing here because it was an added expense. Anymore nobody swaths in my neighborhood except for canola. However, as you well know this was a dry year and I had 3 different neighbors borrowed our swather because they had fields that came up thin and then filled in with weeds. Since the weeds are roundup ready only thing you can do is swath do you could bin it without spoiling. You go 60-70 miles south of here into the heart of the golden triangle there are guys that don't even own a straight cut header. They still swath everything.
  22. Here is a little blurb from one of my books giving a little insight on PT combines.
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