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  1. Will 200 or 230 axles interchange with a farmall 240? What about the super C?
  2. If anyone entered the fairgrounds through the exhibitor gate on Thursday or Friday morning, you probably saw me. We had concerns about the golf cart registration before the show, but that company has the contract for the grounds and there was nothing we could do. Overall, I think it was a good show. I know I'm going to enjoy next year's show. A bonus was when on Thursday evening my wife said she found a tractor that she would like to have someday. It was a 504 utility. Oh well, gotta keep the wife happy.
  3. Starting point was New Harmony Indiana. It was the best and longest drive I've ever been on. We ran 15 mph the whole way. There were 10 tractors on the drive.
  4. I had never seen or heard of a 2 way disc plow. It's shown on page 16.
  5. I have a 58 planter manual. I'm not sure what, if any, difference there is. It does not specify a particular plate for popcorn, but here is the page from the manual for corn plates.
  6. 1964 706 gas. I hope to have it ready for half century. Got more work to get the tractor ready.
  7. Russell told us his son was moving back home. I'm not sure what he did in Iowa, but he had been up there a few years. He said they still have the 1066 bs.
  8. Here was a picture of the picker from the door. It looks like a toy.
  9. That is hanger 2 at the air base in Rantoul. The city sold it and everything had to either be moved to another hanger or removed from the grounds.
  10. Had a busy day Saturday getting this all loaded up and home. It's still not unloaded. Now to get the tractor ready. @Sledgehammer we stopped for fuel in Tuscola and the truck next to us was hauling a bla k stripe 966. He said he was from the Albion area. Ellery to be specific. I believe his name was Steve? Moore. He was moving his son back from Grinnell Iowa.
  11. The manager of the fairgrounds (who is appointed by the governor) has told our chairmen that it is a go. There are a couple other large events planned on the grounds this summer besides the fair.
  12. We have been having planning meetings every month at the duquoin state fairgrounds. Everything is a go as of now.
  13. What year did they move from highway 15 Todd?
  14. Are all 4 bolts that attach the channel frame to the block at the front of the engine the same? It's an early model with the C-263. I've looked in the parts catalog and can't seem to find those bolts listed.
  15. Thanks for all the suggestions. I guess it really depends on how the tractor will be used. From what I can tell, all the new replacements have less tubes than the originals.
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