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  1. I saw one the other day on FB. Open station with a synchro transmission. That one looked to be in much better shape
  2. Insurance specifically the SCO part is the only thing keeping some of my neighbors afloat
  3. Since we are in this subject how did Cockshutt or what is the story behind their combines that were an exact copy of the MH 21A? Did they share engineering teams or was there some goodwill between the two companies since both were Canadian. The 21A was a distinctive design and the Cockshutt was almost a dead ringer for the Masseys.
  4. They also copied the Massey 4 wheel drive tractors. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/857654322757432144/
  5. We had a scale on our chute but it eventually quit working. We ended up just buying a commercial Rice scale like one of these. https://www.ricelake.com/product-landing-pages/livestock-scales/ We bought it because we occasionally ship calves from our place but have also used it to weigh calves too just for the **** of it on the occasion we bring them in.
  6. Only way I would buy a 1420 is for a toy/collector machine and if it was cheap. Always thought one would look good next to my 715.
  7. Wagner 4 wheel drive tractors used those engines.
  8. That was the problem JD had trying to get their turbine tractor to work.
  9. All our single axle trucks have always used 2 speed rears since the beginning of time. They work until they don’t and when they quit working we fix and lock them down in low. Simple as that. We have 4 trucks out of 7 with the 2 speed that still works:) Only other transmission I have run is our first floater had the RR Super 10. With an L10 Cummins I would run in 8th down the field, flip to 7th and idle turning around for my next pass and flip up to 8th again and punch it. I could empty out 8 tons of urea in mile long fields in 20 minutes just putting on 100 lbs.
  10. For these two I do. One is still going to haul chemical totes around just like you see in the picture and the other will get a water tank for hauling water and/or liquid fertilizer if I ever do that again.
  11. Holy $h!t is all I can say.
  12. It seems like the 1.5" cutter bar was a White thing because they heavily advertised it on their headers and called it "Kwik-cut" back in the 80s. Some aftermarket companies offered them too and for a short time it was the fad around here to add them to headers. We never did.
  13. You nailed it right there and I don't want to get into gas vs diesel trucks in the other thread but to me a shitty diesel engine still trumps the best gas engine you can put in them. At least for what we use them for and for what I paid for these. They actually do have hitches because my neighbor used them to pull a trailer with crop chemical on them and water tank on the bed to fill the sprayer
  14. The neighbor of mine who I bought the Loadstar from I posted here earlier this spring pretty much gave me these two trucks. 1979 and 1980 GMCs. The orange one has a 4-53 Detriot and the other one a fuel pincher. These are the only GMCs on the place. No hoist on them which is why they were cheap.
  15. Just my opinion only but I kinda thought the gamesmanship was still between Massey and JD in the late 70s and early 80s. Deere comes out with the 8820 which was bigger then the 760 in every way so then Massey lengthens the straw walkers on the 860 and doubles down with the 865. And it seems like Massey came out with a 30ft header right at the same time even just a little before. When we bought our 760 in 79' we had the option of getting a 30ft header. There was a few white top AF combines around here but they didn't start taking over until the mid to late 80s. Even the well known Axial Flow custom cutters like Farris kept his Massey's until they went broke. I've only ever run across one 1460 that had the mechanical controls which I thought IH switched over to electric over hydraulic in 1980??? And I never have seen a white top 1480 either just a few red tops.
  16. Nearest combine to the N7 would have been the White 9700. Still only a 265 bu grain tank but a rotor size nobody has matched yet.
  17. Your understanding is correct. The 362 gas was also an option while the regular 6600s made due with the 329 gas option. 6600 sidehills also used the 404 from the start but at the same time, the regular 6600s still used the 329. I think the sidehill 6600 came out around 74/75'
  18. If talking strictly diesel, 6600s started out with 329s and went to 404s just on the last year or so of production. Gas engines started out as 303s then 329s before being dropped. Course this all for level land 6600s. I've never seen a 6600 with a 404 because all them around here are older units.
  19. Our MF 760 with a 24ft header was around $65,000 in 1979 and those almost double a 6620 capacity wise so you can see part of the reason why MF was popular.
  20. Here is mine. Says Fulton on it. Grabbed it out of the old homestead shack. I honestly don’t know why we have this because we never raised any corn then and now. Only thing I can think of is long time ago grandpa and grandma used to visit relatives in Wisconsin that farmed too and maybe they brought this back one time just as novelty. Also have a hand crank grinder or mill too.
  21. I think whoever told you that was smoking something good or wacky. I don’t see how a 619 would fit in the compartment without major work and hacking. It’s not like swapping in a 466 in place of a 404 in a 4020. Plus the 619 was a 275 hp engine there would have been no need. 6620s had two hp ratings depending if it had a hydro or Posi Torque transmission. I think the Posi Torque ones had a 125 hp and I could see those not being turboed.
  22. So maybe the 8820 in the picture had a 12 row. Bin extensions and the unloading auger boot extension
  23. So maybe the 8820 in the picture had a 12 row. Bin extensions and the unloading auger boot extension
  24. I think they were 200 hp when they came out but I known they were 225 hp by 1981.
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