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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I guess it really depends on how the tractor will be used. From what I can tell, all the new replacements have less tubes than the originals.
  2. My radiator core is beyond repair. My question is should I have it recored or purchase a replacement radiator? I've heard all sorts of stories about aftermarket radiators. Brian
  3. Since I live just across the river from Illinois, when I travel there I have seen one of the Pritzker sucks signs every few miles it seems. It may soon become the unofficial state sign.
  4. 55cub


    You would think one of the many traffic cameras in and around Chicago would have snapped a picture of one by now.
  5. There's probably a limit to how much it can flex.
  6. Has anyone proven that the cop in MN, as wrong as it is, deliberately kneeled on that man's neck because he was black? The answer is no.
  7. I've got a 56 S-150, but I haven't tore into it to see what it needs. Or what little it doesn't need. I added a pic. It hasn't ran in a while.
  8. 55cub

    This just in...

    Or a belt. Seems like that is what most of them need.
  9. According to the 2M and 2ME parts manual I have, the oil seal is part number 80093H.
  10. There is one listed for sale on the southern illinois craigslist if you're interested. i do not know the seller.
  11. 55cub

    Antique fun

    That's the picture of a good day.
  12. I don't know why but I've always wanted a 6-row planter from the same era as my grandfather's 666. I picked this up last summer. I don't think I would want to plant hundreds of acres with it, but maybe a little sweetcorn. It's a model 58 on 30" rows.
  13. 55cub

    more 706 issues

    Don and Steve both attend several rides i go on. Mainly the Wayne County Farm Bureau drive on Labor Day.
  14. We should all take this opportunity to put on a mask and walk into a bank. Should be on our bucket lists. Just don't leave with someone else's money.
  15. Glad you made it home safely. Hopefully the state of Illinois didn't take advantage of you while you were over there.
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