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  1. Was looking for a barn door latch and ran across this Any ideas ? After looking a bit closer found markings LOL HI HO Silver !!!? After a bit of googling found out it has a compass stashed inside (still works ) Along with a "secret writing" chemical pill !
  2. On a laptop or desktop , Left click (hold) and highlight the portion of text you would like to quote , It will turn blue as you are highlighting it . After it is highlighted a small box will appear saying (quote selection ) click on box ,the selected part will appear in a new post at bottom of page This saves you from quoting an entire post with all the associated pictures and comments etc.
  3. Jeff , I went looking at Mo's old posts and found the thermo ones , Sadly the pix are gone , Maybe BJ could somehow retrieve the images ? T 20 Thermostat details - IH mo redpower
  4. Don't expect me to change lanes to allow someone to merge , Merging ramps are YIELD ramps , Either get it going faster than me or fall in behind
  5. There was a thread here with some info IH factory's - Coffee Shop - Red Power Magazine Community
  6. Dressta manufacturing video , They actually mention IH lineage ! https://youtu.be/qAeKLR6ytus
  7. I love it !!! Would drive the paint off of that sweetheart ,
  8. You shine up the red ones , and fix the green ones ? Best of Luck !! Do you have any equipment now ?
  9. Eastwood has a good product "Internal frame coating " It needs to be applied with the included hose and sprayer tip . You will need to drill small access holes that are easily capped . The picture is a wide open rocker on my T-all just to show how nice the applicator tip works ( I sprayed it blind through holes ) Eastwood Internal Frame Coating Aerosol Spray (14-oz.) PS love the choice of your Son's first ride and the Father Son idea !!! Best of Luck We need pics
  10. The below paragraph is in all my excavation quotes, I have to see the site and an engineered plan (for larger jobs) and have a good solid understanding of what the customer expects and I try to make sure the customer knows what I am going to give .Not being from your area I will bow out on quoting hourly/daily rates for trucks and equipment ?Best of Luck "Quote is based on a clean dig , contaminated, unsuitable soil, Ledge, multiple rocks, boulders larger than ½ cu yd. dewatering , restrictions or actions of, or imposed by town officials or other agencies may result in increased costs".
  11. Very nice !! and thank you for the caliper measurements
  12. First off I am not an electrician, I am asking for opinions from you guys on the quality or soundness of these twisted connections Are they proper and safe ? I am just wondering whether I wasted my money on the Gizmo that does them ,Very very quickly ,,By hand or with drill It strips and twists in about 3 seconds
  13. Here is a link https://youtu.be/geWf0CewOqs
  14. Floating between zero and minus 1 F here this morning , As long as there is no wind it's bearable , But I still dont like it ?
  15. I use my old Gates machine to make Beeyootiful Battery terminal crimps ! Gave up trying to stock all the needed fittings years ago
  16. Full time 4wd in that vintage, No locking hubs, I would love to try that setup , just for the option of moving snow out of tight spots quickly ( heck I would bring it to the next town over if I could )
  17. More info on coot Popular Mechanics - coot article Will try and round up more pics
  18. Hooked up my old splitter on steel ,with junk motor to my older D15D's loader circuit (works great ! Use my Coot to get some of the deadwood closer to the splitter
  19. Very Nice lookiin pickup, Love the stepside models !! Best of Luck and keep us posted
  20. Jingles , I have tucked her away in the barn for a bit , She will be coming out of hibernation in the spring ? Still have interior and trim work to do , I recently moved to a small farm in northwest mass to get away from the yuppy invasion that was overunning my hometown of 53 years , Needless to say that many years of my junk , Dads junk. and grandads junk (which all came with me on 36 trailer loads ) will take some organizing and adjustment , ( if it don't drive me nuts first ) I will be sure and update when she sees the light of day !!!!
  21. Here is a couple versions of IH SV pumps
  22. can we see a picture of the old fuel pump ? especially the arm , SV engines use a very long arm on the pump Could you feel the arm contacting the eccentric when installing pump ?
  23. Here is the eccentric , bolted to the cam ,fuel pump arm works directly on it. i would suggest trying a new fuel pump first ,
  24. I cant seem to find full synthetic at the price point of the blended ? Semi syn in my opinion makes a large difference in the cranking speed and startability (is that a word?)when the temps get in the single digits especially on my 6.5 chebby diesel and my old allis D15D
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